Harry Potter Wands And Brooms!

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Can you imagine how good life would be zipping around on a Nimbus 2000 with all of your friends?

Can you imagine saying ‘Up’ for the first time and then watching in utter AMAZEMENT when your broom magically rises, well maybe not if you’re Ron Weasley, but still, you get the idea!

Or equally, can you imagine the adrenalin pumping around your body when stepping into Ollivander’s in Diagon Alley for that first time? ‘Curious’ to say the least!

If this is ticking your boxes then you do NOT want to click that back button!

Stay tuned for some MEGA information on Harry Potter wands and brooms and get yourself chanting ‘Up’ in no time at all!

First of all, we’ll look at Harry’s wand, give you everything you need to know and the best places to get one from!

Then we’ll talk brooms and likewise, give you the best in the business!

Harry Potter’s Wand – Not Your Average!

Harry Potter Wands And Brooms - Harry

Well, if you remember, Harry was just eleven when he picked up his wand at Ollivander’s in London.

Ollivander’s was THE place to pick up your wand because all wands at the magical shop in Diagon Alley were crafted professionally by the master of wandlore Garrick Ollivander himself!

Garrick took the wand crafting world by storm after using a new technique to craft his infamous wands, to learn more about that, click – here.

“The wand chooses the wizard Mr Potter” Is a classic line in the movie and it took Harry several attempts until the right wand to ‘find’ Harry!

What’s more is that the Phoenix that provided Harry with its tail feather for his wands ‘core’ only gave one other feather, to one other wand.

That wand belonged to ‘He who shall not be named!’ The evil dark lord, VOLDEMORT!

Harry’s magical weapon was an eleven-inch wand made from holly combined with said phoenix tail feather core, these are all very important features of a wand and even flexibility has a meaning attached to it.

We’re told that this combination of wood and core is unusually rare, well, to be fair, Harry Potter is not your average wizard either!

Harry seems to be a natural with a wand at the ready (just like his natural flying ability) and it isn’t too long before he is performing magic that is very advanced and well beyond many of his peers at Hogwarts!

When Harry’s wand was broken in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows many thought it was the end of the wands life as fixing a wand is virtually impossible!

But with the power of the ‘Elder Wand’ Harry was actually able to repair his original wand as the preferred that one over the most powerful wand in the world! That’s Harry Potter for you!

We’ll discuss the Elder wand a little later.

Why Is Harry’s Wand Made From Holly

As I briefly mentioned at the top of the article, the use of holly for a wand is somewhat rare. It is said that wands made from holly are sometimes paired with witches or wizards that are destined for some kind of adventurous journey that could be riddled with danger!

Not only that it is also true that wands crafted from holly tend to help wizards that are notoriously known for having a temper at times, so it is easy to understand why our favourite young wizard, Harry was paired with a holy-wand!

Harry, Hermione and Ron faced a huge and dangerous mission when setting off to locate Lord Voldemort’s Horcruxes, which really put Harry’s strength, resilience and temper to the test and I often wonder if this again, is the reason why the holly wand is such an excellent match for him.

Don’t Stand in The Way Of A Holly And Phoenix Combo!

The mastermind behind Mr Potter, J.K Rowling stated that if these two elements in a wand are paired, no one should ‘stand in that wizards way’ and this is very evident given the advanced and powerful magic Harry is able to seamlessly display throughout his wizarding journey. Again a true testament to the unorthodox coupling of the phoenix and holly marriage!

It is also worth noting that, Harry was prophesied to be the boy who killed he who shall not be named. With such a task on your shoulders as an 11-year-old boy having no idea about magic, you’d expect at the very least to be armed with a half-decent wand!

A little background knowledge around Harry’s wand is that although we are told his wand was crafted at eleven inches, for the purposes of film production, the actual wand used on screen is in fact measured at fourteen inches, shhh!

Lord Voldemort’s Wand – Scary To Say The Least

Harry Potter Wands And Brooms - Tom Riddle

I have to say that the dark lord’s wand is one of my personal favourites. I am a sucker for the bad guys!

Now, as I have already touched on, Harry’s wand’s core, the phoenix feather only gave one more feather, and that belongs in Voldemort’s wand!

It is interesting to point out that as these two wands are effectively brothers, they are unable to destroy each other, which Voldemort learns later in the Harry Potter saga, for more info on this click – here.

Prior to Voldermort’s evil transition, he was known as Tom Riddle during his time at Hogwarts school for witchcraft and wizardry, and it’s at this time that Riddle picked up his wand as I sure Garrick Ollivander would have no problem remembering, as he’s remembered every wand he’s ever sold!

As we have already learned, wands with the feather of the phoenix do not simply ‘choose’ any wizard and you could say like Harry, Riddle was also detached from the world that this could be why Riddle was paired with this unusual combination of magical weapon!

The Elder Wand

Harry Potter Wands And Brooms - Three Brothers

It seems very fitting to finish up looking at the most powerful of them all, the ‘Elder Wand’ We have had a brief introduction above around wand cores and for another article on wands, please click – here.

But I would like to point out straight away that a wand with a core that is so difficult to handle unless you have mastered death, must be some wand. Step forward the Elder wand!

At fifteen inches in length and really not being pretentious, you’d be forgiven for thinking that this wand, was just like any other, but the magic capable with this bad boy is legendary!

To look at the origins of the elder wand we have to explore the Deathly Hallows and the story of ‘The Three Brothers.’

Story of The Three Brothers

This tale tells of three brothers that legend tells us were Antioch Cadmus, and Ignotus Peverell were travelling together when they are confronted by a treacherous river. The river had taken the lives of many before them so they stopped to think over their options.

The travelling wizardry brothers decide to make a magical bridge to cross the river and as they make their way over they are confronted by ‘death’ himself!

Death was very angry at the three travellers for building the bridge as he could lose three potential victims because the bridge would probably save them from the raging river below.

Being very clever, death pretended to be impressed by the wizard’s efforts and grants them each a wish!

The eldest brother steps forward and asks for an unbeatable wand. The best the world will ever see! So death grants the wish and gives the brother the ‘Elder wand’.

The middle brother contemplates his wish and steps forward and asks for the ability to beat death. Death then presents him the Resurrecting Stone, capable of bringing life back from the afterlife!

The youngest brother, maybe seeing death for who he really was decides to ask death for the ability to stop death from following him! VERY clever indeed, but as promised, death provides the youngest brother with the ‘cloak of invisibility!’

The eldest brother is so impressed by the elder wands power that he couldn’t stop bragging about it and after killing a wizard for an earlier altercation, he ended up being robbed for the wand in his sleep and was in fact killed for it.

The middle brother used the resurrection stone to bring an old love back to life!

The problem was the resurrected lady was unhappy to be raised from eternal slumber and the middle brother couldn’t cope with her sadness and committed suicide!

The youngest brother of the three did indeed outsmart death with the use of his invisibility cloak. Living a long and happy life when he was ready to die, he greeted death fairly and died happily, not before passing on the invisibility cloak to his son!

So there we have the introduction to the background of the most powerful wand to ever have existed, no wonder Voldemort was so intent and getting his evil hands on it!

We spoke in another article – here about Draco disarming Dumbledore of the elder wand, but given that Dumbledore had basically ‘mapped out’ his own death, I do wonder if Dumbledor had planned for Severus Snape to be the owner of the wand after letting Snape kill him?

Maybe he thought in the hands of Snape, who had always been loyal, the wand’s power would be under strict control?

I guess we’ll never know. What do you think about this? Please leave a comment, would love to hear your thoughts!

I hope that the above has given you some good background information about wands found in the Harry Potter world!

As promised, let’s now move onto another HUGE topic, Broomsticks!

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The Brooming World of Harry Potter!

Harry Potter Wands And Brooms - Brooms

Now we’ve looked at the fascinating side of wandlore, to add to the excitement I’d like to turn our attention to the broom!

The classic ‘broomstick’ is a witch or wizard’s tool enabling them to get from one place to another.

The obvious difference in these brooms to that of a muggle’s broomstick is that magical broomsticks are enchanted, and this is what gives them the power to levitate!

Also used in everyone’s favourite game in the magic community, ‘quidditch’. As you can imagine, the use of the broomstick can be very dangerous so that is why the use is regulated at some level by the Ministry of Magic.

The reason the object of a broomstick was chosen because the magical world wanted an everyday household object that could covertly be used to fly but would appear to be a regular piece of equipment. Very ingenious I believe!

The very first broomsticks were not very comfortable at all to use and also the aerodynamics were very poor, so there was much room for improvement and as the ages passed, the performance improved, just like muggle motor vehicles.

The magic used on broomsticks evolved to not only improve speed and aerodynamic ability but also the ride quality for the witch or wizard, for example, a cushioning charm was incorporated that would make flying a much more comfortable experience.

Harry’s firebolt broomstick had a nice little charm addition. When held and released the firebolt would float to the correct height for Harry to mount it, much like cars that have settings to remember the driver’s desired seat position, these kind of ‘extras’ were what made luxury broomsticks you would expect a must on young wizard Christmas lists all over the world.

You may wonder why with all these brooms flying around did muggle’s never see one? Well as the use of the broom became further widespread, the disillusionment charm was another charm used in conjunction with broomsticks.

The disillusionment charm isn’t what you would initially think as it didn’t make anyone of anything ‘invisible’ but instead it took surroundings and matched these to whatever the spell was placed on!

This, in effect, was more like camouflage, so the most a muggle would witness would be a shimmer in the sky, which could literally be any number of explanations so this kept the exposure of the magical world from muggles perfectly safe.

The Broom Production Explosion!

Harry Potter Wands And Brooms - Ron

The ‘Cleansweep Broom Company’ was created in 1926 and it was here that brooms were specifically made for speed, hence the ‘racing’ broomstick came to life.

As you would expect, the first broom the Cleansweep one was an instant success and they were the monopolies in the market until the birth of Comet Trading Company in 1929. The Comet 140 with its braking charm was the new kid on the block.

Its name 140 came from it being the 140th model to undergo stringent testing prior to its general release. The fact the braking charm enabled players of quidditch to navigate the field with great agility and were much less likely to stray made this broom a fundamental broom for the avid quidditch player!

The Nimbus Racing Company

This two-company rivalry would then go on to dominate the market right up until 1967. The Nimbus Racing Company was born.

The brainchild of Devlin Whitehorn, the Nimbus Racing Company with its release on the Nimbus 1000 shattered the competition. This broom was the way forward and again took the market by storm. With a top speed on one hundred miles per hour, the nimbus 1000 was like a rocket! This coupled with its ability for 360 degree turns on a fixed spot made this broom the talk of the town! Who wouldn’t want one!

Harry Potter’s Nimbus 2000 Broomstick

Harry Potter Wands And Brooms - Nimbus 2000

The Nimbus 2000 was released sometime around August 1991. You get what you pay for and the Nimbus 2000 was no exception.

With is mahogany handle, neat, aerodynamic twigs and ‘Nimbus 2000’ printed in gold at the top of the handle, all made this broom become the most popular broom around.

Remember when Harry was given a Nimbus 2000? 

Well if there are some still not a 100% sure, yes, it was indeed Professor McGonagall after noticing immediately how Harry was very skilled on a Broom and them went onto become the youngest seeker for the Gryffindor team!

Harry was in possession of his Nimbus 2000 for two years before it was destroyed during the encounter with a dementor during a quidditch game between Gryffindor and Hufflepuff.

He did receive a Christmas present (in the books but later in the movies) from an anonymous source who very kindly made Harry the proud owner a ‘Firebolt’ broomstick.

Harry Potter’s Firebolt Broomstick

Harry used his Firebolt for every game he played as well as in the Tri-Wizard Tournament.

It was indeed Sirius Black who sent harry his beloved Firebolt.  When we are talking brooms with such a name, as you would expect, this thing is fast! Clocking up an amazing one hundred and fifty miles per hour top speed, this is one heck of broom!

Sleek and sophisticated in design the firebolt was complete with streamlined birch twigs and the very best in charms, the unbreakable charm! WOW, could you imagine owning such a broom? Would love to hear your thoughts on the Firebolt below!

Harry’s firebolt was taken from him by the evil Delores Umbridge as a punishment and reportedly didn’t get it back until Umbridge was fired (that was so good when that happened!)

Harry was the only student to even own a firebolt until it was unfortunately dropped during the ‘battle of the seven Potters’

The firebolt broom is not as mass-produced as many of its competitors and it is said that production is made worse by repeated stroke action by the goblins responsible for the manufacture of the iron parts based around the construction of the firebolt!

I wonder what it would be like to fly well over a hundred miles per hour on a firebolt?!

Which Wand and Broom Would You Want?

Thank you for staying with me throughout this Harry Potter Wands and Brooms article. With so many choices out there, it makes me wonder which way I’d be paired with and if I’d be lucky enough to own a Nimbus 2000 or even a Firebolt!

I’d love to know your thoughts so please do leave a comment on your favourite wands and brooms!

If you’d like to know more about me, please visit the about page and please do contact me should you have any questions about the article or qualitymoviecollectibles.com in general!

Many thanks for your time today!



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