Professor Snape And Lily Potter – What REALLY Happened?

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Hello and welcome Harry Potter fans! I read recently that Professor SNAPE has been voted the best character in the Harry Potter franchise more than once!

Are you surprised by this?

But ‘he is scary and creepy’ you say! ‘He killed Professor Dumbledore!’ He is Evil, He’s a Death Eater!

These are all very true statements but there is much more to Snape than meets the eye, particularly where Lily Potter is concerned.

Professor Snape and Lily Potter have history and if you are new to Harry Potter or would just like an alternative and RAW explanation to the backstory, STAY TUNED!

Furthermore, I hope your reading of the information provided will trigger some new thoughts from you around how you feel about Severus? Was he really that bad?

Either way, PLEASE leave comments at the bottom of the article as I very much enjoy engaging with readers around all things Harry Potter! So, let us now get into this!

To get a real insight into Snape and Lily’s relationship we first need to explore their backgrounds, how they met and what happened as they navigated their education at Hogwarts.

Once you have a good idea of these variables, you’ll then be able to decide for yourself their true intentions and heartfelt love, if any, they had for each other!

Severus And Lily – Friends From The Beginning!

Professor Snape And Lily Potter - Lily And Snape 2

They say you only have enough ‘true’ friends to count on one hand and I feel that respectively, Severus and Lily would’ve counted each other as one of their five closest throughout their entire lives!

Severus was born into a poverty-stricken family in a failed industrial town in the Midlands, England, called Spinners End, in Cokeworth.

He suffered much neglect at the hands of his parents, his father, Tobias Snape, having a temper and sometimes thought to be violent behind closed doors, perhaps wasn’t the best role model for Severus and this could be where Severus’ ‘disliking’ towards muggles or, ‘non-magical’ people first reared its head.

Eileen Prince, Snape’s mother was a half-blood witch that spent most of her time arguing with Tobias and again, it was these actions of the parents that just furthered Severus’s desire to want to leave the muggle world behind and escape to Hogwarts!

You cannot really blame the young wizard for feeling early resentment towards his parents, he would often be dressed in dirty clothes that didn’t fit and he appeared as though he hadn’t washed for weeks!

So much of our childhood reflects our actions as adults and Severus Snape was no different, the lack of caring adults or friends in his upbringing is what shaped Severus into the cold and unapproachable soul that he appeared to be.

I have emphasised the word ‘appeared’ here as although we always see this stern demeanour to Severus, is that really all that Severus is made of? Keep reading to FIND OUT!

Lily Evans – Early Days

Lily Evans was born in 1960 and her family, like Severus’ also lived in Cokeworth although Lily’s family lived in a more respected area, unlike Spinners End which we have already discovered, is where Snape hailed from.

Lily had an older sister called Petunia which she became close to growing up.

Lily had very much a ‘normal’ childhood prior to Hogwarts and it is highly probable that she would have noticed her unusual abilities from a very early age.

Given how talented she was she would have kept her secret skills to herself and didn’t understand what they were, or why she was ‘different’

The relationship she had with her sister Petunia, was a good one until it was found that Petunia didn’t share the ‘gift’ that Lily had been blessed with.

This couldn’t have been easy, and I wonder just her hideous Petunia was at a young age?

The audience notes in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone just her nasty she can be from the treatment of Harry Potter, not to mention the huge lie she and her husband told Harry about the events that attributed to his parent’s death!

Severus and Lily’s Friendship as Children

Professor Snape And Lily Potter - Lily And Snape 1

Severus and Lily met after playing at the local park. Severus had been watching Lily for a period of time before they initially met, and he noticed that she was blessed with the gift of magic!

It was Severus who plucked up the courage to talk to her and they became friends straight away, even with Severus looking different and quite obviously coming from a poor family, but this didn’t faze Lily which is very much a trait her son Harry would follow with, not judging books by their cover!

Once he became confident enough in Lily’s company, Severus was delighted in informing Lily that her difference to the other kids meant that she was a witch!

He then told her that there is nothing wrong with her being a witch and also that he was in fact, a wizard!

The two new friends now had something in common that they could share and I guess it was this commonality from such a young age that cemented their friendship, although it was very clear that Severus, even from that young age, was falling in LOVE with the charming young, Lily Evans!

Severus would go on to further impress Lily with his knowledge about the best school ‘in the world’ for witchcraft and wizardry as well as his already extensive knowledge of magic itself, he was a clever cookie was Severus Snape!

Severus and Lily at Hogwarts

Professor Snape And Lily Potter - Lily And Snape 3

When the pair finally had reached the time when they were due to start at Hogwarts, you can imagine how excited there were!

Lily was now at the point of being tormented by her sister Petunia and would be known as a ‘freak for attending Hogwarts, the relationship they shared when they were younger had gone sour, much to Lily’s disappointment.

Instead of growing the loving relationship they had, Petunia had become bitter at her sister’s pending enrollment at Hogwarts and would pick on her and call her names at the slightest mention of the word ‘magic’.

This attitude was found to be nothing more than pure jealousy though, as some time before the start of the school term, Lily and Severus had discovered a ‘letter of reply’ from the headmaster of Hogwarts himself, Albus Dumbledore.

Dumbledore was politely ‘declining’ Petunia a place at the school as Petunia had written to Dumbledore directly asking if she could join Lily at the famous school for witchcraft and wizardry!

Would you BELIEVE!

The Friends And Enemies Made From Day One!

The big day arrives! Severus and Lily are both sat on the Hogwarts Express unable to contain their excitement! What could possibly go wrong!

Enter, James Potter!

I think this is where my allegiance or ‘support’, if you like for Severus really, begins as in my opinion, Severus’ first encounter with James Potter on that very first day at Hogwarts is what sealed the rivalry between the two wizards, FOR LIFE!

Let’s not forget, even at this tender age of eleven, Severus had found his only friend in the whole world, as what’s more, he’d fallen desperately in love with Lily.

From her striking green eyes to her beautiful personality, Severus was held over heels for young lily.

All he wanted, in my view, was to be left alone, to continue his friendship with Lily and maybe secure a future with her (once she’d seen how much a great wizard he was going to become!)

What are YOUR thoughts here? Maybe I am well off!? Please let me know your opinions! I’d LOVE to hear them!

Anyway, back to Severus’ and James Potter!

I think what makes their initial disagreement even more ridiculous is that is it was all about which house at Hogwarts ‘was the best’!

Yes, they are children, I understand that. and kids fight but had this not happened, everything could have been so different!

Severus was of opinion that Slytherin was the best house at Hogwarts and was reserved for only the most intelligent of students, whereas James and Sirius who had now also joined the debate, bitterly disagreed!

The rift between Severus, James and Sirius grew as Severus was sorted into Slytherin but Lily ended up in Gryffindor house along with James and Sirius and this would have already frustrated Severus on day one!

The Snape And Potter War!

Even in his first year at Hogwarts, Severus was already at the intermediate level of many forms of magic, some very advanced in fact and I do wonder if jealousy from James Potter was the real cause of the war between them.

Lily would remain friends with Snape through everything and would even defend him without a second thought!

Although Severus was very clever in class, he didn’t have any friends and found It hard to make them.

To be fair, this wasn’t all entirely his fault due to the neglect at home he didn’t have fresh clothes and wasn’t taught how to properly look after himself hygienically so it’s no wonder why he would be an easy target for school bullying.

James Potter – Not What You Might Think

James Potter, on the other hand, had it all.

His parents were very wealthy, and this made James popular and he knew it. He had charisma, charm and was a pureblood, he had everything going for him.

I personally do not understand why James, with everything he had, the wealth, the natural ability to be ‘cool’ the athleticism, felt the need to become a bully?

He was a bully and even his biggest supporters cannot deny this fact, and his target was Severus Snape.

As we have already discussed, whether Snape being the focus of James’ bullying was because of the dispute that started on the Hogwarts Express or whether it was purely because he was friends with Lily, it still doesn’t justify what James did to Severus.

For me, I think it was probably a bit of both, but one thing I do believe is that it was this bullying that led Snape to become a bully as a teacher later in life.

The tormenting would grow through the years at Hogwarts as did James’ friendship with Sirius Black, Remus Lupin and Peter Pettigrew who now referred to themselves as ‘The Marauders’.

Humiliating Snape

Professor Snape And Lily Potter - Lily And James

The group of friends were sitting by the lake one day and spotted Severus walking by and this is where the ultimate humiliation would begin and Severus’s quest to convince Lily that he was ‘the one’ she should be with, ends!

‘Expelliarmus’ was the first spell to disarm Snape, followed by an impediment jinx to floor him, James’s ego growing by the second as the crowd gathered to witness the performance.

In a desperate bid to retaliate, Snape began to chant curses at James but was overshadowed by a ‘scourgify’ spell from James which filled Snape’s mouth pink soap bubbles!

Now unable to speak Severus can do nothing but await his fate.

To Snape’s horror, who should now be approaching at the peak of his pure embarrassment?

Yes, you guessed it, Lily Evans, his only real love, the only thing he really cares unconditionally for.

While Lily told James to leave him alone, Snape managed to grab his wand and throw a ‘sectumsempra’ at James, right in the face, cutting him badly, but James then pulls off a non-verbal levitating spell that turned Snape upside down and revealed his underwear for all to see!

Lily again stepped into Severus’s defence, but in doing so the now humiliated Severus would make this biggest mistake of his life and in a slip of the tongue called Lily a ‘Mudblood’ and this moment would be the beginning of the end for Severus’s and Lily’s friendship!

Severus couldn’t believe what he’d said, he really didn’t mean it and it was one of those moments that you instantly regret, once he’d later composed himself, he would try and apologise to Lily many times but she was so hurt by the threw away remark, she couldn’t find it in herself to forgive Snape.

Lily’s forgiveness could have been earned by Severus though and the final straw came when Lily asked him if he was still looking to become a death eater and when Snape couldn’t deny it, all ties with her childhood friend would be cut!

Professor Snape And Lily Potter – In Conclusion

Professor Snape And Lily Potter - Snape1

I think the topic of professor Snape and Lily Potter is something I could speak about for hours but I have to wrap the article up at some point, but as we draw it to a close I’d like to know what your thoughts are based on what we’ve discussed today?

What is clear from the Harry Potter movies is that Snape was far from the nicest teacher at the school in terms of friendliness, in fact, he was the worst.

But he really didn’t end up as he did through choice. Just by looking at the facts as we have done throughout the article, time and time again, Severus had been luck and made bad decisions.

I think in the end he maybe just gave up hope that the one good thing in his life (Lily) just was never destined to be part of his life forever anyway.

Yes, the mud blood comment was a terrible thing, but we cannot forget the humiliation he was regularly facing at the hands of James Potter and company, it’s no wonder that he snapped, he is only human after all.

Maybe Snape felt so cheated by the world that looking for another way out in practising the dark arts and pledging allegiance to the dark lord, again not the best choices he could have made but I somehow just feel sorry for Snape and the situation he found himself in during his time at Hogwarts.

Lily, in her defence probably did want to make amends, but who in the right mind would want to get involved with a death eater?

Can’t really blame her I guess for ending the ‘friendship’ with Snape after him getting involved with undesirables and still showing dedication to Voldemort philosophies.

There is evidence to suggest also that Lily wasn’t swept off her feet by James Potter in the first instance.

His somewhat boastful arrogance wouldn’t have been a massive appeal to a humble witch-like Lily Evans. I think it was only as James matured into an adult mindset that Lily would really take a genuine interest in him, what are your thoughts here?

I hope that I have given enough information on Snape that isn’t readily available via the movies that will give you another perspective to the professor Snape and Lily Potter relationship?

I’d like to thank you for taking the time out to read this article today, as always I would love to hear your feedback so if you do have time, please leave a comment below and I’ll do my best to reply as soon as I possibly can.

Google is always around for further information but I really do like to hear from readers, so do keep in touch!

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