Ron Weasley Character Traits!

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You may have just stumbled across the most down to earth, ‘bloody brilliant’ Ron Weasley Character traits information found in the muggle world!

Thank you for taking the time today to read my latest article all about the legend that is Ronald Weasley!

What I’d like to do is provide you with what I’ve found to be the best info to really get inside the feelings and emotions of everybody’s favourite Weasley! (Well, certainly mine)

What you often find online when looking at character information blogs is that they can sometimes be a little dry, informative yes, but sometimes a little boring so I hope I can give you some classic Ron info while giving you my thoughts and insights too, that way I feel you will be able to make your own assumptions about Ron based on some alternative views and opinions.

So without further ado, let’s get into it!

Ron Weasley – Let’s Discover

Ronald Bilius Weasley was a ‘pure-blood’ wizard born in March (like me) in 1980 and was number 6 of 7 Weasley children, yep, seven! I bet that’s hard work!

Ron, along with the rest of the Weasleys grew up in Devon – what a beautiful part of the world Devon and I wonder how the Weasley’s prefer to eat their Devonshire scones? Cream or jam first! How do you eat yours?

The Weasley’s (although this doesn’t bother them) are one of the few remaining ‘pure-blood’ families left in the magic world and although they are not financially free, this isn’t the be and end-all of life for them as they understand that family values are much more important than money alone.

They are nice, polite, down to earth and nothing like the wealthy and snobbish Malfoy family (thank goodness) and you can clearly see from the movies how much of a close-knit family they are, something the likes of Harry Potter can only dream of, unfortunately.

As long as they have each other, then that is all the Weasley’s really needed!

Ron – The Butt Of All Jokes!


Ever wondered where Ron got his fear of spiders from?

Well, his twin brothers Fred and George were actually responsible for this!

Ron was often the victim to their regular pranks from a very young age and it was when the twins ‘changed’ Ron’s teddy bear into a spider which actually sparked his life-long fear!

Poor Ron was also at the raw end of an ‘acid-pop prank’, causing a hole to be burned through his tongue! Ouch!

Ron’s First Meet With Harry & Hermione

Ron first met Harry on the train to Hogwarts school for witchcraft and wizardry when sharing a carriage on the journey to the infamous castle, whilst sharing wizarding snacks and gossiping about the big adventure to Hogwarts!

You could say that Ron and Harry’s friendship was solidified from day one, but Ron took particularly distaste to Hermione from the word go, perhaps he was somewhat intimidated by her intelligence early on.

Hermione after witnessing Ron’s failed attempt at a spell showed sheer delight in showing off her talent at repairing Harry’s glasses for him! Well to be fair, Hermione was a bit of a know it all, even on day one!

For some excellent alternative thoughts on the one and only Hermione Granger, please click – here.

Although some may see Ron as the class clown and look down on him just because of his hand me down uniform and school stationery, there is a lot more to Ron than meets the eye. Interested? Keep reading Potter fans!

When Being Frightened Helps To Be Brave

Ron Weasley Character Traits - Brave Ron

For me personally, I do find that Ron is sometimes too hard on himself, he seems to lack that ‘self-belief’ or confidence if you like, that the rest of his siblings seem to possess?

I am unsure why this is as when Ron does need to take action or ‘step up’ he is able to be very brave and courageous, like his friends, Harry and even the ‘perfect’ Hermione Granger!

Ron for me is the type of individual that really doesn’t t thrive until finding themselves being placed under immense pressure, as until then, he sometimes finds completing wizardry tasks very hard, in the first instance.

Granted Ron does an excellent job of convincing us, the audience, that he is a scaredy-cat, but as the story evolves, Ron does in fact become a pivotal and very important WARRIOR in the fight against the darker side of the magical world.

For instance, if we look at the way he literally put his life on the line in the ‘giant’ wizard chess battle in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone we already see a side to Ron that most didn’t think even existed, he put his friends and the mission first and thought of himself after, although he managed to survive that encounter, at that point, he totally sacrificed himself if it would allow Harry and Hermione to seek the answers they so desperately desired!

This a trait that many others, take Draco Malfoy for example, do not harbour at all!

Well, we all know that Draco is nothing more than a coward!

Magical Ability – Not The Fastest Learner!

Ron Weasley Character Traits - Magic

Ron didn’t have the luxury of purchasing a brand new wand from the infamous ‘Ollivander’s’ shop in London like many of his friends.

Ron was actually passed down his brother Charlie’s wand. It was a little chipped in places and made from ash and it’s ‘core’, a unicorn hair, that was pocking out from the tip of the wand in true Weasley fashion!

As wands are ‘paired’ with the wizard and not the other way around, perhaps this is why Ron’s spells can sometimes ‘go haywire’!

It got worse after Ron’s wand broke in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. The wand was held together with sellotape and this caused Ron’s spells to completely backfire and project objects from the wrong end and even cause Ron to vomit Slugs at one point when he was attempting to stand up to Draco Malfoy after he insulted Hermione Granger for having non-magical parents!

At least Ron’s heart was in the right place, bless him!

In Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Ron ends up losing his first wand and manages to get his hands on the wand of the vile Peter Pettigrew, of all people!  But we do see that after this happens, Ron begins to show real talent in his magical skills and seems to become much braver than ever before!?

Why is this?

I wonder if this new pairing with this wand was what he needed?

What are your thoughts here, I would love to hear them? Please be sure to leave a comment at the end of the article!

If you are interested in learning more about wands from Harry Potter, click – here.

Ron’s Moodiness!

Ron Weasley Character Traits - Grumpy Ron

Ron can be quite a grumpy soul at times, but the thing is, he tends to express how it truly feels which is something many people in the muggle are sometimes not capable of, at least being honest and getting everything out in the open paves a way forward to move on, make amends and carry on with life, so again, although getting a bad rep for his grumpiness, it could be actually classed as one of Ronald Weasley’s many personality assets!

Ron and Harry do have a big dispute at one point in the latter half of the story, but they are under so much pressure to locate the hidden ‘Horcruxes’ that both Ron and Harry’s attitudes take a turn for the worse after wearing the locket Horcrux around their necks for hours on end.

It’s like the dark lords cruel and vile nature is rubbed off on whoever wears or holds a Horcrux for too long? CREEPY to say the least!

To be fair to the best friends, they do sort the differences out and out the past behind them, after all, they had business to attend, the possibility of finding a legitimate method to destroy lord Voldemort is much more important than silly squabbles that got in the way!

Ron’s Loyalties and Friendships

I think Ron would be an excellent friend to have while studying at Hogwarts! In fact, all of the Weasley household have great optimistic personalities and they just seem to ooze loyalty! Again, it’s that family ethic that is so fundamental to them.

This wasn’t the case initially in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, where Ron and Hermione Grangers relationship was concerned as Ron made his irritation with Hermione quite public, but in fairness to Ron, I think I would be quite taken back with Hermione’s intelligence too, particularly if I didn’t have that same confidence and self-esteem that Hermione seems to be able to roll out with such ease!

The opposite can be said for Ron and Harry though. They just seemed to connect from the word go and their friendship you can just tell is going to ultimately stand the test of time.

It isn’t long though until the three characters do become excellent friends and Hermione discovers she can be trusted after taking the rap for the giant troll episode in the toilets that nearly cost Hermione her life!

The three friends, which are sometimes referred to as the ‘Golden Trio’ have gone through huge ordeals together so this, in my view, is a fundamental reason why their passion to stay together will, I think, last forever!

It’s A Hard Life For Ron Weasley!

Ron Weasley Character Traits - Ron 6 (1)

An area of Ron’s life that was very much troubling for him would be in his sixth year at Hogwarts school for witchcraft and wizardry.

He had a lot going on and with a mix of family and friendship issues, it was a very tough time for him. Although Harry was his best mate, you can’t help feeling sorry for Ron as it must have been so hard to try and keep up with ‘Harry’s excellence’.

Harry had been made captain of the Gryffindor quidditch team, while Ron was nervous about even trying out for the team.

 His jealousy was made somewhat worse when both Harry and Hermione were invited to Slughorn’s ‘Slug Club’ dinner.

We can tell that Ron was waiting for his invite but was somewhat ignored by Slughorn and even when Slughorn did refer to Ron, he usually got his name wrong anyway! All these frustrations were quite clearly getting to Ron and it is completely understandable from an audience perspective why.

We also notice at this point in the saga when Ron I guess is becoming increasingly paranoid over the ever-growing friendship between Harry and Hermione, but I really don’t think (in my humble opinion) that Ron has anything to worry about here.

Harry and Hermione most definitely have a connection that is perfectly obvious but is also platonic in every way and I don’t feel any kind romance was on the horizon (although sometimes I kind of wish there was!)

On top of this, Ron also is more than worried about his sister, Ginny, who is now taking a keen interest in romance herself in the form of ‘snogging boys’ and Ron really isn’t comfortable with her growing up so fast.

Many things happening at once for Ron towards the end of the storyline and it’s no wonder he feels like he has the weight of the magical world on his shoulders!

I wonder how you feel about this aspect of Ron’s life and personality? 

I would love to hear your thoughts, so please do leave a comment below if you have time, would really love to hear from you!

Although from the movies, we see that Ron is very jealous of the famous Harry Potter, there is a part of Ron’s life that in fact, Harry longed for, and that is a loving family.

To make up for the fact that the Weasley’s were not as finically successful as other wizarding families, Ron’s Mother would make Ron three yummy meals a day, which again is a display of the love and togetherness that the Weasleys have for each other.

As Ron got older, these three meals were such a big part of his life, if he missed one, he’d get very frustrated! There’s nothing quite like your Mum’s home cooking!

Can you imagine Ron’s excitement though when the Weasley’s won the ‘Daily Prophet Grand Prize Galleon Draw’!

Good things do happen to good people and the family used the money to make the journey to Egypt to visit Bill  Weasley, Ron’s oldest brother!

Couldn’t have happened to a nicer family!

Fighting talk from Ron!

Ron Weasley Character Traits - Ron 5 (1)

I hope you may be in some way now starting to understanding that there is in fact another side to Ron that most seldom realise.

In the latter side of the movies we see a shift in Ron’s strength, so much so, at times, he even takes on the role of a leader where the ‘golden trio’ are concerned.

As we already explored, Ron’s courageous attitude with the giant wizard’s chess battle, he can most definitely fight for good and this was in his first year at Hogwarts at aged just eleven!

Furthermore, Ron was at the forefront of ‘Dumbledore’s Army’ in partnership with Harry and Hermione.

Not only this but when Harry was suffering with what you could only describe as some sort of ‘depressive state when searching for the Horcruxes that was the only means of killing Voldemort, he pretty much took on the role of guiding harry in this massive search and willing the team on, so it is abundantly clear that when the going gets tough, you can count on Ron to find strength and persevere whilst ensuring his friends believe in the own abilities!

Ron is one of those characters in the movie that can surprise you at a moment’s notice and seems to crave the spotlight which, if we look at Harry who is very famous but is quite humble and doesn’t want all the attention, Ron, on the other hand, would love to be in Harry’s shoes for a day to experience being ‘the chosen one’.

As I have highlighted, Ron has had it tough, but maybe this has been the driving force that, as we see in his development throughout Harry Potter, provided him a desire to better himself and step away from always being coined as the ‘immature’ Weasley to a person of courage, wisdom and immense magical fighting ability!

Well done Ron!

In Closing – Thank you!

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