The ONLY Hermione Granger Character Description You’ll Ever Need

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What an inspiration she is to so many young children throughout the world!!

If you are desperate to find out more about one of our favourite characters, look no further! I want to peel back to the rawest, most worthy Hermione information to top up your knowledge of this inspiring young lady.

It’s my mission for you to take away a real feeling about Hermione, not just to bombard you with the facts and I hope within the article you’ll discover how you Hermione makes you feel.

If you can relate to her if you can’t, it doesn’t matter but as always, I really would like your feedback, it’s why I do, what I do, so please do leave a comment below!

Grab your wand and popcorn, let’s talk Hermione!

Hermione’s Background – A FAST Learner!

Hermione Granger Character Description - Hermione 2Hermione was muggle-born on the 19th September 1979, but it wasn’t until the age of eleven that she became aware of her magical ability.

She started at the infamous Hogwarts school for witchcraft and wizardry in 1991.

Sorted into Gryffindor house, Hermione displayed much appreciation and passion for magic from the very outset, this is something that I find very endearing about Hermione, her commitment to learning from day one.

Her parents were known to have been startled by Hermione’s magical persuasion but nevertheless were very proud of their only child, and who wouldn’t be, she would be a credit to any family in my eyes!

Hermione’s Introduction To Harry and Ron

Do you remember her first meeting with Harry and Ron on the Hogwarts Express? I sure do, my daughter Isabella is an expert at replaying that scene word for word with incredible accuracy!

She adores this first ‘meet’ between the three friends and it was such a brief moment, but perhaps it was what initially got the connection to take hold between them, even if, their first few encounters were quite hostile!

We know that Hermione had excellent knowledge of the magical arts even before her first day at Hogwarts and I think Harry and Ron were quite perplexed by her confidence and skill when repairing Harry’s broken glasses for him!

Hermione’s capabilities are a force to be reckoned with!

You can tell from her manner and enthusiasm that she is so ready for Hogwarts, keen and eager, there’s much to be learned from Hermione’s desire for success.

Although largely coming across as an ‘insufferable know it all’ it’s quite ironic in the fact that Ron had no issues with airing his opinions of Hermione (given the fact he’d later fall in love with her), he couldn’t stand her and he made it very obvious to the audience!

I guess you could argue that Hermione’s intelligence actually came across as a little arrogant but maybe being muggle-born, she was merely craving acceptance from her peers. What are your thoughts here? Would love to hear them!

Hermione continued to impress Hogwarts Professors with her astonishing knowledge and constantly offering answers in class which again, furthered Ron’s irritation of Herminie’s considerable knowledge of, well, everything!

Hermione Granger – More than just a Clever Cloggs

But Hermione’s cleverness isn’t all she’s made of.

Hermione Granger Character Description - Hermione 5Taking into account she had no problem with taking the blame for the incident with the giant troll whereby the lads saved her from certain death was on Hermione’s behalf, a huge act of bravery and this was the moment that would seal their life-long friendship between these three courageous wizards!

As Hermione’s intelligence and loyalty to Harry and Ron grew, she became an integral part of the team’s investigations into events at Hogwarts.

It was her determination that leads them to find the Chamber of Secrets although it was so sad when she fell victim to the vicious Basilisk and was petrified during this encounter.

Luckily for Hermione, she was able to undergo a full recovery with the help of Professor Sprout’s mandrake remedy!

Hermione was a huge advocate of obeying the rules and acting with dignity at all times, but there times when action needed to be taken and when required to break the rules in order for good to prevail she would always act accordingly.

For example, not only was she instrumental in aiding in the discovery of the Philosopher’s stone but let’s not forget it was Hermione who caused the distraction to interrupt the spell on Harry’s broom in his first quidditch match!

She did this by setting fire to Snape’s robes, even though we later discovered that it was Professor Quirrell who was the perpetrator who could have killed Harry, but regardless of who was to blame, Hermione didn’t hesitate in taking action.

I really think she deserves much credit for her bravery, these acts are no easy feat and she is really stepping out of her academic comfort zone when displaying her courageous side for all to see!

I think Hermione add is 100% a crucial element to our ‘fighting for good’ wizarding team at Hogwarts, she knows what needs to be done and when, and is often a key player in solving mind-boggling mysteries which need to be solved in order for the triumph over dark art domination plans led by Lord Voldemort.

It is with her brains and nerve that is essential to overcoming the unlikeliest of odds. Hermione is fundamental in the Harry Potter saga.

I’d like to highlight another fragment to Hermione’s characteristics that she is not afraid to break free from. We know she’s not a rule-breaker, we know she is an impeccable student, but it is the little acts of bravery I am always fond of.

For instance, when speaking up in class and actually interrupting Professor McGonagall to pose the question everyone wanted to know the answer to. The legend of the Chamber of Secrets at Hogwarts? Does it really exist?

This tells us not only that getting to the bottom of the goings-on at Hogwarts is very important to her, but also that even confronting a teacher about it is well within Hermione’s reasoning, she will speak up, teacher or not!

Do you remember the stark warning that Dumbledore gave to new students about the third floor?

That was a such a stern statement from the headmaster to obey that rule and even this wasn’t off-limits to Hermione.

She also created the Polyjuice potion in her second year and it was indeed Hermione who came up with the resistance idea of ‘Dumbledore’s Army’.

These are all huge efforts on her part, and I hope like me, you are starting to notice just how much a warrior Hermione can be when the going gets tough!

Hermione’s Ultimate Act of Bravery!

Hermione Granger Character Description - Hermione 6I’d like to end this section with briefly looking at Hermione’s ‘lion on the inside’ courageousness with exploring without a doubt, one of the bravest acts in my humble opinion, that she ever conducted in the whole story and was actually quite moving in its nature.

Intrigued? Read on Potter fans!

Let’s pick up the story further along its journey to the point where our three magical heroes joined the hunt to destroy all Horcruxes and in essence, defeating he who shall not be named, for good.

It was at Dumbledore’s funeral when Harry had come to the conclusion that he had to see this out and find the split souls of Voldemort which were in the format of Horcruxes, then destroy them.

Harry told both Hermione and Ron of his plans to leave Hogwarts as finding the Horcruxes had become critical to pretty much life as they knew it.

Harry wouldn’t have expected for his two magical best friends to follow suit, but Hermine was adamant in the decision to join Harry, which of course, was seriously dangerous.

She had stated that the ‘decision had been made months ago’ and there was no way she’d let Harry do this alone.

In true Hermione fashion, she found extremely rare publications based on ‘Horcruxes’ in Dumbledore’s office as the subject was rightly forbidden to study at Hogwarts. They were now armed with at least something that could help.

Now where Hermione really had the strength and courage that I mentioned at the top of this section was doing what she knew she had to do next.

Committing to this war of defeating the dark lord by means of the Horcruxes now meant her immediate family (being muggles) were fraught with danger as the evil lord and his following would stop at nothing now in this dreadful war.

She returned home to start packing for the uncertain journey and very emotionally began to erase her parent’s memory and replacing them with that of Wendell and Monica Wilkins and even made them make their own journey to Australia to effectively hide and to not be in any way a target for ‘him’ and his death eater clan!

Her parents no longer had any memory of themselves, their possessions and worst of all, their only daughter, Hermione!

Now, for doubters of Hermione, if that doesn’t display the biggest act of courage ever, I don’t know what does as can you simply imagine having to in one moment, have your parents no longer know who you are, even if just for a short while?

Their love, support and guidance, instantly gone and to be fair, at that point in time, Hermione wouldn’t even know if she’d survive long enough to even seek out her parents after this war against Voldermort’s reign of terror was over!

Learning At Hogwarts And Beyond!

Hermione Granger Character Description - Hermione 4

I hope I have been able to show you just how much of a fighter Hermione is, but I’d like now to emphasize that fact that she was not only a fighter in battle but in the classroom also!

As mentioned earlier, we know she was a quick and willing learner so let’s dive a little deeper into the fact.

Hermione not only had the intelligence to become an excelling witch but she also was blessed with good common sense and a logical mind that was another asset to her. Unlike Harry who always relied on the gut instinct, Hermione is one those personality types that need hard evidence to work with and we know this is the case with the discussion of the deathly hallows for example.

Being gifted Hermione would always be the top in all of her classes and in fact, only a few students at Hogwarts were able to challenge her intellectual ability. She was even labelled as ‘borderline genius’ WOW!

So much so that she received ‘outstanding’ scores in ALL her O.W.L (Ordinary Wizard Level) exams in her fifth year at Hogwarts school for witchcraft and wizardry! All except for defence against the dark arts, which given her exceptional scores in all other areas, really isn’t too much to write home about!

Another of Hermione’s gifts was shown in her work with potions. She’d only need to read about them once and then be able to instantly identify a potion by sight! In Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets, her talent with potions spoke for itself in that she was able to brew the advanced ‘Polyjuice’ that was required for Harry and Ron to disguise themselves as Draco’s classmates to find out if Draco had any knowledge of who opened the Chamber of Secrets, how COOL is that!?

Conclusion – How Does Hermione Make YOU Feel?

Hermione Granger Character Description - Hermione 3

I hope throughout this article, I have been able to give you a different perception of Hermione and I hope like me, you now think there is more to this beautiful character than just that ‘know it all’ Hogwarts high achiever?

We know that after Voldemort’s death and things started to settle down and return to normal, that Hermione did return to Hogwarts to finish her studies, particularly the Nastily Exhausting Wizarding Tests (N.E.W.Ts) as she knew she needed to do this if she was ever to secure a good job within the Ministry of Magic.

Neither Harry nor Ron sought to complete their N.E.W.Ts!

You’ll be relieved to hear that Hermione did make the trip to Australia, she did locate her parents and restore their memories so that is an absolutely brilliant result for the Grangers!

Who doesn’t like a happy ending?

Thanks once again for reading my Hermione Granger character description and should you want to learn more about me or to contact me directly, please see the about page.

If you have any comments about Hermione, please do leave one below!



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