Harry Potter Robes For Adults – Best Online REVIEW!

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Harry Potter Robes For Adults – Which robes are YOUR favourite?

Harry Potter Robes For Adults - Robes 2

Which house would the sorting hat place YOU in?

Ravenclaw? Maybe Hufflepuff?

Or would we find you bumping into Harry and friends in the Gryffindor common room?

Although you might be different and would prefer to be discussing the darker side of magic with Draco Malfoy in Slytherin house?

Well, regardless of which house you are sorted into you are going to need your Hogwrtas work ROBES of course!

ALL students were required to wear their robes while studying in class while eating or studying in the great hall.

Where will YOU wear YOURS?

Lucky for you we have managed to find a place to get your ADULT sized Hogwarts essentials to get you ready for your first day at the famous school for witchcraft and wizardry!

You won’t have to make the trip to Diagon Alley either, all you need to do is click – here to get YOURS TODAY!

These robes are of very high quality and make the perfect addition to your costume for Halloween or even a gift for the BIG Harry Potter fan in your house, or if you have that special fancy dress party, these will complete your Harry Potter look perfectly!

Thanks for having a look at this review of the adult Harry Potter robes from ‘Cinereplicas’, I wasn’t able to find any websites that were reviewing these, so I hope it helps if you are looking to purchase your Hogwarts uniform from Cinereplicas!


Check HereCinereplicas9/10

History of the Hogwarts Work Robes

Harry Potter Robes For Adults - Feature 1
Harry Potter Robes For Adults

As well all know from the Harry Potter movies, the ‘work robe’ is the most iconic part of the Hogwarts school uniform and these robes are mandatory for all students during their time at school.

An interesting fact here is that the robes were formally a blue colour until it was decided to change the colour to black sometime after the 1900s for reasons unknown.

work robes were easily distinguished as they had sleeves whereas cloaks and capes didn’t, that was the only real difference between them.

Each student at Hogwarts was required to have three sets of robes at their disposal during the school year and these were usually purchased from ‘Madam Malkin’s Robes for all occasions’ in Diagon Alley.

The price was four galleons and twelve sickles to be precise, well, that would have been the going rate in 1991 anyway!

During the winter months all students were required to wear a cloak complete with its silver fastenings and due to many different items making up the complete Hogwarts uniform and the whole package was very expensive name tags were made mandatory for each item to mitigate loss and theft.

The robes were integral to school life and you could even be docked points should you not be wearing them by the time you arrived at Hogsmeade station, so bear this in mind when you are riding on the Hogwarts Express!


These excellent replica robes at Cinereplicas are complete in both children and adult sizes and have inside lining as well as pockets sewn in to carry your everyday items (or your wand!) whilst wearing the robes to study, or party!

You’ll also love the embroidered patch of the school crest which ensure these robes accurately match the look of the robes from the movies. These are the best-looking robes I’ve managed to source anywhere online!

The robes make up part of the ‘clothing range’ from Cinereplicas and they are designed based on licensing from Warner Bros themselves so you can GUARANTEE you are getting a screen-accurate, detailed Harry Potter replica!

Again, I’d like to point out that these guys at Cinereplicas stock some of the best Harry Potter merchandise I have managed to find anywhere online, you won’t be disappointed and you’ll be shouting ‘EXPELLIARMUS’, in no time at all!


I love the fact that these robes are available in both children and adult sizes.

The whole family can wear them if going to a fancy dress or Halloween party, without fear of having a wrong size and bursting at the seams!

You can tell that these are high-quality material and I think you’ll love the contrast from the black on the outside to the coloured inside lining which gives that authentic Hogwarts feel.

Harry Potter Robes For Adults - Wand Pocket 1
Harry Potter Robes For Adults

The inclusion of the pockets is a very handy addition so you’ll have no problem holding onto your phone or wallet while wearing these robes.

I LOVE the fact that Cinereplicas have taken the time to put together a ‘Size Chart’ so you can, if needed, work out exactly which size robe you’ll need for yourself or loved one.

The ‘adjustable button’ also helps to tweak your robe once you are wearing it to give you that real Hogwarts student look!


The major obvious factor of not being able to try them on before you buy might be a problem but with sizes ranging from ‘Small’ to ‘Extra Large’ you should be able to find a robe for you.

There is a sizing chart so if you were very unsure which size robe is for you, you can measure yourself and compare against the chart to make sure you buy the right size.

I personally found these robes to be about the same price as many other robes online, maybe a little higher than some, but the cheaper ones I have seen were not screen accurate and didn’t have any pockets.

Adult Harry Potter Robes – Verdict

Cinereplicas are experts at providing some the most accurate looking Harry Potter collectibles found online, and they do not comprise on quality.

The fact that sizes are available for the whole family and you can check your size against the handy chart also is a big bonus for me.

These robes are good quality and will last the test of time and I also LOVE the fact you have a handy pocket for your wand and an adjustable button to ensure fitting is perfect!

Harry Potter Robes For Adults - Robe Back

From what I have been looking at online, they are priced well and will last the test of time.

If you want just something cheap then there are plenty of other options, but if you want a solid and accurate looking robe, then you really should think about the Cinereplicas option.

I’d like to thank you for taking the time out to read this review on the Harry Potter Robes for adults review today.

As always I would love to hear your feedback so if you do have time, please leave a comment below and I’ll do my best to reply as soon as I possibly can.

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  • High Quality
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  1. Thank you for writing a review of those robes! I’m actually searching for one but can’t find any in my local costume store. If only I find your site before Halloween, I can wear them to my cousin’s Halloween party. Oh well, I guess I still can buy it for the next party or whenever I want to wear it. I’ll check it as soon as possible. Thanks

    • Hi Alblue!

      I am thinking of throwing a Harry Potter themed party myself next year!

      I’ll send you an invite! 🙂

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  2. Hello there, thanks a lot for sharing this wonderful piece of information here with us. I must say I really did enjoyed going through your  review as it contains valuable informations one needs to be aware of. Never knew these robes were available for both adults and children and it is not pricy as well

    • Thanks Harry, These are excellent value for money in my opinion! Do the job well!

      Many thanks for taking the time to leave a comment!

      Kris 🙂

  3. As a child and up till know, Harry Potter as been one of my favorite movie, have seen the movie and read the novel, over and over again. Getting to know now that there is an Harry Potter adult robe is some thing that makes me happy, I will live to get one for a custom party with a wand, its going to be fun.

    • Thanks for your reply! Yes, somehow the Harry Potter story just stays with you for life!

      I hope you enjoy your new robe and wand! – EXPELLIARMUS! 🙂

      Many thanks for taking the time out to leave a comment!

      Kris 🙂

  4. Thank you for introducing us to Cinereplicas Harry Potter Robes For Adults. I have always thought of Harry potter with kids in mind , it is interesting that there are adult sizes. It will mean a lot to kids to see themselves and their parents rocking the robes and going to a party .

  5. Hey there!

    That is a very wonderful review you have there. I’m glad you shared these review here because my mum has been on the search for a Harry Potter Robe for a few weeks now , especially for adults but she has not been able to see what she wants nor likes . I believe this will solve the problem, I’ll share it with her and I’m sure she’ll be happy to see this.


  6. This is so cool! I would want one for myself and one for my little boy. And I won’t have problem with size because I am standard when it come to my size. Neve had an issue with that. And the thing that I really like is that they pay so much attention to details. I love it. Can’t wait to take pictures with my robe. Thank you!


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