Why Was Harry Potter So Popular? – We Just Love It!

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Thanks for taking the time out to read my article today in the hope we can answer that question, just why was Harry Potter so popular?

why was harry potter so popular - Harry's Glasses

The magical world of Harry Potter is something that will take your imagination on an incredible adventure into the wonderful world of Witchcraft and Wizardry and into the life of a young wizard from Surrey just outside of London.

Do you, like me? LOVE Harry Potter?

Perhaps you love Harry Potter as much as your children do?

Maybe you don’t even have children, but still LOVE Harry Potter, and want to know, just why it was and still is, one of the most popular family movies, EVER!

But I think regardless of why you love Harry Potter, we ALL want to know why was harry potter so popular in the first place?

For me, I just love the whole concept of the Harry Potter movies.

From a very young age I developed a love for the art of magic and would be forever reading magic books and practising tricks in front of the mirror, so that relationship to spell books, magic and wonder, I guess had me hooked on Harry Potter from the moment I first sat down and watched it! The music, the props, the characters, and the fantasy! It all comes together to deliver one of the best franchises the world has ever seen, not to mention a multi-million-dollar industry.

I am glad that my children have also found a big love for Mr Potter and it’s great that we can now all share the magic together and enjoy the movies as a family. My eight-year-old daughter is especially fascinated with Harry, Hermione, and Ron so much so that she’d have her whole bedroom converted into a mini Hogwarts at the drop of a sorting hat if she could!

The Adorable Characters of Harry Potter – Who Do You Love?

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We all have our favourites characters and I think another reason why the movies do so well is because of the diversity of the characters and their appeal to us in the muggle world.

Different muggles seem to gel with different characters and OK, yes, we all love Harry but some people, myself included seem to love the bad guys too!

Draco Malfoy of course and his wicked ways adds such an alternative dynamic to the saga, and everyone loves the long-standing feud that Draco has with Harry that develops as the story unfolds.

We will discuss in more detail, the characters who love to dabble with the dark arts, in a future article.

My daughter, Isabella, however, loves Hermione. Hermione’s incredible intelligence and dedication to spells is an attitude I’m sure most eight-year-old girls can relate to and aspire to bring into their own lives, both at school and in everyday life, in fact, there’s nothing at all wrong, with good old fashioned ‘model students’.

I think there is a part of Hermione’s persona that everyone would do well to foster, not just children. Hermione’s loyalty to her work and friends is something which she takes much pride in and this is very evident from her compassion and commitment to both Ron and Harry, and their investigations into the goings-on at Hogwarts, Hermione is just an excellent character and brings so much to Harry Potter, she is an excellent addition to the Hogwarts family.

Who is your favourite character? Please feel free to comment at the bottom of this article and let us know who you love the best from Harry Potter and why.

The Weasleys! Who doesn’t love ‘em?

The Weasley’s morals and family values are portrayed to us as the audience in such a way that makes this loveable family so deeply cherished and they kind of remind you of your own family in the real world. We all have a Ron somewhere, don’t we?

The Weasleys are down to earth, good magic folk and their acceptance and support of Harry only strengthens their appeal throughout the Harry Potter adventure.

Just like any family of the real world though, those of the magical persuasion also have problematic teenagers, financial burden and everyday life issues that need to be dealt with and it is this relatability with the regular hassles of life which keeps us in a strong bond with this adorable family, know as the Weasleys!

Harry Potter – The Legend

why was harry potter so popular - Hedwig

At the centre of the of this magical tale into wizardry of course is Harry himself.

A delightful young lad orphaned under such terrible circumstances made worse by being forced to spend his days living under the stairs of his aunt and uncle’s home in Privet Drive.

Harry is one in a million, his charm, politeness and humble temperament make ‘the chosen’ one the favourite harry potter characters for many young (and old) aspiring wizard alike.

His strength and courage, bound by the fact he was the only survivor of the attack by ‘he who shall not be named’ provides us all with the hope that positivity that ‘good’ magic will help to triumph in the on-going fight against the dark arts and the evil witches and wizards at its core.

Harry, the half-blooded, courageous wizard takes us through an extraordinary journey of adventure, trust and loyalty and I think above all the characters that make up these productions, Harry, is the one that we all invest our hearts into the most.

We all want Harry to succeed with his endeavours and it is this will for his victory that keeps us as the audience, engaged from beginning to end and has captivated moviegoers around the world for years!

Harry’s Parents – Their Demise Is Such A Tragedy!

We cannot talk about characters in the Harry Potter movies without touching on Harry’s parents, Lily and James Potter.

Let’s dive deeper into the worlds of these incredible, mostly off-screen characters!

The death of Harry’s parents adds another mysterious element, particularly in the first movie that we cannot ignore. Why did Harry survive the attack, yet his parents didn’t?

Why is Harry so important and what on earth happened to, well, you know who I am talking about!

These riddles, conundrums, twists and turns are yet further ingredients to the Harry Potter instalment that kept millions of fans wanting more ever since the first movie was released all the way back in 2001.

Harry’s Mum, Lily Evans was a student at Hogwarts in the 1970s and yep, you guessed she made Gryffindor house and it was only when she was made head girl that she started dating Harry’s Dad James.

In her childhood years, Lily became friends with the spooky Severus Snape and it was indeed Severus that told lily she wasn’t a ‘normal girl’ and was, in fact, a witch! Like Harry, Lily got her first wand at the tender age of 11 from the infamous Olyvanders in Diagon alley.

Lily’s wand was a ten and a quarter inch wand made from willow with an unknown core that yielded a particular interest in charm work. Lily, during her time at Hogwarts, became an expert in the field of potions and this was duly noted by Professor Slughorn who then went on to make her a member of Slug Club, a group for talented witches and wizards attending Hogwarts school, WOW!

With Harry’s Dad James, of course, we get the similarities between him and his son, James also attended Hogwarts in the 70s, also was sorted into Gryffindor with the extra accolade of making head boy!

This pure-blood quickly made friends with some important students at Hogwarts, Remus Lupin and Peter Pettigrew and of course became bitter rivals with Severus Snape!

James became a seeker (like Harry) for the Gryffindor Quidditch team and was also known to be an avid chocolate Frog Cards collector! Sound familiar?

We all know what happened on that fateful Halloween night when James and Lily were trying to protect their Son from the Dark Lord, they were bitterly murdered due to the betrayal of their close friend, Peter Pettigrew…….Tragedy struck on the 31st October and both of Harry’s parents were murdered by, well, yes, you know his name!

We could go on for weeks exploring the characters and their backgrounds, but I want to now turn our attention to the spectacle that is Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Hogwarts – Who Doesn’t Want To Be A Student?!?

why was harry potter so popular - hogwarts express

Another factor that makes digesting these magical movies so addictive is the fact that Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, is the school of our dreams!

Can you imagine jumping on the Hogwarts express and how exciting that feeling would be of making your way into the most amazing and magical castle in the world! Super cool for anyone, young or old!

The grandeur of Hogwarts itself just fills you with wonder and this fictional boarding school is particularly stunning as it is a structure that could not be built by the humble muggle as it is totally supported by magic.

What’s more, is the fact that Hogwarts cannot even be seen by muggles, well, that isn’t strictly true as all a muggle eye can see is, in fact, old ruins of the castle and these are scattered with big ‘Do Not Enter’ and ‘Danger’ Signs.

The Scary Surrounds of Hogwarts!

why was harry potter so popular - Hogwarts

I know for me, when I first saw how the big moving staircase danced around in the first movie, I was sold, how cool is Hogwarts!

But not only is Hogwarts super cool on the inside, but the huge grounds that surround Hogwarts are also both things of beauty and danger at the same time and I wonder how many students ignore the rules and go off exploring the ‘Forbidden Forrest’ late at night, would you be a brave enough (or rebellious) enough student to try your luck?

We must give credit to Rowling where its due with not only the storyline and plot but the imagination and inclusion of such in-depth creativity which bring Harry Potter to life, it really is nothing short of genius!

Hogwarts, being built on the shore of a lake, which is referred to as the ‘black lake’, is home to not only merpeople and grindylows but also a giant squid!

The squid although appearing scary to students doesn’t actually attack humans and has even been known to save human lives from the Black Lake.

Other Facts About The Best School In The WORLD!

why was harry potter so popular - hogwarts 1

I was surprised to discover the fact that you will not find any of the students at Hogwarts in possession of any electronics, except radios which are powered by magic!

Reason being for the ban on Iphones at Hogwarts is because, as pointed out by Hermione in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, due to so much magic at Hogwarts, electronics “go haywire”.

You will also notice that students do not teleport or, ‘disapparate’ around the school and this ‘policy’ was put in place by Dumbledor himself, my guess this is to ensure the safety and security of students and ensuring they are kept within the confines of the castle.

In Conclusion – Love For Harry Potter Will Never End!

I hope this article has gone some way in helping you understand the answer to the original question of, why was Harry Potter so popular?

In all honesty, I believe the love for Harry Potter, its story, its characters will always be very prevalent as long as we can continue to forget the troubles of muggle life and always take some time out to really enjoy magical mystery in all its forms!

To this day Harry Potter will always hold a place in children and adults’ hearts alike and I have no doubts that the magic will continue for generations to come.

Please stay tuned for the next article on Harry and his friends (and foes!) and I’d love to hear your comments on why you love Harry Potter as much as I do!

Be sure to leave a comment below and I will get back to you the minute I can!

Many thanks for your time.




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