Who Is The Most Powerful Wizard In Harry Potter

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This could be one of the greatest questions ever asked. Who is the most POWERFUL wizard in harry potter movies?

Who TRULY deserves to be crowned as the ultimate force to ever grace the magical community in the harry potter series that we all know and love?

Within this article, I’d like to express my feelings as to who I think is the most powerful wizard in Harry Potter. 

I’ll explore their magical abilities as well as their personal traits and I hope this will provide you with enough information for you to base your decision around as it might differ from mine completely, and that’s a good thing.

The more discussion we can generate on the topic the better. Better still, I would love to hear your thoughts so do be sure to leave a comment, as I would love to hear your thoughts!

In my opinion, drum roll please, the one and only ALBUS DUMBLEDORE has to be considered as the most powerful wizard, let’s find out why

Check out Dumbledore’s full name, Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore!

Even his name gives you an idea of his power, leadership and grace! He is also the founder, of the order of the phoenix to which he deserves much credit as this began the resistance which ended up become a force responsible for ending the most recent reign of terror by ‘he who shall not be named’.

Dumbledor’s Appearance – The Perfect Wizard!

Who Is The Most Powerful Wizard In Harry Potter - Dumbledore 1

You only have to look at dumbledore to note that he is that classic type of wizard headmaster we all dream of as kids, the big hat (in the first two movies), that long grey beard, complete with the purple wizard robe that only a wizard of such grandeur is worthy of donning!

It’s believed that he is well over 100 years old and this is also another confirmation of his magical ability and everlasting knowledge and power he possesses. His long fingers with extraordinary dexterity are yet another property of the most skilful wizards and it’s as though he was born to fulfil his destiny as being the only wizard that tom riddle (Lord Voldemort) is known to have feared.

Even Dumbledore’s voice matched his magical appearance. Mostly speaking in a very calm and somewhat serene tone, he had an amazing ability to keep a composed outlook even in the most testing of times.

Dumbledor’s classical wizardry physical appearance was not the reason he made my number one spot though, let’s move onto what makes him the most dominant force in the magical society, in my humble opinion.

Dumbledore’s magical ability – UNRIVALLED!

Hogwarts School for witchcraft and wizardry is known as the best school for magical learning in the world. That is some accolade so it’s not surprising it would attract the best witches and wizards also. Dumbledore was the best.

He won every single prize that he was eligible to win and considered as the best student ever to have walked in the door at Hogwarts, that is incredible, to say the least.

It was noted that in the O.W.L.exams he took (Ordinary Wizard Level) he was doing things with a wand that had never been seen before! This is just how naturally, magical abilities came to him.

Dumbledore was different to Harry in that Harry was very humble about his ability but Albus very openly expressed how intelligent he was, but this was always conveyed tastefully and in no way a display of vanity, he would point out his ability was unusually clever.

In the Half-Blood Prince, that he makes mistakes and because he is smarter than most men, his mistakes ‘tend to be correspondingly huger’

Albus Dumbledore is a wizard, with style!

Who Is The Most Powerful Wizard In Harry Potter - Power

Spells without the use of words or, non-verbal spells are particularly hard to cast, but again our favourite headmaster was an expert here but there is another area of magic, one very often overlooked that puts Albus Dumbledore in the number one spot as the most powerful wizard in Harry Potter, one so powerful and one that lord, well, you know who cannot possesses, exhibit or steal, and that is love.

It seems simple, yes, but it is love that indeed kept Harry from being killed by Voldemort. It was harry’s mum’s display of eternal love that shielded the dark lord’s attack on just a baby. 

Never overlook that importance of the thing that we muggle folk need to express more of. Albus passed this notion of the power of love onto harry and you could say that was the most important lesson harry would learn at his entire eduction for Hogwarts school for witchcraft and wizardry! Brilliant

Dumbledore – The Master of All-Powerful magic

There is an element of magic that we discover in the world of harry potter that only the best of the best are able to exercise, and that is the art of legilimency

Now legilimency as I see it could be one of the most powerful assets to a wizards arsenal. It is the art of extracting the deepest feelings and memories of the victim’s mind.

Why do I think it’s so powerful? 

Well if you can access one’s feelings, you’ll often find information about a wizards vulnerabilities, armed with this you can then go further by identifying their hidden weaknesses.

Severus Snape (who was very skilled in this area) was averse to the art being referred to simply as ‘mind-reading’ as it was so much more complex than that as it also enabled the practitioner the gift of being able to place memories into another’s mind, these could even be false as to throw someone off the scent as it were.

Dumbledore being the best in the game at this, as well as other crucial art forms, one of these being transfiguration which Dumbledore actually taught as the school prior to becoming headmaster.

Transfiguration is basically changing one object into another, it actually alters the molecular structure of the object, in turn creating a different one, to create the desired effect!

This form of magic is apparently so different that is actually described as being more of a science in that the performing witch or wizard has to perform the spell perfectly in order for the change to be successful.

Another reason I find Dumbledore extremely powerful is that if you look at the fact that he somehow defeated ‘Grindelwald’ in the infamous duel despite Grindelwald at that point being the owner of the ‘elder wand’ the most powerful wand of them all, that is simply a monumental achievement on Dumbledore’s behalf.

Grindelwald is said to be second to only Voldemort in power, that in itself shows us just how mighty the headmaster was.

The Headmaster Gets What He Wants – Covertly!

Who Is The Most Powerful Wizard In Harry Potter - Dumbedore 2

Dumbledore’s ‘unusual’ intelligence was greatened by another asset. His seamless aptitude for manipulating people, for the greater good.

Although this wasn’t something he was well known for, it was somewhat a covert skill that he would employ when a requirement unfolded. 

Being very charismatic, he was able to use this ‘skill’ to lean on a wizard’s personality which could be used to achieve his agendas, if he wasn’t able to approach someone himself or if something needed to be actioned in secrecy.

Albus was particularly good at putting this persuasive technique to elicit information from acquaintances regarding Voldemort. I guess the more knowledge Dumbledore had at his disposal the better, and he would use this to paint a picture of Voldemort and what was needed to, in essence, destroy him!

The biggest use of this for good manipulation was probably when used against Snape in the protection of Harry Potter. Given Severus’ hatred towards James Potter, the task of protecting Harry by means of infiltrating Voldemort’s ranks as a spy for the Order of the Phoenix, now that’s brave of Snape!

We did also take witness to Dumbledore’s manipulation when he set out to find out why Professor Slughorn had changed his memory of a meeting he had with Tom Riddle! (Voldermort!)

Dumbledore took Harry along to visit Slughorn after his retirement from Hogwarts as he knew Slughorn would take interest in Harry, as he was ‘the chosen one’. 

When Dumbledore and Harry arrived at a muggle village where Slughorn was in hiding, Slughorn, aware of their presence decided to hide by concealing himself as an armchair but Dumbledore knew he was there and used a spell to reveal Slughorn’s whereabouts.

Dumbledore left the room after chatting with Horace, as he knew Slughorn would take a liking to Harry if they got chatting and eventually return to Hogwarts, only then would Harry (at Dumbledore’s request) be able to find out exactly what Sulhorn knew about Riddle, which we eventually find out, that Riddle had used Slughorn to get knowledge of Horcruxes and how he could cheat death and become immortal! That was why Slughorn changed his memory of the encounter as he was absolutely Riddled with guilt if you’ll pardon the pun!

So again, we noticed how Albus Dumbledore is able to use both magic and his wits, to get the job done!

Apparition – in SILENCE!

Who Is The Most Powerful Wizard In Harry Potter - Apparition

Apparition, here is another one of my favourite wizardry tools that we see in the movies that’s so cool! It is the witch or wizards ability to transport themselves from one place to another, MAGIC!

And you guessed it, Dumbledore had also perfected this one!

Wizards, house-elves and other magical creatures were all able to do carry out this awesome vanishing act, but it isn’t something that is learned overnight.

To pull it off the individual would need to concentrate very intently on the precise, desired location and if not done correctly, the results can be disastrous! Dumbledore pointed out to Harry that most vomit after their first experience of an apparition, so he did quite well by not doing so!

Aside from the dark lord, Dumbledore was said to be the only other wizard who could apparate silently. Not only this he was incredibly accurate in reaching his destination with utmost accuracy.

Apart from using it to travel it is also frequently used in battle (if you are as good as Dumbledore) and we get to witness his greatness with an apparition when duelling against Voldemort. Dumble is able to didge attacks in the blink of an eye and appear somewhere else locally, with pinpoint precision! It is all these extra skills that just set Albus Dumbledore apart from many other witches and wizards.

I should point out that as with other elements of magic you’ll find throughout the harry potter enterprise, the apparition is usually conducted with the use of a wand, only the likes of Dumbledore or Voldemort, for example, are able to do this minus a wand. Further, the ability to do it silently, adds yet another element of difficulty to the art of apparition.

What are your thoughts on Dumbledore being tipped as the most powerful wizard in Harry Potter? Maybe I am way off here? Please Do let me know what you think, you are the important one here, but in giving you a background to what I think is relevant, I’m hoping this might spur your thoughts on!

In any case, I think we are finding out some pretty cool information where Dumbledore is concerned!

Want MORE? Me too!

MORE Awesome Dumbledore Knowledge EXPOSED!

Something I feel we should probably understand about Dumbledore which is highly significant in terms of how the movie unfolded is to emphasise how he strongly believed the ‘prophecy’.

I wish that movies covered this in great detail due to the significance it holds, but either way, let’s discuss if further now!

Albus was, not the biggest advocate of ‘divination’ to say the least, he would rather his wand ‘do the talking’. But following the curriculum as it were, he still needed to fill a recent vacancy at the school for witchcraft and wizardry.

He interviewed Cybil Trelawney for the position as was honestly not too impressed by her resume, but being the good soul that Albus is, he decided to give her a shot at the interview anyway (That is the kind of gentleman Dumbledore is)

Cybil may have got the impression during the interview that Dumbledore was not really seeing her potential and as if to ’impress’ the great wizard, she descended into some kind of weird trance at the end of the meeting and then proceeded to deliver what has to be the most famous prophecy known in the whole of magical existence!

“The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord approaches” was the first sentence that sprang from Trelawney’s mouth, Dumbledore I’m guessing before she’d even finished speaking had decided she had the job! Severus Snape was also in said interview, it was he who disclosed this information to Lord Voldemort.

This is why he would seek out to kill the young baby Potter as we see portrayed in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

And this is the rationale for Dumbledore’s duty of protecting Potter as he knew just how important the boy from Surrey was!

Invisible Dumbledore – Yup He Does That Too!

Check this out! Dumbledore was so int tune with his magical abilities that he was able to turn invisible, at will! I do wonder why he didn’t use this incredible power in the duel against Voldemort?  If you know the answer, please comment as I’d love to know!

Thinking about this, it was in fact the great Albus Dumbledore who gave Harry the cloak of invisibility, so I wonder if Dumbledore, being the previous owner had so much use and experience from the cloak that he somehow knew how to ‘engineer’ its magic and use it personally for himself?

Again I making a claim here, if you Potterheads can clear this up for me, that would be awesome!

In Conclusion – Is Dumbledore Worthy Of The Title?

If we look back over what we have talked about in all the previous sections above, I’d like to know if you feel based on what we’ve looked at if Ablubs etc etc etc really warrants his place as the best of the best?

Are you still wondering who is the most powerful wizard in Harry, Potter?

I guess many of you will disagree and have valid reasons for doing so? What are they? What have I missed? Who is your number one?

Maybe you simply feel who owns the elder wand is the most powerful wizard ever, or you could favour Grindelwald, Harry or Voldemort for example?

What we need to remind ourselves is that the fact we are able to ponder over these mythical legends is a great thing. The wonder that the harry potter franchise casts over us all and keeps us discussing and dreaming about the characters after all these years is so special and will remain in our hearts forever.

Are you interested in the darker side of the characters? If so you may enjoy this read – here.

I’d like to thank you for taking the time out to read this article today, as always I would love to hear your feedback so if you do have time, please leave a comment below and I’ll do my best to reply as soon as I possibly can.

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