Who Is Dobby In Harry Potter? – FIND OUT!

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Who is Dobby in harry potter?

DOBBY IS FREE! He is so cute! Dobby is a ‘house elf’ if you are looking for the precise magical term!

Maybe you are looking for more info to find out exactly who the real Dobby is from Harry Potter?

Is he good? Is he trustworthy? Stay tuned as within this article as dive further into the life of everyone’s favourite house-elf!

Dobby – A Funny Looking House Elf!

Who is Dobby In Harry Potter - Dobby1

Dobby, in keeping with tradition, was only around 3 feet in height! Can you imagine Dobby standing next to Hagrid, who was 11 feet tall! WOW!

His eyes made up for his lack of height in that they were enormous, like big cricket balls in fact! To complete the look Dobby was blessed with very pointy ears and a long nose, not forgetting the high pitched tone to his voice

Dobby was unfortunate in that his only item of clothing was a pillowcase until he would later be freed.

The only way a slave elf can be freed is by being presented with clothing, which is exactly what happened when Harry Potter tricked Lucious Malfoy into giving Dobby a sock (it was hidden inside Tom Riddle’s diary) so when Dobby took the diary that Lucius gestured him to carry with the sock inside, he was FREE!

Dobby and The Malfoys

Serving the Malfoys, Lucius, Narcissa and Draco, Dobby as you might have guessed, was treated unfairly and would be a victim of regular cruelty.

These incidents were so serious and as we learned from Dobby’s first meeting with Harry in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Dobby would be at the receiving end of death threats up to five times a day! How they could be so awful to Dobby is beyond me!

The Malfoys would also teach Dobby to punish himself physically by headbutting or hitting himself with objects if Dobby made a mistake when carrying out his duties.

What kind of treatment is this? 

The magical world really is rife with prejudicial tendencies and this is not something society should be proud of!

Even though poor Dobby was treated this way, he knew that he deserved better and all he wanted in life was his freedom.

Poor Dobby, what do YOU make of his treatment at the hands of the Malfoys?

Please leave a comment at the foot of the article, I always enjoy feedback on theories from readers!

Dobby’s Involvement In The Story of Harry Potter

Who is Dobby In Harry Potter - Dobby3

Our beloved friend enters the story in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets when he discovered that the chamber of secrets was to be re-opened and a monster would be released on unsuspecting muggle-born wizards of Hogwarts!

The Malfoys, we can only assume, were discussing this plot at Malfoy Manor and Dobby must’ve ‘overheard’ the topic of conversation. Being the good-natured soul that Dobby was he took the law into his own hands and began stealing Harry Potter’s letters from Ron and Hermione that had been sent over the summer holidays!

Harry, obviously had no idea of this and became a little frustrated that he’d not heard at all from his Hogwarts best buddies! Harry would only discover the letter’s existence upon Dobby’s arrival at Privet Drive!

Dobby’s Devastation At The Dursley’s

Harry was visibly shocked when he noticed a small elf in his bedroom that day.

This happened to be a very important day for the Dursley’s as they had guests that Vernon wanted to impress, so Harry of course was banished to his bedroom to keep him and his magic out of the way!

This is when Dobby arrived out of nowhere!

After exchanging a few pleasantries, it soon became clear to Harry that the only reason for Dobby’s visit was for business, not pleasure.

The tiny elf insisted that Hogwarts was not safe, and Harry shouldn’t go there! 

As you can imagine, Harry wasn’t best pleased with being told that he shouldn’t return to Hogwarts as it was now the only place that really felt like home, there was no way he was going to give that up so he denied the request very insistently!

Dobby, not having any of Harry’s non-compliance thought that getting Harry in trouble with the Durley’s might help his cause!

Harry’s Aunt Petunia had made a beautiful cake that was a perfect tool for Dobby’s plan!

By the click of his fingers, he made the cake float with advanced control and elegance! The cake ever so slowly drifted perfectly over Mrs Mason’s head, before crashing down straight on top of her!

The Dursley’s were FURIOUS and proceeded to lock Harry in his room until he was rescued by Ron, Fred and George with aid of the flying car!

The Blocking of Platform Nine and Three Quarters

Dobby, who had witnessed that the cake disaster hadn’t worked as he saw Harry escape from afar, then went a step further. He magically sealed the barrier at the entrance to platform nine and three quarters.

I guess Dobby’s second idea to his credit, is what I’d of done next, how could it fail?

It’s simple surely if you can’t get through the barrier to the platform, you’ll miss the Hogwarts express and not make it to school, problem solved!

However, much to Dobby’s mounting frustration, the same enchanted car that came to Harry’s rescue at the Dursley’s would now help Harry and Ron ‘fly’ to Hogwarts!

Mind you, this feat was not without risk or danger, as the flying enchanted car had been seen by seven muggles as it flew off into the distance!

Furthermore, its (late) arrival at Hogwarts also damaged the Whomping Willow tree that had been on the grounds of Hogwarts since ‘before you were born’ as Severus Snape put it to the two young flying car thieves!

Not only had Harry and Ron upset the staff at Hogwarts, but had caused a headache for the Ministry of Magic as memories of the incident had to be ‘removed’ from the muggles who had seen the amazing episode outside King’s Cross station!

All thanks to DOBBY!

Dobby’s Dangerous Bludger Stunt!

Who is Dobby In Harry Potter - Rogue Bludger

We can see how desperate and annoyed Dobby was becoming because the third attempt at Harry’s removal from Hogwarts was outright dangerous and had the potential to fatally injury the famous wizard!

This happened during Harry’s game of quidditch against team Slytherin and this time, it was the fault of a rogue bludger!

A ‘bludger’, is what is used in the very rough school sports game of quidditch. 

A bludger is made of iron and is magic. Its main purpose throughout the game is to fly and attempt to knock players off their broomsticks and making it difficult for the teams to navigate the field.

Our delightful little house-elf, Dobby, had magically ‘tampered’ with the bludger and it was going crazy and only seeking out to knock Harry off his broom and no other players!

Dobby’s intentions mind you, were only to injury Harry to the point where he’d be sent back to Surrey from Hogwarts, he wasn’t out to cause in lasting damage in his defence!

Although dangerous you can see where Dobby was going with this, and surely this time, it had to work!

Harry after narrowly escaping the bludger and coming off his broom, did in fact catch the snitch and win the game for Gryffindor, however, the bludger carried on trying to smash harry, it was only when Hermione came to help and destroyed the bludger that Harry could then relax!

Harry did injure his arm, but he wasn’t sent home!

Harry ended up in the Hogwarts hospital wing after Professor Gilderoy Lockhart’s attempt to heal Harry’s armed went wrong and caused him to lose all the bones in his arm!

Bedridden, who should decide to visit Harry? Yep, Dobby appeared and owned up to his recent sabotage pranks!

What a character Dobby is!

What do you think of Dobby’s antics towards Harry? Should he have gone about it differently? Please comment below!

Dobby’s Employment At HOGWARTS?

Who is Dobby In Harry Potter - Dobby Free

After Harry Potter had done the impossible by freeing Dobby from the hideous Lucius Malfoy, Dobby was delighted in that he came to work at Hogwarts and would actually receive payment for the jobs he was doing around the school.

Not only this, but he also got to remain not too far from Harry and would be around to protect him, just in case he should need it!

Dobby developed a passion for clothing, having been deprived of it for so long. With his earnings, he would spend his time buying how very own yarn to create his own garments.

I expect Dobby’s newly found freedom would give him a new purpose in life, finally being free to enjoy his own existence without having to serve to dreadful Maylfoy’s every request whilst punishing himself in the process!

Socks became a huge significance to Dobby, given the fact that it was this piece of clothing that would enable him to be free, he began to love them and would go on to make a pair of mismatching socks for Harry as a Christmas gift, bless him!

Go Dobby!

Dobby Assisting Dumbledore’s Army.

At the point where things were turnings sour at Hogwarts, much from the Minister of Magic’s ‘Voldemort’ worries and with death eaters infiltrating institutions throughout the magical world, including Hogwarts, things needed to change.

With the evil Dolores Umbridge implementing a ‘no magic’ policy at a school for witchcraft and wizardry, the students needed a way to defend themselves in the now imminent war between the forces of good and evil.

This was proving very difficult as even group activities were banned at Hogwarts so there was nowhere for the students that wanted to fight, to hone their skills and practice defence of the dark arts spells!

Much to Harry’s surprise, it was Dobby who gave the idea of using the ‘room of requirement’, which was a secret room. Even better, he knew how to get into it!

Harry would now be able to use the room to host a meeting for ‘Dumbledore’s Army’ which were effectively a team of resistance freedom fighters, posted at Hogwarts!

By now Dobby and Harry had an excellent and loyal relationship and Harry trusted him wholeheartedly. Dobby’s intentions even though dramatic, were only ever to protect the famous Harry Potter!

He is one AWESOME house elf!

Dobby’s Bravery and Sad Death

Who is Dobby In Harry Potter - Dobby Dying

For me, Dobby’s final act of bravery in helping Harry, Ron and Hermione from Malfoy Manor showed just how loyal he’d now become to Harry and Dumbledore’s army and I think Dobby deserves much credit for his noble and proud actions.

Bellatrix Lestrange was holding Hermione hostage with a knife to her throat, meanwhile, Dobby was overhead and undid the bolts to a huge chandelier which came crashing down on Bellatrix and this is what led to their escaping, by disapparating to Shell cottage.

But, just as Harry was disapparating, the vile Bellatrix threw her sliver knife and much to her delight stabbed Dobby in the chest.

When Harry realised that Dobby was dying, he was visibly distraught and was begging his friends for help but it would be too late.

Dobby passed away in Harry’s arms, but not before giving Harry a last look and gently saying ‘Harry Potter’ as his final words. To offer some support Harry’s friend Luna Lovegood closed Dobby’s eyes.

This scene in the movie was very touching, even more so when Harry insisted that Dobby be given a proper burial and without magical use.

I think he did this to honour Dobby’s life and loyalty, and I loved the manner in which Harry would carve the words ‘Here lies Dobby, a free elf’ on a rock that had been given a new purpose as Dobby’s gravestone.

Very moving indeed!

Who is dobby in harry potter – Conclusion

I hope if you are new to the world of Dobby and the Harry Potter saga, in general, this my article has given you an insight into the loveable character that is Dobby.

First, he came across as very irritating perhaps, but he very quickly becomes close to the viewer’s hearts and also a very strong warrior, once freed from the clutches of Lucius Malfoy!

I’d like to thank you for taking the time out to read this article today, as always I would love to hear your feedback so if you do have time, please leave a comment below and I’ll do my best to reply as soon as I possibly can.

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