The Best Harry Potter Facts – Revealed!

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Hi and welcome to my latest article where I’d like to talk about what I think are some of the best Harry Potter facts out there. If you are looking for some really interesting background to the Harry Potter movies, then stay tuned, you don’t want to miss this!

To cover every single little known piece of information would to YEARS to uncover but I am hoping throughout your reading today, you’ll take away facts about the movies which are very important to the story and some of the characters involved in the back story.

I hope you’ll also find the information provided as fascinating as I do because there is really a whole world to harry potter that when explored brings together the whole saga in a new light and this adds much more excitement for the avid Harry Potter fan!

Please remember to add a comment at the bottom, I’d love to hear more about Harry and your thoughts on these incredible movies that we all know and love. So without further ado, let’s get started!

What Happened Before The First Movie?

For many people, the first Harry Potter movie is their favourite (myself included) and as we are introduced to Harry as a baby going into hiding, it’s worth finding out what actually happened in the magical world before his arrival to Privet Drive.

There are a few big areas of importance that are relevant to the whole story and its development, let’s have a look at some of these below;

Magical Involvement in WWI

The Best Harry Potter Facts - WWI

I think what I have found to be one of the most important things to note about the world of Harry Potter and the relationship between wizard and muggle is that during world war I, the magical community were forbidden to assist muggles to end the conflict.

Can you imagine how less of an impact the war would have had if witches and wizards could help?

I suspect that many thousands of lives could have been saved if wizards came together to fight during the global battle, they still could have played their part (in mass) in complete anonymity in my opinion!

The crazy thing is that witches and wizards did want to join the allies and fight, and I believe many more would have done so if it wasn’t for the objection by the then Minister Of Magic, Archer Evermonde, who passed legislation to prevent aid from anyone in the magical society during the war.

You’ll be happy to hear though that many did assist, even with Archer’s ruling in place and this secret effort essentially was a massive part of the allies victory and some say the assistance provided was the catalyst for wizards to also decide to take action when Voldemort and his army caused chaos in Britain throughout his era of terror!

With the above in mind, we can get an idea from where Harry got his high-moral stance for right and wrong from as others in his family shared this same passion and belief as Harry does himself.

His Great-Grandfather Henry was a well-known muggle sympathiser and it was these views that had the entire potter family excluded from the pure-blood exclusives group, the ‘Sacred Twenty-Eight’.

Henry’s opposition to the legislation passed by Evermonde, again a display of the Potter’s dedication to law and order, was not viewed well within Britain particularly from the elite members of society and also other families with hidden agendas such the Malfoys and Lestranges’.

It is worth noting here that Henry was a member of the ‘Wizengamot’, which is effectively the high courts and parliamentary division of the Ministry of Magic and it is this well-respected position of the magical community which should have given the Potter’s an excellent platform to encourage good ethical behaviour but they very often got their opinions and ideals shot down, again by members of the magical world that are of high status and wealth.

The power that wealth has over institutions is something which is very similar to events that occur in the muggle world, the magical spectrum, is no different, unfortunately.

Potter Family’s Success – Sleekeazy’s Hair Potion!

The Best Harry Potter Facts - Potion

Not to held back by the expulsion from the sacred twenty-eight group of elites. The Potter’s bounced back after the war in a business sense by finding fortune in the potions industry.

Harry’s Grandad, Fleamont, was the creator of ‘Sleekeazy’s’. This hair potion was an instant success and it is what carried the families fortune on to this day!

Maybe Harry should have offered Voldemort some Sleekeazy’s, perhaps that could have been the start of a beautiful friendship!

The family wealth is evident in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone where we discover at Gringott’s bank the huge amount of gold that Harry has stashed away in his vault to use at his disposal. It is also this wealth that enabled Harry’s parents to live without having to work during the first wizarding war.

An interesting thing to note about the Potter’s hair lotion product is that Hermie’s choice of lotion was Sleezeazy’s when attending the Yule Ball with the one and only Viktor Krum! Because she’s worth it!

Dementors – Shouldn’t be the Guards For Azkaban

The Best Harry Potter Facts - Dementor

I think this next topic is a pretty big one as it highlights that dementors really aren’t the best choice as guards for an institute as important as Azkaban! You would think such a fundamental duty, that of protecting the innocent, the Ministry of Magic, would’ve got it right first time around.

Well, maybe not.

I think it’s fair to say that the situation with the dementors at Azkaban got worse after the sighting of Voldemort at the Ministry of Magic in 1996, you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to work out that he was up to no good!

Let’s not forget that improper practices are not alien to the Ministry.

Long even before he who shall not be named infiltrated the ministry and aided in implementing the ‘Muggle Born Registration Commission’ there was much controversy over unfair treatment of prisoners by dementors at Azkaban, and the then Minister for magic Eldritch Diggory, witnessed first hand the impact this treatment was having on inmates.

So much so that he formed a committee with a sole purpose of seeking a different means of establishing a security force at the prison, only to be met with push-backs and concerns that dementors would, if removed from Azkaban, would seek to feed on the population of the mainland.

It was, I think, very unfortunate that Mr Diggory ending up passing away, whilst still in office and his efforts to harness better security and proper treatment toward prisoners of Azkaban died along with him. It would only be after the defeat of ‘him’ many years later, that the removal of dementors from Azkaban be granted. This also highlights again, the hold the dark lord had over many corporations and societies within the magical realm.

It is my personal view that the Ministry of magic should be held accountable for the failings with the dementors at Azkaban.

Why was Diggory facing huge obstacles in his search of an alternative?

Was it just fear of the dementors response that kept his work in the dark?

Perhaps much bribery was taking place at the Ministry for people to care?

With Voldemort’s hold over the Ministry, it’s my guess that he also ensured dementors were a permanent part of Azkaban with no chance of parole!

I would love to hear your thoughts on this, please be sure to leave a comment below.

Harry Potter Character Analysis

The Best Harry Potter Facts - Lego Harry

In this next section, I’d like to provide you with some excellent ‘Harry Knowledge’ that you can hold onto dearly and exercise at dinner parties! There is so much to be learned about our hero and I hope you enjoy reading as much as I have researching the topics.

Let’s have a look at our young wizard in good detail!

As we have already learned, Harry possesses many traits from both his Dad and Grandad and I think one of the best areas of Harry’s personality is that his actions are guided by his conscience and ‘gut-instinct’ and he has true recognition of doing what is right instead of simply taking the easy way out.

His lack of parents and even family members that care about him, is perhaps, in some way what helped Harry to develop his excellent attitude towards every day ethics and moral conduct.

I am in no way suggesting here that the treatment Harry received from his ‘Aunt and Uncle’ was justified, as they were so cruel and bitter toward him, but if we are to take something positive from Harry’s upbringings, it would have to be that Harry has developed many skills that I am sure many of his peers, simply do not have or show in their own lives, both inside and outside of school.

Nobody is perfect, we know this and Harry is no different and as we have seen from the movies, he has a short temper and is easily distracted, particularly in class but I believe these are small prices to pay for having the ability to think for yourself and be a very courageous young wizard!

One aspect of Harry’s persona that I think is so inspirational is the fact that he will stand up for himself and isn’t afraid to do so, this is something which in my own life I wish I was better at, but Harry seems to be able to exercise his rights and do so in a way which is honourable and real!

Even better is that while being an exceptional individual, student and wizard, Harry stays humble and true to himself throughout, never bragging or promoting his abilities and this is something the young generation of today could do well to replicate, Harry Potter, I think, is an example to us all.

Harry’s Magical Talent – Exceptional To Say The Least!

The Best Harry Potter Facts - Spell

Harry, although being a person that many admire, also he, as a wizard, has some exceptional skills to his arsenal that we should also explore.

For example, his agility and skill on a broom, wow! No wonder he made the quidditch team as a first-year, he seemed to just take to flying from the very beginning and was even able to take on a dragon in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, now that is simply incredible!

Another area of magical practice that Harry seems to excel at is his use of defence against the dark arts.

Having such relevance in the magic community you could argue that Harry being able to defend himself whenever necessary is the best possible asset to this arsenal.

His use defending against he who shall not be named, dementors and monsters have enabled Harry to sharpen his skill and in this area of learning the arts and he is clearly years in front of fellow students and many adults witches and wizards for that matter!

We only need look at his use of the Petronas spell which is so advanced to know that Mr Potter is capable of becoming a force to be reckoned when it comes to the use of good magical applications.

Harry even took to passing on this knowledge to the members of ‘Dumbledore’s Army’ and I wonder if in later in life Harry decided to take up knowledge transfer of defence of the dark arts on a full-time basis? Although he might now admit it, Harry seems to have leadership skills that could lead younger generations of Hogwarts students

Even with all of Harry’s wonderful attributes, he still manages not to dwell on his extraordinary magical skills, and this really is a credit to Harry and something to be proud of!

Call me a softy but I think you’ll agree that Mr Potter takes most things in his stride, even if he does go off the handle at times!

Albus Dumbledore – The Greatest Wizard To Have Ever Lived?

The Best Harry Potter Facts - Dumbledor

We cannot talk facts and ignore Dumbledor as I think he is a mandatory addition on our fact-finding mission.

Dumbledore or Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore to quote his name correctly was born to Percival and Kendra in 1881 and had a brother, Aberforth to which he is three years older than. Ariana was the younger sister and was the source of the family tragedy.

I do hope you like the picture of Dumbledor which my daughter, Isabella very artistically put together for me!

The Attack on Ariana!

Ariana was performing magic and this was witnessed by a group of muggle lads who brutally attacked her out of fear of the amazement they had just seen. The attack left Ariana mentally scared to the extent that her magical development was severely impacted and this led to unwanted, sporadic displays of magic that were destructive in nature and something Ariana had trouble containing.

Percival was horrified as any father would be but took the law into his own hands and hunted down Ariana’s attackers and gave them a piece of their own medicine. This resulted in Percival being sent to Azkaban for his crime. Percival instead of revealing the real reason for his actions that would probably see his daughter removed from his care took his sentence on the chin, but unfortunately died doing his time at Azkaban

Albus was born a half-blood and considering who was the greatest wizard to ever live, didn’t exactly have the childhood you would expect from a wizard with such status and it was in fact, sometimes very traumatic.

Albus’ Mother Kendra, exercising a Mother’s instinct fled in an attempt to protect her daughter and family name to Godric’s Hollow seeking a fresh start for her family, more or less trained Albus to not even mention his sister or Father outside the house so I guess this would but Dumbledore under immense pressure even from a tender age.

Then Dumbldor entered Hogwarts………..

Dumbledore at Hogwarts – The Best The Ever Was!

The Best Harry Potter Facts - Dumbledore Figure

Naturally sorted into Gryffindor, Albus did experience some unsettling times as Kendra’s attempt at keeping Percival’s crime a secret wasn’t quite as successful as she would’ve hoped for in that rumours of the attack did spread like a virus throughout the school as you would expect. as it wasn’t long before Albus was tarnished with the same brush as his Father.

In fairness there were some students that in fact praised Percival’s actions, there are always two sides to every story but it must have been quite tough for Ablbus to have to deal with the accusations and rumours about his family, especially at such a young age.

To get an idea of Dumbledore’s kindness to others he befriended Elhpias Doge on his first day at school even though Doge had recently caught Dragon Pox so while others stayed well clear, Albus reached out in the kind manner of his that we all know and love!

As you would imagine, Dumbledore took Hogwarts by storm it became apparent very early on in his life just how his expertise in magic shone. He made it as a prefect and head boy and it was a solid assumption the Albus was the greatest student to have ever stepped foot inside Hogwarts school for witchcraft and wizardry.

There were some teachers and examiners that would readily admit that Albus could do things with wands that they had never seen before. Albus was to a certain degree a self-taught wizard but obviously, the excellent education he received at Hogwarts enabled him to excel to the next level of mastery.

Do you have an interest in magic, spells and the unknown just like Dumbledore did?

So There You Have It!

As I draw this article to close, I hope it has given you a real taste of some of the best Harry Potter facts I could lay my hands on!

As I always say, there is simply so much to discover about Harry Potter and the magical world that surrounds the movies.

To read more about myself please visit the about page for my story and I hope to see you again here soon!

I really do like hearing from you guys so please leave a comment below. If there are some further facts you’d like listed, then please do let me know!

Many thanks for your time!




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