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Newt Scamander Action Figure – OVERLOAD!

How cool is Newt Scamander! How COOL is this NEW ACTION FIGURE?

I am SO excited today to bring you a simply AMAZING Newt Scamander 1:8 scale collectible action figure for review!


Click For PriceEarth Entertainment10/10

It is so rare that I give a 10/10 score but there is something about this particular figure that just puts it in a class of its own!

Are you in the market for a gift for a FANTASTIC BEASTS fan? Are YOU the fan yourself and want to add to your existing collection?

If you answer YES then stay tuned for an in-depth review of this quality piece of cinematic mastery!

You are going to LOVE this creation!

Fantastic Beasts 2 Newt Scamander 1:8 Scale Action Figure

Newt Scamander Background Info

If you have seen the movie Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them you’ll know that what started out as a completely innocent trip for Newt Scamander in 1926, (who was a young ‘Magizoologist’ and ex-member of Hufflepuff house at the famous Hogwarts school for witchcraft and wizardry), turned into a full-blown magical adventure for our humble wizard from London

Newt made the trip across the pond to release his Thunderbird Frank in Arizona.

Things didn’t go quite according to plan and some of Newt’s magic was witnessed by a muggle or ‘no maj’ called Jacob Kowalski.

Newt was just about to rectify the ‘problem’ by using an obliviate spell to erase Jacob’s memory of the incident, but much to his surprise, Jacob, who by now thinks that Newt is somewhat crazy guy distracts him and is able to escape also picking up Newt’s magical suitcase by mistake instead of his own!

Oh no!

This marks the beginning of our adventure with Newt and what no doubt brings many of you to this review today, to capture Newt’s uniqueness in the form a collectible action figure!

What followed the release of the first movie was Fantastic Beasts 2 and the Crimes of Grindelwald and this is another AMAZING instalment into Newt’s life and our collectible statue that we are reviewing today is designed around Newt in the second movie.

This time, Newt teams up with the great Albus Dumbledore to try and rid the world of the threat that Gellert Grindewald poses to all of mankind!

The wizarding world at this point in the story is very much divided and we see Newt in action once again with his muggle friend Jacob Kowalski as well as Queenie and Tina Goldstein!

The above was just a brief insight into Newt Scamander. He really is quite an intriguing addition to the wizarding world of Harry Potter and the designers of this collectible seem to have captured Newt’s loveable factor in this figure.

I hope that was helpful if you have ZERO ideas who Newt is if you are buying the product as a gift for someone.

With that said, let’s now dive in the review itself!


This 1:8 scale figure is quite extraordinary in just how accurate the likeness to Newt is.

You will simply, LOVE the detail that has gone into this bad boy!

I am sure the actor Eddie Redmayne must be quite humbled by this product, as the end result is AMAZING!

From Newt’s period outfit to the accessories and everything in between, this figure is a serious addiction to your Fantastic Beasts collection, or your children’s!

When looking at this piece you will notice the precision and detail in every minor part of this figure, Newt’s hair, his shirt and tie all have exceptional detail and I think you’ll agree that Newt’s accessories are the coolest around!

The best part of Newt’s attire for me is that classic long overcoat, it really does bring Newt to life and includes vast detailing throughout.

Newt also comes complete with that ‘magical’ suitcase, wand, bow truckle, book, and the baby piffler is the cutest!

You are going to LOVE this figure and it is worthy of being displayed both on its own or a part of a wider Fantastic Beasts or Harry Potter collection!

The designers of this figure have gone to all lengths, in my opinion, to ensure you are going to be BLOWN AWAY with accuracy, I think my favourite accessory has to be the suitcase of course!

Newt’s suitcase has that vintage 1920s look and feel to it that we see from the movies and again is incredibly accurate!

I wonder what accessory YOU will enjoy displaying the most?

Please leave a comment below on your FAVOURITE included accessory?

I think the other inclusion that you’ll love upon opening your delivery of this figure would be the little bow truckle, which is, of course, one of Newt’s closest allies!

The detail they have managed to squeeze into this little fella is quite remarkable, you’ll be very happy with the amount of effort that has gone into this figure and everything that is included as part of the package!

I really do love this piece and I’m sure you will also. Let’s have a look at the good and bad if you are wondering whether you’d like to purchase!


The exceptional detail in every part of this figure makes it easily one of the very best around. It is a stand out collectible.

The addition of the accessories and movable poses are perfect for display purposes, you’ll have endless display options at your disposal!

Build quality of the highest standard

Incredibly realistic replica figure

Free shipping in the US!


Could be considered pricey

Small parts hazard if buying for a child


If you are serious about your Fantastic Beasts collectibles then you really must pick up on these figures.

I am not sure if I’d really suggest purchasing as a gift if you are on a budget unless of course, the recipient is an avid Beasts fan then the cost would be justified, although it isn’t mega expensive, again, check your budget for this one!

The inclusions of what you get with this Newt are amazing, not only do you get Newt’s famous ‘muggle-proof’ suitcase but another five accessories for good measure!

This is hot off the press and one of the best collectible figures that I have stumbled across in a while but in my view, it’s worth every penny and would simply ROCK any collector’s room, period!

I very rarely give 10 out of 10 scores, but I do feel this Newt figure is well worthy of the perfect score.

I’d like to thank you for taking the time out to read this Newt Scamander action figure review today, as always I would love to hear your feedback so if you do have time, please leave a comment below and I’ll do my best to reply as soon as I possibly can.

Google is always around for further information but I really do like to hear from readers, so do keep in touch and please feel free to use the website as a regular resource page! Keep us going movie fans!

To find out more about me or to contact me directly, please use the ‘about’ page and again, I’ll get back to you as soon as.

Many thanks,


Newt Scamander Action Figure







  • Exceptional Detail
  • Cool Accessories Included
  • Perfect Display Item


  • Fairly Expensive
  • Small Parts Hazard

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