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Hermione’s time turner necklace must be one of the most requested Christmas presents by millions of young wannabe ‘Hermione Granger witches’ around the globe every single year!

My daughter desperately wanted one!

Hermiomne's TIme Turner Necklace - Feature (1)

If your daughter has asked you for the magic necklace as gift then you might want to have a read of our review as we have found a great little product that will keep your budding Hermione Granger happy (and it won’t break the bank!)

Within this review we’ll also provide you with some background information on Hermione’s time turner at the end, so you know what it is if you have ZERO clue what a time turner actually is.

We’ll also include some pros and cons to help you decide if you’re still unsure!

We hope you’ll find this review useful, so without further delay, let’s dive in!


Hermione’s Time Turner Necklace - FeatureClick Here For PriceCinereplicas6/10


If you have read some of my other reviews about ‘Cinereplicas’ products, you’ll by now know that I am a big fan of their work. 

So why am I a big ‘Cinereplicas’ fan? Why is this, I hear you ask? 

It’s mainly because of the quality of the Harry Potter replicas they produce, which are some of the best in the game in my opinion.  

Their Harry Potter Brooms for example are exceptional!

They give 100% in the creation of their products and the quality speaks for itself.

They also have the ‘official’ license from Warner Bros themselves! 

What does this mean? 

This means that they have access to the Warner Bros design archives to create their replicas to ‘screen accurate’ level, so you really do get a genuine and authentic replica. 

These guys are AWESOME!

So, looking at this time tuner, the first thing you will notice is the striking gold colour of the necklace and time turner itself.

OK this isn’t 24k gold here, but if you are buying this for your young daughter for example, this can still be a ‘forever’ keepsake for them, gold or not and to be honest, you’ll never notice any difference to the real thing, as you really don’t get that brassy vibe at all with this replica, it doesn’t look cheap!

The recipient will be more taken with the level of detail that has been included in this turner and as you turn the hourglass the sand will fall signifying the travel through time!

Furthermore, you will LOVE rotating the beautifully engineered inner rings to reveal the engraved words as seen from the movie Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

 The wording is most beautiful, reading:

‘I mark the hours, every one. Nor have I yet outrun the sun. My use and value unto you, Are gauged by what you have to do’

The necklace itself measures in at 70cm long so it is full length and made from zinc alloy, so this (although not being gold) will last the test of time due to its good and solid nature of construction.

Hermiomne's TIme Turner Necklace - Feature (1)

Maybe you are a Harry Potter collector and if so, this could be displayed proudly in a variety of manners, next to Hermione’s wand and Gryffindor tie for example. 

This turner is an eye catcher and it will easily compliment any Potter display cabinet you choose to house it in.

Any young (or old for that matter) Hermione fan will be grateful for such a thoughtful and unique gift and it comes presented tastefully within its own Harry Potter black pouch and presentation gift box.

Absolutely ADORABLE collectors item!

This is a gift idea with huge sentimental value!

You can grab yours by clicking – HERE!


Excellent value for money

Real working hourglass with dripping golden sand.

Engraved ‘as seen’ in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Includes presentation pouch and box


Not real gold

High quality alternative available turners on the market

Hermione’s Time Turner Necklace – Verdict

This is a perfect costume addition if you are heading maybe to a fancy dress or Harry Potter themed Halloween party, but personally, I feel this is more of a gift for a young Hermione/Harry Potter fan

The way this time turner is beautifully presented in its pouch and box and the unboxing alone will be a moment in time that you and your daughter will cherish forever!

Hermiomne's TIme Turner Necklace - Feature (1)

This is a very accurate and totally affordable option if you are looking for an excellent time turner but do not want to spend a complete fortune on one.

You really will LOVE this highly collectible piece of Harry Potter cinematic history.

Check the current price at Cinereplicas – HERE!

That more or less brings this review to a conclusion but as promised, I’d like now to dive into the Harry Potter world with an explanation of what the time turner is, and how on earth Hermione managed to come by one in the first place!

Many thanks for staying with us, so grab your butter beer and keep reading Potter people!

Hermione’s Time Turner Necklace - 2

Hermione’s time turner necklace – More Info!

What could be a more prominent addition to a witch or wizards’ arsenal over something which could help you beat time travel?

Yes, a wand and a broomstick are fundamental items that wizards cannot do without, but it’s the extra items the separate the good from the great and the ‘time turner’ is a great magic device!

The time turner came in the form of a necklace and had an hourglass in the middle.

The Ministry of magic who were responsible for creating the time altering pieces included a reversal charm that ensured no serious injury could be caused to the time traveler themselves and they could only stay in another time for a maximum of five hours.

After all, messing with time is SERIOUS business!

Each turn of the hourglass would represent one hour of time travel, so if you turned the hourglass three times, you would travel three hours in time! 

Imagine the fun to be had with this gizmo!

How Did Hermione Get A Time Turner?

If you remember the movie Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban you’ll remember that Hermione used a time turner to go back and save the lives of both Sirius Black and Buckbeak, but how did she actually come by the time turner?

Well the answer is because Hermione wanted to study as much as she possibly could to further her knowledge of magic and its practices. 

She was finding that there were simply not enough hours in a day to cater for her very intelligent mind, so what better way to get more hours in your day than to go back in time and get more study done! 

That’s what you call dedication!

She must have been EXHAUSTED!

Who Gave The Time Turner To Hermione?

It was in fact Professor McGonagall who gave the turner to Hermione on the condition that she keep their ‘deal’ to herself, which she did until the end of the year when she needed to use the turner with Ron and Harry.

These time turners were not items that were given out as freely as Christmas crackers mind you. 

Although McGonagall gave the turner to Hermione, special permission had to be sought from the Ministry of Magic directly but given the fact that Hermione had an impeccable academic record at Hogwarts, on this occasion, the Ministry were only happy to oblige and allow Minerva to pass on the turner of time!

I hope this above clears up somewhat exactly what the time turner is and how it was used!

I’d like to thank you for taking the time out to read this Hermione’s time turner necklace review today, as always I would LOVE to hear your feedback so if you do have time, please leave a comment below and I’ll do my best to reply as soon as I possibly can.

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Been an absolute pleasure having you onboard at quality movie collectibles today, stay safe!

Many thanks,


Hermione’s Time Turner Necklace









  • Very Accurate
  • Presentation Box And Pouch
  • Real Dripping Hourglass


  • Not Real Gold

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