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Sirius Black Personality Type - Sirius And Remus

You will find within this article that I will document facts and my personal thoughts and feelings towards Sirius with the hope it will prompt you to think about how you feel about Sirius and his relationships with other characters from the world of Harry Potter.

I do this as there is so much to explore about the characters off-screen, that is worth discussing their entirety and in doing so we keep the magic alive for many more generations of Harry Potter fans!

The world of Harry Potter is so vast and the characters alone make a huge an interesting part of the saga itself, I think this is why the franchise is on the most successful of all time!

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Sirius Black is such a great character in the Harry Potter movie saga and I think that Gary Oldman really gave depth to Sirius and carried the character off perfectly?

What are your thoughts here? Again, would love to hear them.

Background Info

Orion and Walburga Black had two sons, Sirius and Regulus.

The Black household was a ‘pure blood’ family and they held strong beliefs (like many other purebloods) that magic and the education of magic should be reserved for only pureblood families.

The Black household held this belief so strongly that they would even refuse to be seen with or interact with ‘muggles’ completely and in their view, anyone without magical ability were ‘lesser’ people than themselves.

Their twisted blood purity outlook on life was so guarded that this would even cause many of the family to marry their own cousins to keep this pureblood tradition within the Black family alive.

Sirius Black Personality Type - Sirius and Harry 3

Sirius however, disagreed with this prejudice belief and believed anyone with magical ability should have the choice to study magic regardless of whether both parents were from magical backgrounds or not.

Sirius also didn’t want to get involved with the practice of the dark magical arts, something of which his parents were highly motivated in pursuing.

Sirius, when he attended Hogwarts, the finest school for witchcraft and wizardry in the world was sorted in the house of Gryffindor which again, went against the family tradition as usually, members of the Black family were always sorted into the house oy Slytherin.

To make his alternative outlook on life known and to reinforce his attachment to it, Sirius would paint the walls of his bedroom with pictures of muggle born girls in bikinis, just to annoy his family!

It was Sirius’s blatant defiance of his family’s tradition that caused him to become very distant with his family, Sirius’s non-compliance was unheard of within the family, but Sirius didn’t care, and stop up for what he believed in, even if it would cause outrage of his parents.

You can’t really blame Sirius for his detest at what was going on in his family and I think I would be acting in the same manner as he did.

Marrying cousins, biased views and the practice of dark arts, not the kind of family I’d be very proud of?

Also, worth noting here is that Sirius had two cousins which you’ll be aware of – the evil Bellatrix and Narcissa who would go onto marry Lucius Malfoy!

No wonder Sirius wanted nothing to do with them!

Sirius At Hogwarts

It was quite evident that Sirius didn’t have the best childhood.

From a young age being aware that you don’t believe in what your family preach would be hard for anyone, but given how firmly the Black household felt about blood purity, and by the time he became a teenager, he really did hate his family, even his mother! But worst of all, he could not stand his cousin Bellatrix Black.

As Sirius was a Gryffdor student he would display his allegiance to his house through the design of his bedroom which again, angered his family, especially his Mother who was unable to comprehend why he could find interest in muggles, their technology, their way of thinking and their beautiful women.

Sirius was a muggle fan, and he showed it!

The one thing that Sirius did love was his time at school. I guess this time away from his family gave him the breathing space he really needed, it would also allow Sirius to meet others who shared his own beliefs and passions, which is something he was unable to do with his own family.

Sirius very quickly made lifelong friends with James Potter, Remus Lupin and Peter Pettigrew.

These three formed a real and very close bond and would even call themselves ‘The Marauders’.

The group would find out that one of its members, Remus Lupin was actually a werewolf and would stand by their friend to help him manage school with such a secret.

They showed their support for him entirely, even illegally studying the art of animagi, the ability to change into animals!

They did this so that that could change into animals when Remus became in werewolf and in doing so be able to keep an eye on him and make sure he didn’t get himself into ‘trouble’.

These friends really did have great allegiance to each other.

Although the group were an intelligent bunch and were liked by teachers for their academic ability, they were not the best-behaved students at Hogwarts, not by a long shot.

The marauders were crafty, they had even created a magical map, that was only readable by themselves and this map provided the location of students and teachers within the Hogwarts grounds which allowed them to pretty much go about their business and they would know if a teacher was coming! An ingenious device!

Siris and James Potter were particularly liked by the girls at Hogwarts for their good looks, rebellious endeavours and athletic abilities. The group as a whole were very popular but there did develop a

Feud between Sirius, James and another student that started at Hogwarts in the same year as them, a student called Severus Snape.

Severus was very different to Sirius in that he was poor and wasn’t popular and worst of all, he was in Slytherin.

The combination of these facts made Severus a very easy target for James and Sirius and it got to the point where sadly for Severus he was bullied by the two boys on a regular basis.

The only person who would stick up for Severus would be his only friend in Lily Evans, who would eventually marry James Potter much to the dismay of Severus.

For more information on Severus Snape and Lily Evans, please click – here.

As Sirius got a little older and followed his heart where his beliefs and support where muggles were concerned grew, so did they divide between him and his immediate family.

Things got so bad that when Sirius turned 16 he left his family altogether and were taken in by the Potters.

They went as far as to adopt Sirius as their Son much to the fury of Sirius’ Mother.

The only appropriate action for her to take was in blasting his name from the family tree!

Sirius did manage to provoke sympathy from his Father’s brother Alphard and left Sirius a very substantial inheritance.

It was with the newfound wealth that Sirius was able to support himself and to in time purchase a property that he could call his own!

Least Sirirus had some good fortune at the end of the day!

Sirius Black’s Magical Ability

Minerva McGonagall, as we know, the very well-respected head of Gryffindor house stated that Sirius Black was a very powerful wizard with many talents.

You could say that having Animagus ability from his fifth year at Hogwarts also gave Sirius another clever ability that many of his peers (aside from James Potter, Remus Lupin and Peter Pettigrew) didn’t have.

Animagus is the ability to change into an animal and the animal of choice for Sirius Black was that of a large black dog, which led to the nickname of ‘Padfoot’

Sirius, later in life, would take full advantage of this ingenious method of deception by using to evade capture by law authorities when falsely accused of killing the Potters.


In order to utilise the magical effects of Animagus, a wizard needs to be a very competent potions master to perfectly brew this potion as failure to do so can cause horrific consequences, but Sirius pulled his off without hitch and this grew his confidence where potion making was concerned.


Another key area of magic that Sirius seemed to be excellent with, was charm work even from a very young age, but my favourite and possibly the most well known use of Sirius’s charm work was the creation of the ‘Marauders’ Map’ which if you remember from the movies gave its owner the ability to see the location of anyone in Hogwarts ground, but would insult anyone else who tried the reap the map but were not allowed too, so COOL!

The map is yet another example of just how clever, crafty, and innovative Sirius Black’s magical abilities were, truly unorthodox in my opinion?

Would love to hear your thoughts on the Marauder’s Map? Please be sure to leave a comment at the end of the article around this!

I would like to touch on Sirius’s willpower which is something which is sometimes overlooked.

We need to remember that Sirius was held in Azkaban for twelve years for a crime that he didn’t commit! It was only his complete focus om his innocence and his eventual escape that would allow his mind the strength to endure the hard time and constant depressive effects of the dementors at the prison.

Further evidence of Sirius’ mental strength is in knowing that the majority of long-term inmates at Azkaban were documented as becoming insane or suicidal, or both, so for Sirius to stay mentally healthy for twelve years really is a testament to the kind of character and resilient personality he was.

He was determined to avenge the betrayal of his once good friend, Peter Pettigrew and also protect Harry at the same time as he knew Pettigrew would go after him at the Dark Lord’s request and again, it was this determination which only added to his bravery and endurance, whilst be incarcerated at Azkaban! WOW, Sirius Black is a WARRIOR!

Sirius And Harry’s Relationship

Sirius Black Personality Type - Sirius and Harry 1

Sirius was Harry’s godfather. Harry’s Dad, James, which you can read a little more about – here was James’ best friend during their time at Hogwarts.

Sirius was like an older brother to Harry, like the real family that he never had, and Harry found it very easy to confide in him.

Molly Weasley thought that Sirius treated Harry more like James and would sometimes forget that Harry was so young.

The problem was that although Sirius did do this, it was his idea that Harry was very mature for his age and was more than capable of hearing the sometimes harsh truth about events, rather than to sugarcoat matters, to make them more bearable.

This is another area, that again, I would love to hear your thoughts on, was Molly right to have concerns over Sirius’s methods of looking after Harry? Or do you think that Harry is more than capable of hearing the reality of the way things were? Comment below folks!

Harry was so close to Sirius and loved him dearly, and his death at the hands of Bellatrix Lestrange (Sirius’ cousin) was very hard for Harry to cope with.

It was a massive blow to Harry as it was the last person, he considered his real family, but he did manage to overcome his grief as he knew Sirius would want him to move on with his life as quickly as he could.

I think Harry naming his first Son ‘James Sirius’ was a lovely lasting gesture towards not only his Dad, but to Sirius, as Sirius really did have a profound impact on Harry’s life, even though it was only for a relatively short period of time.

Sirius Black Personality Type – Conclusion

Given the differences Sirius has with his wealthy family from a very young age and the torment of being prisoned for twelve years for a crime he didn’t commit.

Sirius Black Personality Type - Sirius and Harry 2

Sirius as a person with excellent morals and values didn’t turn out so bad at all, it could have been a lot worse and he could’ve quite easily have turned to the darker side of magic, or been tempted to.

But he stayed loyal to his beliefs in blood equality and remained an excellent protector and confident to his godson Harry Potter. There a many young wizards just like Harry and Co. who would do well in looking up to great wizards such as Sirius Black!

I do hope that the information given today went some way in satisfying your need for raw Sirius Black knowledge!

I really do love chatting about all aspects of Harry Potter and I hope you will join us again soon for our next Potter instalment!

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