The BEST Professor Snape Description – EXPLORE!

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How SCARY is Professor Snape?

You only have to look at him to get those chills going down your spine!

Welcome to the RAWEST Professor Snape description you’ll find ANYWHERE online that will not only give you the facts about Hogwarts’ scariest Professor but will give you a real flavour of Snape’s personality and help you to discover the REAL Severus Snape!

During this article I’d like to walk you through the early years of Severus’ life but and also dive deeper into his time at Hogwarts and what his true motivations were while being appointed as ‘Head of Slytherin’ house at Hogwarts!

Believe it or not, behind that stern exterior of Severus Snape there is another world that is full of emotion and heartbreak. Severus had no choice but to bury the feelings deep down inside where nobody would find them, so I would like to discover this side to the Professor and find out once and for all, if Snape was even capable of love, or was it all for a show? And what went wrong!?

To be promoted to the head of Slytherin house you have to be something special, let’s be honest and Severus Snape is indeed that, love or loathe him!

After Dumbledore’s death in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (at the hands of Snape!) things in the magical world took a turn for the worse and Snape ended up as Headmaster for the school of witchcraft and wizardry!

Can you imagine being at Hogwarts and finding out Snape was at the top of the foodchain!?

Even though Snape had a horrid attitude towards all students at Hogwarts, he was even tougher on students who were visibly afraid of him, Severus seemed to have respect from colleagues at Hogwarts?

They must have respected him for something? His intelligence? His magical ability? Something more sinister perhaps?

Snape, in my view, was the character throughout the Harry Potter films that easily had the most ‘mystery’ and wonder attached to them and every single time he is on-screen, he brings an atmosphere that is in a complete league of its own!

Maybe if we look into Snape’s childhood, this will explain this mysterious, cold and composed demeanour that Snape seems to pull off so well!

I am very much looking forward to your comments on the topic as Snape is my FAVOURITE characters in the Harry Potter world and I can hardly contain my excitement!

So settle in for some excellent Snape backstory info!

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Early Life – Wasn’t Easy For Snape

Professor Snape Description

Born to Tobias Snape, who was a muggle, and Eileen ‘Prince’ Snape who was a witch, on the 9th January 1960, Severus was a ‘half-blood’ who unfortunately didn’t live in the happiest of households, he was born into a world of bitterness and anger.

Residing on ‘Spinners End’ in a rundown town called ‘Cokeworth’ in Northern England, life wasn’t easy for many families in the sixties, but the Snape family was definitely one of the worst affected by the local industrial poverty, and it showed.

The town itself was left for ruins and was littered with disused factories, old derelict houses and flickering street lamps. Not the best place to be brought up that’s for sure.

Tobias, was an angry and violent man and to channel his anger meant frequently beating for his wife and even his young son at times.

This caused an unhealthy relationship between Severus and his Dad and it could be what sparked Severus’ utter contempt for muggles and the muggle world in general. Instead of looking up to his Father, Severus began to distance himself from that side of the family and lean towards his mother’s side and even used his Mum’s maiden name for a secret nickname which he coined the ‘Half-Blood Prince’

Sound familiar?

In the absence of a loving family, Severus quickly became a cold, bitter and cruel individual which would shape his personality to the one we identify with throughout the Harry Potter Movies, as we know Snape just ‘oozes’ resentment and disdain! These characteristics would become so etched into Snape’s soul, they would stay with him for life.

The lack of care and affection shown to the young boy was also reflected in Snape’s attire (or lack of it).

Dirty clothes that didn’t fit were the norm for Severus, and this, coupled with the neglect from his parents during their constant battles, would take its toll on Severus, who just wanted a ‘normal’ childhood!

Things became so bad for Snape that he couldn’t wait to start school at Hogwarts. You can’t really blame him for how he turned out as it was mostly his parents doing and I often wonder how things might have been for him, had he been part of a more loving and devoted family?

As the movies progress you have snape played out to the audience as this bullish and terrifying teacher, but we do eventually learn the real motives behind his actions and even his reason for executing the all-powerful Albus Dumbledore, keep reading to find out more!

Severus’s One And Only Love In Life

Professor Snape Description

Aged nine, Severus found delight in making friends with a local girl who also had magical abilities, although she was from a wealthier part of town than his own. She knew she was different but had no idea why so Severus took it upon himself to break the news to his new friend that she was in fact a witch!

He took an instant liking to the young witch and fell in love with her even at that tender age, particularly with the girl’s strikingly green eyes.

This girl would, many moons later become Harry Potter’s mother!

The young girl called Lily Evans was a muggle-born witch and even her background didn’t phase young Severus, who’d become by now to despise muggles, as he was so taken with her kind and generous nature.

He didn’t care for her blood status and he desperately hoped that the sorting hat would place both of them into the house of Slytherin, as Severus was a firm believer that this house was reserved for the most intelligent of wizards, just like himself and Lily!

Put yourself in Snape’s shoes at an early age, how would you feel? How would you behave? I’d love to hear your comments, please be sure to leave them at the end of the article!

Hogwarts Strife For Snape!

Professor Snape Description

it’s 1971 and Severus started Hogwarts school for witchcraft and wizardry. He must’ve felt a huge relief to finally get a break from his troublesome life back on Spinners End in Cokeworth.

His relief, mixed with the excitement of joining one of the most highly regarded magical schools in history, you would imagine, make Severus feel that this was ‘his time’ to show the world what he was really capable of, as by now he was already quite the wizard and he’d never even seen a magical textbook!

Maybe this was his time to shine and prove to Lily, who by now he had huge feelings for, that he was worthy of becoming close to, maybe more than friends? A future wife maybe!

On that first morning, Severus sat with Lily Evans on the Hogwarts Express to start their adventure!

While they made that amazing journey, they met Sirius Black and James Potter who was also bound for the first year at Hogwarts.

Instead of making the best of friends, this first encounter between Snape, Potter and Sirius Black didn’t go too well at all.

It quickly turned into a petty argument over which house at the school was ‘the best’ and we know that ‘kids will be kids’, but I can’t help but wish that Severus had an easier first day at school which might have changed the course of magical history as we know it!

What could have been the start of great friendship for Severus instead turned out to be the first meeting with his tormentors going forward throughout his education at school.

Maybe Severus just has a massive run of bad luck in his life? Poor lad! He always seems to be on the receiving end of bad outcomes!

Sorted into Slytherin (to which Snape was elated about) I wonder how Snape then felt after Lily was placed into Gryffindor, I am sure he wasn’t too pleased with the outcome, but what could he do?

Again, his luck was against him after James and Sirius were sorted by the hat into Gryffindor alongside Lily which couldn’t have helped with Snape’s frustrations!

Snape was incredibly gifted were magical ability was concerned though, especially within the dark arts realm and it was immediately clear he was performing spells to a level much more advanced than his peers within his first year at school.

We have to remember it was at this time whereby Lord Voldemort would begin his revolt against society and with much debate around the ‘purity’ of blood where wizards were concerned, it is understandable why bullying and prejudices were rife throughout Hogwarts.

As time passed, Snape really didn’t do himself any favours with his desire to impress Lily Evans, he made friends with undesirables,  Avery and Mulciber and they were the epitome of hatred towards muggles and Lily was very concerned about Snape’s friendships, actions and the support of Voldemort’s philosophies and ideas, which all seemed to be spiralling out of control.

Snape also had connections with Lucius Malfoy who had taken to Snape very early on and again, it’s this exposure and relationship with well known dark art families that really didn’t help Snape’s quest for friend and courtship. But it wasn’t all his fault. By now James Potter had become excellent friends with Sirius Black, Peter Pettigrew and Remus Lupin who referred to themselves as the ‘Marauders.’

What started off as regular banter between the Slytherin and Gryffindor students quickly escalated to an ongoing hate campaign from James and Sirius which was also egged on by Pettigrew. They saw Snape as an easy target and would tease him about his appearance, clothes and anything else they could.

This was all done in the shadows as the bullies were careful in making sure his ‘friend’, Lily was never around to personally witness the bullying of Snape.

Professor Snape Description

Severus would spend much time at school trying anything he could to get the Marauders expelled but the group were always one step ahead of him and this baffled Snape.

It turns out that Potter and company had created a map which could tell them where every pupil was located in the school, an ingenious idea really, but crafty all the same, and this tool ensured they would never be caught in the act by Snape or even Hogwarts Professors for that matter.

Some incidents were pretty serious in all honesty. All bullying is terrible, and it somehow went unnoticed to a certain extent, but it did escalate to the humility of Severus.

An example of this is when James Potter thought it would be ‘fun’ to hang Snape upside down to reveal his underwear, this was seen by many students and Lily Evans was one of them.

Lily quick stepped in to Defend Severus, but he was embarrassed enormously by now and lashed out in anger at Lily and in a quick slip of the tongue, called her a ‘mud blood’ which is a derogatory term for those witches or wizards that were ‘muggle-born’

Poor snape sat outside the Gryffindor house all night and made many apologies to Lily, but it was too late, she was deeply hurt by this and it was the beginning of the end for Snape’s quest for Lily to fall in love with him.

She was also still unhappy in that Snape’s loyalty to the anti muggle movement throughout the school hadn’t ended.

It wasn’t long before Lily thought it best to end all contact with Snape. Her attention then turned to Snape’s main tormentor, James Potter. James was popular, athletic, somewhat arrogant and he won Lily over. A few years later, they were in fact married!

Snape, would continue loving Lily forever, and the throwaway ‘mud blood’ comment, would haunt Snape forever and is documented as his worst memory of all time.

Can you imagine how Snape would be feeling by now? They say the first cut is always the deepest and Severus not only lost the love of his life but lost her to his rival, James Potter!

What do you think about the feud between Snape and James Potter? Let me know! I always love to hear YOUR thoughts!

We are beginning to uncover the fact that snape was indeed very capable of love, he was human after all and had feelings. The problem was he did make some bad choices and wasn’t really given much respect by anyone in his life, apart from Lily of course and a silly mistake sent his one hope of happiness disappearing over the horizon.

Snape As A Deatheater

Professor Snape Description

I wonder if losing Lily from his life was the last straw for Severus Snape that made him explore the dark arts further and turn to Voldemort for loyalty?

I’ve heard rumours that he did this in order to ‘impress’ Lily but we already know that Lily hated anything to do with hatred towards muggles and Voldemort was certainly not a muggle lover! Either way, Severus joined the dark lord’s ranks.

(Another bad choice!)

We don’t know a great deal about what Snape got up to as a death eater but we do know that during an interview for a Divination vacancy at Hogwarts it was revealed by a ‘seer’ via a prophecy that a child would be born with the power to overthrow the dark lord.

Click – here to learn more about that interview, but Snape was the one who fed this information back to his master, the dark lord!

Severus, the ‘king’ in my view of bad decision making, had just made another awful one. 

His discloser to Voldemort about this ‘prophecy’,  gave Voldemort time to devise an attack on the Potters and destroy their son, Harry!

Severus knew how much her son meant to her, there was no way that she’d ever let Voldemort kill him. Armed with this knowledge Snape begged Voldemort to not kill Lily and he initially agreed, but Snape knew this was most likely a false promise on the dark lord’s behalf, so he turned to Dumbledore for help!

Snape was desperate for help in saving Lily from pending death. Pleading with Dumbledore for help, Dumbledore agreed to assist but only if Snape agreed to take up the position of potions master at Hogwarts. This would be cover for Severus, who would now act as a double agent for Dumbledore!

All of this was in vain because even the likes of Albus Dumbledore was unable to keep the Potter’s whereabouts unknown. Betrayed by their friend Peter Pettigrew, Voldemort now knew the location of the hiding Potters.

We all know what happened next! The Potters were murdered, leaving behind their only child, Harry.

When Severus found out that Lily had been murdered, he became distraught to the point where no longer wanted to live. Love HURTS! Even for Snape!

It was only Dumbledore that managed to convince Snape that his life was worth living and if he had indeed loved Lily in a true manner, then he had a responsibility to protect Lily’s son (who had survived the attack) from the dark lord in case he ever rose again!

Totally grief-stricken, Severus declared complete allegiance to Dumbledore on the one condition that Dumbledore never real the partnership to anyone, not even Lily’s son.

The Second Rise Of The Dark Lord

When ‘he who shall not be named’ rose again in 1995, Snape remained as a death eater to act as the spy he promised Dumbledore he would.

This actually worked very well as he was able to keep an eye on Harry who had now started school at Hogwarts and still appear loyal to Voldemort and also report back to Dumbledore on his findings! This must have been tough!

The problem with this, of course, was that he would now be at the centre of many allegations on both sides of the fence and have to play one side off against the other, no easy feat in all fairness to Severus

Severus needed a break!

Professor Snape Description

If we take a pause here, to look over his troubled life as a child and at Hogwarts, we see his problems never really left him and as a Professor at Hogwarts things only got complicated further.

He never stopped loving Lily and I think the way he ‘covertly’ ensured Harry’s safety even after being bullied by his Father is so admirable. It is no wonder why Snape had a security blanket protecting his emotions as he’d been dealt a tough hand from the very start of his life. Even so, he remained loyal to Lily to the very end and I think Snape deserves much credit for this.

How do you feel about Snape? Have your opinions changed or remained the same? Perhaps you always knew Snape’s heart was in the right place? I’d love to hear from you? Be sure to leave your comments at the end of the article!

As it turned out, Voldemort, when he tried to kill Harry using the killing curse, Avada Kedavra, the curse rebounded and actually struck Voldemort.

The curse couldn’t destroy Harry due to Lily choosing to sacrifice herself in order to protect her Son and this was actually what Snape had pleaded with Voldemort to allow Lily to do, was to have the choice of living or dying, so essentially Snape’s help is what enabled Harry to live! It was the protection of the most powerful type of magic, ‘love’ that saved our beloved Harry’s life!

Voldemort although hurt physically wasn’t destroyed and the mystery around his existence would linger for years to come!

Looking at this from Snape’s perspective, at least it gave him a break from so much aggravation in his life! It gave him time (as Voldemort wouldn’t completely ‘return’ for another 16 years) to at least concentrate on his career and overcome the grief of Lily’s death.

As we mentioned at the top of the article. To make the head of Slytherin was no ‘walk in the park’ and this achievement gained Snape the respect of colleagues he desired and also injected fear into the students at Hogwarts!

It’s quite ironic that Snape’s method of teaching involved techniques that he had hated being on the receiving end of at the hands of James Potter and Co, namely, intimidation and bullying!

However, this unorthodox and somewhat unethical approach to teaching was producing consistently good results for Snape’s students throughout their O.W.L.(Ordinary Wizard Level) exams!

Another irony (Snape’s life seems to be full of them) is that when Harry started at Hogwarts, Snape instantly despised the very child he’d sworn to protect, I suspect all the emotion came flooding back to Snape the very moment he laid eyes on Harry, in that Harry looked just like his tormentor James and had those striking green eyes of his only love, Lily!

But Harry wasn’t the only target for Snape, he also couldn’t stand the sight of Neville Longbottom. I suspect this was because when told of the prophecy, Voldemort was informed the ‘chosen one’ who could destroy him was either Potter or Longbottom.

Had Voldemort chosen the latter to seek and destroy, maybe this would’ve saved Lily from execution from the dark lord! 

What are your ideas here? Please let me know and comment at the (long)bottom of the article! 😉

Whatever the case, Neville was PETRIFIED of snape and who can blame him, if Snape was my teacher at eleven years old, I’d be scared stiff too!

Snape as a professor – Full of himself

Snape as an adult and professor at Hogwarts was enormously different from the snape we knew as a child. Either the introverted Snape was no more, or he was well hidden.

The Snape that would strut the corridors of the famous castle, was bold, confident and never lost for words. I think for me, this is the main reason I loved Snape from the moment we met him on screen. He’s cool, calm, and calculated, to put it mildly!

Snape was a firm believer that wizards who cannot control their deepest emotions are weak.

This is why we see his ‘composed’ manner at all times, except for a few moments when losing his temper at Harry perhaps! Snape has had excellent practice at keeping his deepest secrets well hidden, he is essentially a master of emotional control.

He is the teacher at Hogwarts and character throughout the Harry Potter world that everyone loves to hate!

In Conclusion – Are You On The Fence?

As I draw this article to a close, I hope I have managed to give you an understanding of Snape which doesn’t just portray him as the teacher from hell. Yes, he was intimidating, he was creepy, he was a bully and is VERY strange!

But I can’t help but sympathise with him for enduring what he did as a child and just when he thought he could be happy with life when his magical education started at Hogwarts, he then became a victim yet again to the Marauders!

The tip of the iceberg was obviously the death of Lily, which cut him deeply!

The man has had a lot to deal with and to be fair, he’s done a good job of hiding everything deep within his soul.

I am wondering if you are a Snape lover or hater, or are you on the fence?

I really think the diversity of the Snape character, the diversity of our opinions about him are what make him one of the most dominant players in the Harry Potter universe!

I’d like to thank you for taking the time out to read this Professor Snape Description today, as always I would love to hear your feedback so if you do have time, please leave a comment below and I’ll do my best to reply as soon as I possibly can.

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  1. Wow Kris, I never realised that Professor Snape was so complex. I kind of feel sorry for him (not) as he was a meany to the kids and enjoyed tormenting anyone who was scared of him. Sounds like a nasty bully to me but I loved him in the movie. He was so twisted and you never really knew which side he was on.
    Obviously we all have childhood scars and that is what made him so mean but is that really any excuse?

    Great read!

    • Thanks Lily!

      Love your thoughts and you’re absolutely right and this is why so many people still sit on the fence with Snape!

      Love or hate, he did get the desired outcome in class, even if he was SCARY!

      Snape really is one of those characters that we ‘love to heat’ I think Mr Rickman (RIP) did an AMAZING job in his portrayal of the potions master!

      Thanks so much for taking the time to read the article!



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