Harry Potter’s Life Story – The REAL Facts!

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He is known the world over. He is everyone’s favourite WIZARD! He is, HARRY POTTER!

If you are looking to broaden your knowledge of Harry Potter’s life, then stay tuned, information overload coming YOUR way! Harry Potter’s life story is a fascinating one and I’d like to share my discovery of it with you today.

I will, throughout the entirety of the article, be providing you with information about Harry, his family, his time at Hogwarts and more.

Further to this, I’d like to include my personal thoughts on Harry and his life, I do this with the hope that it will prompt further thoughts and questions from you the reader and I also hope, that in turn you’ll leave some comments at the bottom of the article as I would LOVE to hear what you have to say about Harry and what your personal thoughts are?

Deal………? Great!

Well then with further ado, let us now take a look at an extraordinary character’s life, from one of the most successful franchises of recent times, HARRY POTTER!

Harry’s Parents – Lily And James

Harry Potter's Life Story - Lily & James

One of the things that make the Harry Potter world so appealing to us all is the amazing storyline that J.K Rowling managed to design in conjunction with some adorable characters that we still know and love today!

The story from beginning to end has an incredible depth to and it is this comprehension and growth in an ever-evolving magical world that keeps Potter fans wanting more, year after year!

The above being said I’d like to firstly look at Harry’s parents as their fate had such a significance to events in the Harry Potter story that we cannot afford to ignore them.

Lily Evans – Beautiful In Every Way

Lily Evans, Harry’s mum was a very beautiful and charming lady, who had strikingly beautiful green eyes, something that Severus Snape fell in love with from the moment he first saw her, (for more around Severus Snape’s love for Lily, click – here.)

Lily was a ‘muggle-born’ witch, but she was a very intelligent and gifted witch. You know when a student at Hogwarts has excellent abilities as this is usually noticed very early on by none other than Horace Slughorn, and Lily was no exception.

Lily had a natural flair for potions and her consistent hard work at Hogwarts paid off for her when she was appointed to ‘head girl’ in her seventh year at the school for witchcraft and wizardry.

She was popular with other students, particularly boys, given her natural beauty, good nature and bright mind. She was in many ways, a model student at Hogwarts.

Lily had a sister, Petunia (who would later keep Harry locked under the stairs in Privet Drive, in Surrey, Yes her!) who hated Lily for being a witch in the family and would often refer to her as a ‘freak’. I suspect a huge part of this anger towards Lily was actually jealousy.

I think would be pretty jealous if my sister received an invitation to Hogwarts and I didn’t get one! I wouldn’t hate my sister for it though!

These jealousy suspicions were later confirmed as the now ‘good friends’ Lily and Severus discovered a letter from Petunia addressed to Albus Dumbledore, the headmaster at Hogwarts, asking If she could join her sister Lily and come to Hogwarts!

This request was replied to by Dumbledore himself who politely rejected Petunia’s request!

The jealousy from Petunia would prove very hard to keep quiet as just before Lily was due to start school at Hogwarts, Petunia would again tease her stating that it was good she was going to that school so that ‘normal people’ would be safe from her!

What horrible comments from Petunia!

We can still see this jealously in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s stone when Petunia finally reveals the truth about Harry Parents in that they hadn’t ‘died in a car accident’.

Petunia is one awful;y jealous muggle, no wonder Professor McGonagall had reservations about leaving Harry with the Dursleys when he was orphaned as a baby!

All in all, Lily had much going for her, she was liked by all, clever and had the whole world at her feet. The complete opposite of what we see in her sister, Petunia!

James Potter – Smart Yet Arrogant

Harry’s Dad James had a very interesting background and personality to match. Unlike Lily, he was far from ‘perfect’ and I think even Harry himself had some false assumptions about his Father.

We’ll look at everything in question as the article unfolds.

James was born into a wealthy family, his Dad, Fleamont, an entrepreneur, had found great success with a cosmetic hair potion invention of his called ‘Sleekeazys’ which was an instant bestseller and this was where the Potter’s wealth came from, some of which ended up in Harry’s vault at the magical bank in Diagon Alley, Gringotts’s!

James was born in 1960 and was a ‘pure blood’ wizard. When James started at the famous school for witchcraft and wizardry, ‘Hogwarts’, in 1971, he was very quickly sorted into Gryffindor house.

One thing I find very interesting about James’ first day at Hogwarts is that on route to the castle in Scotland via the Hogwarts Express, James met Lily and Severus Snape (who we know we already friends) but it was how James’ and Severus’ initial meet turned sour very quickly that I find intriguing!

Introductions were brief and the discussion between James and Severus turned into a debate about which house at Hogwarts was ‘the best’ and this ‘chat’ progressed into a bit of a fallout, they had become enemies very quickly.

Their dispute which happened on the FIRST DAY is what I believe was the catalyst that would ensure James and Severus were at war for pretty much their entire education at Hogwarts.

I often wonder had that argument not taken place on the Hogwarts Express, if the two may have ended up friends?

Or even being able to tolerate each other would have been a start!

What are your thoughts on the initial meet between James and Snape? Please do leave a comment below as I would really love to hear your opinions on this!

The Marauders

James very quickly became the best of friends with some other very important characters in the Harry Potter world and these were Sirius Black, Remus Lupin and Peter Pettigrew. They called themselves ‘The Marauders’

It wasn’t until the second year that the remaining three Marauders discovered that Remus Lupin was a werewolf!

Instead of turning their backs on Remus, which many others would have done in those times, they decided to instead (and illegally), study the magic art form of Animagi. Animagi is what enabled a witch or wizard to effectively transform into an animal.

The reason for the group’s Animagi study was so that whenever Remus ‘changed’ the rest of the boys would be able to change alongside him and therefore be able to keep an eye on what he was doing and where he was going as a werewolf. Great comradery from the Marauders!

James was adamant that Remus should be treated just like any other wizard and that is a view Sirius and Peter also shared.

The Marauders were a particularly crafty bunch!

One of their best ‘achievements’ was the creation of the Marauders Map! The Map that, on first inspection appeared just like a blank piece of parchment paper, was very helpful to its user as it would give away the exact location of pupils within the Hogwart’s grounds, very dangerous in the wrong hands was the Marauders Map!

James Potter wasn’t perfect by any means as we’ll now discover.

The wealth he was born into made him boastful, which in turn made him at times, very arrogant indeed. A fact that I am sure Harry would rather forget about his Dad is that he was a bully, quite a regular one too!

Read on…!

Bulling of The Slytherin Enemy – Severus Snape

Harry Potter's Life Story - Voldemort

James, as popular as he was, took a liking to the bullying of Snape due to his different ways, unkempt appearance and possibly due to his friendship with Lily Evans!

This all began after one stupid argument as eleven-year-old boys on the Hogwarts Express! Ridiculous, but this ‘teasing’ of Severus Snape did escalate to a point where James was found to be holding Severus upside down, which exposed Snape’s underwear and utterly humiliated him!

The fact that Snape’s only love in life Lily Evans was present made the whole episode even worse!

Being Severus’ friend, Lily stepped to his defence and tried to help out, but being so embarrassed by Potter, Severus inadvertently called Lily a ‘mud blood’ which was an awful term used against muggle-born witches and wizards.

Lily was absolutely horrified by this, and that comment is what ultimately led to Lily Evans cutting our Snape from her life and becoming ever more involved with James Potter!

The pranks got so bad that Sirius Black falsely sent Snape to the Shrieking Shack, whilst Remus Lupin was ‘changing’ this could potentially have been fatal, but to be fair to James Potter, he risked his own life to save Snape from Lupin as a werewolf.

Snape, having so many of his own issues, hated the thought of being in debt to Potter for his life-saving heroics and even thought Potter’s actions were simply to ensure he didn’t get expelled for his part in the prank?

What do YOU think about James saving Severus from a possible werewolf attack? Please let me know at the bottom of the article!

Within my writing of this article, my intentions are not at all to in some way suggest that James Potter was a bad person at large, it is more in stating that I think his immaturities are relevant to the story and are worth highlighting. After all, you are reading Harry Potter’s life story and his father’s antics were something that made James who he was.

I think I now owe James some credit for the more sensible side to his personality that did develop in James’ later years at Hogwarts.

With regards to the Severus and Potter relationship, although James did bully him, steal his love and hold him upside down, he would never want any real physical harm to come to him and perhaps his intentions were to save Severus’s life instead of just avoiding explosion from Hogwarts?

As James got older, he developed into a much mature and noble student at Hogwarts and for this, he was rewarded with being appointed head boy in his final year at school.

Another fact about James that is admirable was his objection to the notion of ‘blood purity’ and its importance for a place in magical society. James believed all wizards were equal regardless of bloody status, even though he himself was a pure-blood!

Many have said that the brave James Potter was a better person upon leaving Hogwarts and opposed to the one that entered it and this is a statement I wholeheartedly agree with, do YOU?

James Potter’s bravery was very evident in his death as once he had discovered Voldemort had arrived to kill his family, his first instruction was to Lily telling her to take Harry and run, he would then stay and do his best to defend his family from the dark lord, but without his wand nearby he was instantly executed by Voldemort!

The courage James had for his family is a credit to himself, Lily and Harry!

Harry Himself – Just A Boy!

Harry Potter's Life Story - Harry 1

Harry, a young orphan boy mistreated by his guardian aunt and uncle who forced him to live under the stairs! Even this would be an incredible story and we haven’t even added the magical element yet!

J.K. Rowling, in my opinion, worked wonders with the character of Harry. The inclusion of Daniel Radcliffe in the movies, Harry’s personality, his temper, his loyalty, the whole package just worked and I don’t know of any young child that wouldn’t want to step into his shoes, even if just for one day!

Let’s now talk about the star, the one, the only, Mr Harry Potter!

You may remember as the story develops we are intermittently reminded of Harry’s resemblance to both his father, (by his trademark untidy hair) and to his mother by his bright green eyes, we quite often hear ‘you have your mother’s eyes’ also.

Harry sharing his Mum’s green eyes is perhaps a reflection of a mother and son’s loving and caring nature towards others?

This is somewhat contrasted however by a lightning bolt-shaped scar on Harry’s forehead, in that it represents a reminder that a constant threat to the young boy’s life is ever-present and one that he shouldn’t take lightly. There is so much to Harry’s complex soul that needs to be understood!

I must admit, my favourite part of the first movie Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s stone is the first ten minutes or so when we are introduced to Harry as just a baby!

The audience is already pumped with questions with little answers, what, when, who and why! It already keeps us guessing from the word go!

The Prophecy of Harry Potter

Where the story of Harry’s importance really takes off is when we find out that a spiritual witch in the form of a trance, delivers a ‘prophecy’ in the presence of Albus Dumbledore.

Harry Potter's Life Story - Sybill Trelawney

This prophecy was made in very innocent circumstances, in that Sybill Trelawney was being interviewed for a Divination vacancy at Hogwarts, in fear that Dumbledore was very underwhelmed during the interview, she sunk intro trance to deliver the most important prediction In magical history. (find out more – here)

In summary – The prophecy noted that a boy would be born that would be capable of defeating the dark lord, this boy would be born in the closing days of July 1980.

As you might expect, Dumbledore would’ve wanted to have kept this pretty quiet. Giving Trelawney the job may have been in some respect to keep her safe as well as it would also give Dumbledore the freedom to probe Trelawney about other future events involving who many at the time were only referring to him as ‘you know who’.

The problem was this interview had taken place at the Hog’s Head so a very public watering hole and who should over here the interview and the subsequent ‘in trance’ prophecy? Severus Snape! Snape at the time was indeed working for ‘you know who’ and took much pleasure in delivering this ‘news’ to the dark lord himself!

The problem was this interview had taken place at the Hog’s Head so a very public watering hole and who should over here the interview and the subsequent ‘in trance’ prophecy? Severus Snape!

Snape at the time was indeed working for ‘you know who’ and took much pleasure in delivering this ‘news’ to the dark lord himself!

Although this would backfire on Severus because unfortunately for him it would ultimately mean that Voldemort would kill he secret life love in Lily Potter!

Severus has a very interesting past indeed and if you want to explore this a little further, click – here

Voldemort, as you might expect, had to find a way to crush any truth in the prophecy and hunted down the Potter family. They were betrayed by none other than James’s long time friend Peter Pettigrew. Peter was supposed to assist the Potters but succumbed to temptations by the dark lord!

After Voldemort was destroyed, well, just his physical body was destroyed, the vile Peter Pettigrew, to cover his betrayal, went so far as to fake his own death and frame Sirius Black, another friend, for the murder of himself, for the disclosure to Voldemort and the also for the murder of 12 muggles that Peter executed in his escape! What an evil man Peter Pettigrew really is!

Harry’s parents had actually needed to go into hiding when the initially found out that Lily was expecting. To celebrate Harry’s life but also to not be discovered, they held a brief christening for him, with only Sirius Black asked to attend.

The place where the hid as we see Harry return to in the Deathly Hallows was Potter cottage at Godric’s Hollow in what’s known as the West Country, in England, a very quiet yet beautiful place, perfect, you would have thought for hiding.

Sirius, as Godfather to role, took the role very importantly, even buying Harry a toy broomstick which Harry adored and played with often. Ironically a gift from Lily’s sister Petunia had been broken by Harry, perhaps Harry related its vile look to Petunia’s nature!

It must have been a tough time for the Potter family while in hiding, as parents they must have been so proud of Harry, but the fact that they had to conceal him in Potter Cottage and not show him to the world is heartbreaking in its own right.

That Halloween Night!

Harry Potter's Life Story - Voldemort

Halloween 1981 was the night when the dark lord entered Potter Cottage with only one thing on his mind. Death. Godric’s Hollow would never be that same quaint village, ever again!

Upon entering Voldemort was confronted first by Harry’s dad, James. James insisted that Lily grab Harry and make a run for it. Things may have been different (although I’m not so sure) if James had been able to pick up his wand, but before he could it was too late, he was dead!

Next, the dark lord turned his attention to the fleeing Lily Potter. This is where Harry’s story takes another twist. Lily, sacrificing herself for Harry had an extraordinary effect on Voldemort’s Avada Kedavra curse!

Because Lily was given the choice to live or die (we have Snape to thank for this) and she chose to sacrifice herself for her Son this placed a massive protection spell on Harry!

After killing Lily and Voldemort tried to execute Harry he was unable to and the dreaded Avada Kedavra spell backfired and struck Voldemort himself! The reason Voldemort wasn’t killed is that at this point, he had created five Horcruxes.

Each Horcrux his part of Voldemort’s soul, effectively making him immortal!

So with this ‘love’ protection placed on Harry via Lily’s sacrifice, all that remained was that famous lightning bolt scar on young Harry’s forehead! The scar is also a means of a telepathic link between the two wizards and this is what gave them such an easy ability to infiltrate each other’s minds!

This is what made Harry a LEGEND throughout the magical world, what made him so famous, and what made him known as ‘the boy who lived’

A fact that we would not find out until later is that when the killing curse, Avada Kedavra rebounded at and struck Voldemort, part of Voldemort’s soul was expelled from his body and clung onto the only living thing it could, yes, you guessed it, Harry was the Horcrux he never knew about.

It was this area of Harry’s soul that enabled him to share Voldemort’s power, his snake talking ability and at times, his dark and evil thoughts!

Can you believe all this happened, before the first movie! WOW..

Again, it’s this depth and complexity to the story that keeps the whole muggle world, fascinated with HARRY POTTER!

Harry’s Arrival in Surrey!

Harry Potter's Life Story - Voldemort

The huge killing curse reaction that had taken place at Godric’s Hollow had obliterated much of Potter Cottage. By the time Rebus Hagrid arrived, he must have been shocked at what he saw.

He rushed inside and rescued baby Harry from the property.

Hagrid, given the strictest of orders from Dumbledore, obeyed them entirely and was making his way from Potter Cottage when he was approached by Sirius Black. As Harry’s Godfather he felt it was rightly his duty to take Harry into his care, as this was something has had discussed at length with James and Lily.

Hagrid refused and said his orders were clear, to take Harry to his muggle aunt and uncle’s house in Surrey. Sirius, still thinking he should be the one to care for Harry, reluctantly assayed Hagrid by giving him his flying motorcycle as means to get Harry to Surrey, safely and quickly.

Sirius, having no idea about Pettigrew’s deception went to look for his friend, but we now know that Pettigrew, using Animagi changed him into a rat, that would end up being Ron Weasley’s pet scabbers for the next several years!

As we see at the very beginning of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s stone, Hagrid arrives at Privet Drive late at night as instructed by Albus Dumbledore, who is there to greet Hagrid along with Minerva McGonagall.

Dumbledore had also left a note to Harry’s aunt and uncle, the Dursley’s, which told them exactly what had happened to James and Lily, but no explanation was ever passed onto Harry.

The Dursley’s instead decided to tell Harry that both his parents died in a car accident. How cruel of them!

So, you might be thinking, as I did upon seeing Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s stone for the first time, how did taking Harry to his relative’s house protect him? Why wouldn’t Dumbledore take Harry in as his own to ensure his safety?

Well, that’s a great question and here is the rationale for Harry being sent to the Dursley’s.

Bond of blood! This anciently awesome type of magic can only occur when a witch or wizard sacrifices their life for that of a family member, which is exactly what Lily Potter did on that fateful Halloween night!

In doing so the protection by love is so strong that it creates protection in the very blood of the person who was saved by the sacrifice, in our case, Harry Potter!

But there is a slight catch where the bond of blood magical protection spell is concerned. It doesn’t just ‘happen’ it needs to be activated by the charm’s spell, and not only that.

The desired effect, ie, protecting from death will not take effect until another member of the family accepts the saved person as part of their family!

This I believe, is the best that Dumbledore was able to do for young Harry. Such bond of blood magic is extremely powerful yet still relatively undiscovered and understood by the magical community so Albus did a terrific job to keep Harry safe until the time came for him to learn the art of magic for himself.

The power of the charm would only last until Harry turned 17 or when he no longer referred to 4 Privet Drive as ‘home’.

Harry At Home With The Dursley’s

Harry Potter's Life Story - The Dursley's

Petunia, Vernon and Dudley. Being a muggle family, no desire for any magic in their household!

Let’s not forget, (as we have already discussed) Petunia was incredibly envious of her sister Lily in that she was accepted into Hogwarts and she wasn’t!!

The Dursley’s were so bitter and cruel towards Harry that he was forbidden from asking any questions about his own family, this was strictly off-limits and the poor lad wasn’t even allowed any reminders of them, no photo’s, letters, family heirlooms, nothing! How Harry still turned out to be a polite, charming individual I’ll never know!

Even upon Harry asking about his iconic scar he would be shot down with ‘it happened it the car accident’ but Harry did still have a vague memory of the night his parents were slain.

He remembered a cold laugh and green light, the former Voldemort of course and the later, the failed killing curse attempt on Harry – Avada Kedavra! Harry couldn’t make sense of his memory and the Dursley’s certainly didn’t help in clearing things up for him.

This left Harry feeling massively confused about his parents. How could the Dursley’s live, keeping this enormous secret!?

What are YOUR thoughts about the dreaded Dursley’s, I would LOVE to hear them, please leave comments and the end of the article!

From day one Harry was treated terribly. He would be punished if anything unusual happened, and as Harry had little control of what he was doing, it wasn’t really his fault, but he’d still be locked under the stairs on his on, are even starved for his actions!

He would be the Dursley’s prey, a victim of emotional abuse and neglect and it’s amazing how they got away with these horrible acts for as long as they did!

I do find the fact Dedalus Diggle ‘bowed’ to Harry in a shop once hilarious! Harry then was then the subject of interrogation by Petunia, she wanted to know how Harry knew him, she walked out of the shop, furious! Diggle was actually a member of the Order of the Phoenix and was asked to keep an eye on Harry, to which Dingle had no problem in doing so.

Vernon and Petunia had no desire in treating Harry with the same respect as they did with their own son, Dudley. Instead, they would blatantly spoil Dudley in front of Harry. Dudley even had two bedrooms! One to sleep in and the other purely to store the hundreds of toys hi mum and dad would by him!

Harry got nothing of course and his bedroom was the cupboard under the stairs. Even Harry’s clothes were simply Dudley’s old ones, which were too big for Harry, but the Dursley’s didn’t care. As long as Dudley was happy, that was all that mattered to them!

The Dursley’s even went as far as too conceal Harry’s very existence from the rest of the world, again there were no photos of Harry anywhere to be found in the house at Privet Drive, none whatsoever. Harry was forced to do the chores and would basically wait on the Dursley’s hand and foot. What a terrible start to young Harry’s life!

When Harry Turned Eleven!

Harry Potter's Life Story - Harry 3

Harry didn’t have the same luxury as Dudley when it came to Birthday celebrations, Harry had no idea what it felt like to be the centre of attention unless you were being punished of course! But it was the week that Harry was due to turn 11 that letters began to arrive at No. 4 Privet Drive in Surrey.

The Dursley’s noticed that the first letter was addressed to Harry as ‘The Cupboard Under The Stairs’ this must have frightened the Dursley’s to quite an extent for in fear of being reported of abusing Harry.

Harry was upgraded in his accommodation to Dudley’s second bedroom!

Again this wasn’t out of the goodness of their hearts, they just didn’t want the police to come knocking on their door!

After Harry’s promotion to an actual bedroom, the letters, that were now arriving in their hundreds seem to have known about Harry’s movement as they were now labelled ‘The Smallest Bedroom’ SO COOL!

Letters, now flooding to the Dursley’s house and Vernon had to do something as he was still so adamant that Harry was no way going to Hogwarts so, in a desperate attempt to escape the bombardment of letters, they moved to a shack (of all places) on a tiny island, right by the ocean! Talk about wanting to escape!

Can you imagine the Dursley’s horror at midnight when the ENORMOUS Rebueus Hagrid comes barging in!

By now, I guess the powers that be at Hogwarts wanted to know why there was no reply from Harry (although I suspect they knew that this was down to the Dursley’s!)

Vernon, furious at Hagrid could do nothing as Hagrid explained to Harry the real reason his parents had died and introduced him to the fact that he was indeed a wizard!

Humble Hagrid had even bought a cake with him, being Harry’s Birthday, this small gesture was the first time Harry had ever experienced a thoughtful act, such as receiving a Birthday cake!

Harry, had no reservations of leaving with Hagrid to join Hogwarts! Step into Harry’s shoes for a moment here, all within the space of 24 hours, he’d learned that he was a wizard, both his parents were wizards and that they hadn’t died in a car accident at all! In true Harry Potter style though, he seemed to just take it all in his stride, even if he did have many questions that he felt he had to ask!

Harry’s Reality Check!

I sometimes wonder how Harry managed to cope with this massive revelation, especially around his parents being murdered by the most powerful, evil wizard to have ever lived! What made Harry so different from other children of his age?

I think this can somewhat be answered in his treatment by the Dursley’s? In some twisted kind of way, their treatment towards him maybe somehow developed Harry’s ability to cope with stress better than other children.

Of course, I am not defending the Dursley’s actions as they were so cruel, but I guess Harry having to fend for himself time after time has helped him to become resilient in many ways and he has an excellent ability to take hard truths on the chin!

Many of Harry’s traits were obviously passed down from his parents of course but having said that, I still believe that Harry is a perfect blend of both of them, but with an extra twist of bravery and determination added for good measure!

Harry’s First Taste Of Hogwarts

The start of Harry’s journey began at Kings Cross station in London on September 1st, 1991.

Vernon dropped Harry off at the station and was mocking Harry that platform nine and three quarters hadn’t even been built yet!

Even how Vernon thought that leaving an eleven-year-old on their own at a train station in central London is acceptable is beyond me, but with ten minutes to go before Harry’s train was due to depart, Harry found himself in a slight panic!

Luckily for Harry, he overheard what look liked a family also rushing for a train when Harry overheard ‘muggle’ he knew they’d be able to help him find the platform.

After asking for assistance, Harry was soon acquainted with the Weasley family and this is where Harry would meet his best friend, Ron!

Harry used his usual bravery to surge through the wall between platforms nine and ten, where he then laid eyes on the beautiful Hogwarts Express! AMAZING!

Harry had finally met others who were the same as him! He must have been feeling excited, nervous, and a little envious of Ron’s loving magical family perhaps, but either way, he was off doing something with his life, and not a Dursley in sight!

Whilst sitting with Ron, the new friends had a brief encounter with another new first year on her way to Hogwarts, Hermione Granger! Ron wasn’t keen from the word go, but Harry got to see his first spell in Hermione repairing his glasses for him! WOW

That trip on the Hogwarts Express must have been quite a thrill for our young wizard. Seeing magic first hand, meeting people and even making a real friend, the robes, the students.

What an experience that Harry has emersed himself in, and he wasn’t even at school yet! Let’s move on now to Harry’s adventure into the best school for witchcraft and wizardry, in the world!

Sorting of Students At Hogwarts

Harry Potter's Life Story - Sorting Hat

When the first years arrived at the castle, their excitement and nerves you would expect to be at peak levels by now! I myself would have been incredibly nervous, I remember my first day at secondary school, it was scary!

What was your first day like? How do YOU think Harry felt at the start of his life-changing adventure? Please DO leave a comment below, I’d love to hear them!

It would be Professor McGonagall (click – here to read more on this amazing witch!) who would be the at door to meet and greet the new arrivals at Hogwarts and instructed them that they would soon be sorted into their respective Hogwarts ‘houses’. These being Slytherin, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff and Gryffindor.

The students were soon led into the great hall at Hogwarts which was quite a spectacle to the tiny first-year freshmen students! Harry was very eager to find out which house he’d be placed in. Being now part of a magical kingdom, sorting students into their houses was done magically of course by the ‘sorting hat’.

Harry remembered Ron saying that bad witches and wizards largely came from the house of Slytherin, not to mention he now knew that Voldemort had been a member of Slytherin, he wanted no part of it and luckily for Harry, he was sorted into Gryffindor alongside his new friend Ron as well as the girl that had fixed his glasses on the Hogwarts Express, Hermione Granger!

Once the ‘sorting’ was over the students would be treated to a huge feast, that magically just appeared at the table, the students were in awe! Harry himself was only given scraps of food really and the idea that he could sit here and each as much as he liked was something he’s just never experienced before in his life!

Harry was so glad, he’d come to HOGWARTS!

Harry – A Gifted Wizard With Extraordinary Magical Skills

As part of this article, exploring Harry Potter’s life story, I think it is important for us to dive into Harry’s magical capabilities. He was, of course, the chosen as the prophecy had foretold, so surely this young lad, had to have some skills up his sleeve (if you’ll pardon the pun) to get the job done against he who shall not be named!

Let’s look into Harry’s magical expertise!

When Harry was with Hagrid gathering the things he’d need for his new school life in Diagon Alley in London, Harry visited a famous shop where many wizards picked up their magic wands, the shop was called ‘Ollivander’s’ which you can learn more about – here.

Harry had been ‘paired’ with a wand which was actually the twin wand of ‘you know who’s’ which Harry would later find out help much significance as this created an anomaly in that neither wizard would be able to destroy each other due to this brotherly relationship of the two magic wands.

Nevertheless, Harry still took the magic, very naturally indeed.

Flying – A Breeze For Harry

If we start at the beginning and look at Harry with a broomstick, for more info on broomsticks click – here, as soon as Harry uttered the word ‘up’ his broomstick immediately flew up to his hand perfectly, many other students struggled with this and were nowhere near Harry’s standard at all, including our Ron Weasley!

It is said that Harry inherited his Dad’s talent for flying and quidditch. Well, as we learn in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, Harry was actually the youngest seeker at Hogwarts in over a century, that fact alone tells us that Harry must be quite the pilot of a Nimbus 2000!

Harry was perfectly placed as a Seeker for Gryffindor, he was able to command the broomstick with authority and fly with extraordinary agility and speed. He was so good, that he’d win every game he played in, always catching the snitch and ending the game!

Harry’s Patronus

The Patronus charm. I would like to mention the Patronus charm and Harry’s of use of it, mainly because Harry’s ability to use this at his tender age, is incredible! It was used to defend against dementors and this was the only way a witch or wizard could ward them off.

It is a seriously complex and powerful form of magic whereby once executed, it would expel the dementors leaving the wizard able to escape.

Harry had Remus Lupin to thank for his training in this area, who was incredibly impressed with Harry’s progress in the field. Many adult wizards were not even able to work the Patronus charm, so the fact Harry was able to do so, within his third year at Hogwarts is amazing, to say the least!

Defence Against The Dark Arts!

Harry Potter's Life Story - Snape

As you would imagine, this is an area of magic that is vitally important to the arsenal of Harry Potter. The ability to defend yourself from the dark side of magic.

Harry did in fact become a master of the dark arts, one of very few wizards to do so that wasn’t a dark arts practitioner! That is how strong Harry is with magical ability!

He was able to exercise many dark spells of all difficulty degrees, aside from simple curses like ‘reductor’ or the ‘leg locker’ curse Harry was able to seamlessly execute serious dark magic, ‘sectumsempra’ for instance.

This curse was nasty in that it would cause instant lacerations to its victim. Harry use of this curse is quite ironic due to the fact that it was Severus Snape who created it, likely for the reason to use it against Harry’s Dad James and the rest of the Marauders!

Harry has used two of the ‘unforgivable’ curses in his magical career, but he has always refrained from using the worst of them, the killing curse – Avada Kedavra, even against the dark lord!

For unforgivable curse info, click – here

It is quite clear that Harry was capable of looking after himself. But he also had a weapon, more powerful than any spell he knew. It was so powerful that even Voldemort didn’t know how to use that. This, weapon, this power, was simply, love.

Harry’s Biggest Asset – Love!

Harry Potter's Life Story - Harry 5

Simple as it sounds, the ability to love is so often overlooked in the magical word. Take Voldemort, it was his biggest downfall in that he had never felt love, this was his biggest weakness and Harry knew it. Dumbledore would teach Harry the importance of Love many times before his passing.

We see the effects that love has on Harry’s magic as the story develops, a favourite of mine though has to be when Harry uses the Patronus spell which is so powerful that it literally expels hundreds of dementors away! I also think Harry’s remarkable capacity in using his instinct also reinforces this power of love that seems to envelope Harry throughout his life.

Another example is his deep love for Ginny Weasley, this seemed to really help Harry in the battle that was held at Hogwarts and maybe even while the search was ongoing for Voldemort’s Horcruxes.

Harry had so much love for so many people. Again I think having been shown no love by the Dursley’s helped Harry to be able to see the good and love in most people. Harry had an enormous amount of love for his best friends, Ron and Hermione.

Harrys Personality – Endless Loyalty

Harry Potter's Life Story - Feature2

Let’s talk about Harry’s personality. With the treatment, Harry received at the hands of the Dursley’s it really is a miracle that Harry turned out the way he did. As I have briefly mentioned already, some if this I still attribute to his Mum, Lily, is she also was blessed with a kind and caring nature.

Harry has a personality that is full of love for others and standing up for what’s right, he is able to use this to his advantage. We already know from Dumbledore that love is the greatest power of all. The fact that Harry is able to repel an imperious curse is evidence of this incredibly strong defence mechanism.

Harry’s love for his friends and others close to him is ultimately what gave him what he needed in order to defeat Voldemort and he was able to develop this love despite being brought up in an environment where all he knew was resentment and cruelty. Harry even felt sorry for his enemy for his inability to feel or experience love.

Loyalty to those around him was another trait Harry seemed to hold very dearly and would become very protective and would step in to defend them without a second thought as he did was Sirius was killed by Bellatrix Lestrange!

Harry’s emotions got the better of him and in a fit of rage began retaliating against Lestrange without fear of his own life! We also saw this temper directed towards Snape after Dumbledore’s death! Harry did act in vengeance at times.

Harry did share something with Voldemort that could be a result of having that element of the dark lord inside him. This was a slightly obsessive nature in getting what he wanted albeit for the overall good of things.

Voldemort was so obsessed with the elder wand but Harry was pretty obsessed with the Deathly Hallows and what they meant. Another of Harry’s ‘passions’ was in his sixth year at Hogwarts where he became very interested with Draco’s whereabouts in Hogwarts and what his intentions were!

Known as a fighter, Harry would always stand up for what he believed even when the odds were against him and his qualities were admired by many students and teachers at Hogwarts alike.

Unlike his Dad, Harry was also very mature at a very young age and it was the development of his attitude that gave Harry natural leadership qualities and we see this in his role within Dumbledore’s army, even if Harry did not some persuading that he was more than capable of fulfilling this type of duty.

What Happened After Harry Destroyed ‘Him’?

You would think that having defeated the dark lord for good, Harry would have been completely elated after the second wizarding war. Far from it, unfortunately.

Shortly afterwards Harry would find himself suffering from massive guilt having survived a monumental ordeal. He finds dealing with the fact that others sacrificed themselves for the ‘chosen one’ too much to cope with. We have to remember that Harry is still human and suffers the same mental struggles as many of the population, both muggle and magical.

Tell tail signs of Harry’s lingering mental health issues are seen in his sporadic, temper fueled outbursts usually aimed at the people he loves the most.

Like many others, Harry also had his fair share of fears, one of the main ones being the fear of seeing his family in danger, I do wonder if this is because he has so much experience with ‘visions’ and dreams that these stayed with him even after the destruction of the dark lord?

Harry did find happiness though, he married Ginny Weasley and they had three children James, Albus Severus, and Lily.

I’m not sure about you, but I find the fact that Harry would ensure that portrait of Severus Snape was hung in the headmaster’s office at Hogwarts an excellent tribute to Harry’s realisation that Severus displayed the ultimate loyalty to his mum in the fact that he would act to protect Harry and work to keep Dumbledore’s promise of being the person to execute him.

The fact that there had been a major war that had been won by the forces of good, I think gave many of the witches and wizards involved wanted to make amends in other areas of their life. Harry was no exception.

Harry would eventually become civil with certain members of his family and would exchange Christmas cards with Dudley and would even make rare trips to visit him with his children, something of which they really didn’t enjoy but did it to please their Dad!

Maybe the BIGGEST surprise to post Hogwarts life is that Harry bitter rivalry with Draco was somewhat extinguished.

Let’s not have any false assumptions here, Harry and Draco were not Friday night pals drinking butterbeer in the Leaky Caldron together but they were able to find some common ground and be civil towards each other, which I find to be a great achievement.

Harry’s World of Employment

Kinglsey Shacklebolt made a very bold move after the war in that he enabled students who had fought in the final battle to start employment as Auros without the need for completing their N.E.W.T. exams (Nastily Exhausting Wizarding Test).

Both Harry and Ron were included, and why wouldn’t they be, they were, of course, considered experts in the field and Kinglsey had made an excellent choice as Harry and Ron took the Auror department by storm, with Harry becoming a head Auror at the tender age of twenty-six!

Harry’s Children – Off To Hogwarts!

Harry Potter's Life Story - Albus Potter

As we see in the final scenes of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2, it would be on the September 1st 2017 when Harry would once again be at King’s Cross station accompanied by his wife Ginny, but this time he would be there to support his son’s James and Ablus first trip to the school for witchcraft and wizardry, Hogwarts!

What an end to the saga as husband and wife Ron and Hermione are also seeing off their daughter Rose Granger-Weasley onto the Hogwarts express.

Harry Potter’s Life Story – In Conclusion

What an incredible journey Harry has had in his life, from a very young age!

After just a year of his life, he survived an attempted murder (the only person in history to do so)

Was orphaned and sent to live with a horrendous family. Then Harry’s world was turned on its head at the discovery he was a wizard on his eleventh birthday! Everything continued to change for Harry when he started at Hogwarts, becoming friends with people are beginning to carve his out destiny.

With the numerous adventure, Harry has chosen to fulfil, with a constant threat to his life, he has remained a humble young man in the process, listening when he needing to and standing up for what he believes is for the benefit for an overall cause of a democratic wizarding community.

Harry, of course, wouldn’t have been able to do what he did, conquer what he did, be himself. Within his friends and teachers at Hogwarts, he was able to find the courage, support and mentorship that all came together to create a driving force with a soul purpose of ending Voldemort’s reign of terror!

Even after Harry had satisfied his greatest desire, the thing that kept him going, his one big wish in life to destroy the evil that plagued so many, Harry was then crippled with guilt int hat people had died for him, for his cause. This gave him a new emptiness, similar to the one he’d felt much of his life prior to killing the most powerful dark wizard to ever live!

Even in triumph, it was hard for Harry Potter in accepting it all, he still felt as if this whole war was his fault and whether in time he will be able to get over his mental demons is a question that only time will be able to answer!

We do know that Harry, throughout his actions has been propelled in the eyes of magical society as one of the greatest wizards of all time

We know that Harry became legendary because he would become an addition to the chocolate frog cards he himself first laid eyes on, on his very first trip to Hogwarts school for witchcraft and wizardry.

I’d like to thank you for taking the time out to read about Harry Potter’s life story today, as always I would love to hear your feedback so if you do have time, please leave a comment below and I’ll do my best to reply as soon as I possibly can.

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