Harry Potter Hagrid Figure – Read Our Review!

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Harry Potter Hagrid Figure - Feature

Harry Potter Hagrid Figure – GRAB YOURS TODAY!

He is what’s known as a ‘half-giant’ and at 11 feet tall, he is considered small? His half-brother is still considered small, and he’s SIXTEEN feet tall….

Who could we be talking about within the Wizarding World of Harry Potter?

That’s correct, I am referring to EVRERYONE’s favourite loveable gate keeper at Hogwarts – RUBEUS HAGRID!

Are you looking for a great gift for a huge Hagrid fan? Pardon the pun!? If so, then check out our review of today’s collectible!

Rubeus Hagrid is an incredible character throughout the Harry Potter story and the movies really bring his huge personality to life. 

I personally am a big fan of Robbie Coltrane’s work and I think he was awesome as Hagrid.

I read somehwere that the author of the Harry Potter books, J.K Rowling knew instantly that Robbie would be a perfect for for the role of Hagrid and I totally agree.

What are your thoughts on the casting of Robbie as Hagrid? I’d love to hear them so ne sure to leave a comment below!


Harry Potter Hagrid Figure - FeatureClick Here For PriceEntertainment Earth8/10

Rubeus Hagrid – Who is He Anyway?

Rubeus is the gate and groundskeeper at Hogwarts school for witchcraft and wizardry and a good friend of Harry, Ron and Hermione throughout the Harry Potter storyline, and he is particularly fond of Harry.

This is because Hagrid knew Harry’s parents, James and Lily Potter well and Hagrid was actually the very person who rescued Harry from ‘Potter Cottage’ after Lord Voldemort murdered James and Lily, but failed to kill Harry, so there has been a connection with the young boy since this fateful night and Hagrid grew into very much a Father figure for our beloved Harry Potter.

Hagrid is one of those characters in the story who wears his heart on his sleeve but also stands up for what he believes to be right and for the greater good of magical society.

He is extremely loyal to Professor Albus Dumbledore, so never curse the great wizard in Hagrid’s presence!

It is this personality that makes Hagrid a massive hit with Harry Potter fans and it is this love for him that probably brings you to this review today!

If you have a Harry Potter fan in your household then they may just fall in love with the beautiful Hagrid statue which really captures the essence of Hagrid’s big, bold and warm nature that we have been discussing.

So without further delay, let’s get into this Harry Potter Hagrid figure review


These collectible figure statues supplied via ‘Entertainment Earth’ are known for their stunning attention to detail, and this piece is no exception!

The reason I like this one, and there are a few of them around, is because the detail captured in the statue is very granular and a great deal of effort has clearly been included to give you an excellent replica feel and this is a Hagrid piece that any collector will be quite proud of.

Another reason you will love this Hagrid statue over competitors is the inclusion of Norberta, the Norwegian Ridgeback Dragon!

Even with Norberta you can see the extent of the accuracy and effort that had gone into making the dragon so lifelike and it appears she is looking to give Hagrid a big lick for looking after her so well!

As with most of these statues, it’s the attention to detail in the face of the characters where I am very particular and this really does a great job in replicating the unique features that Robbie Coltrane brings to Hagrid, you will not be disappointed, this really does look like the big man!

Harry Potter Hagrid Figure - Head

Somehow, the concept Hagrid being the ‘half-giant’ he is has been captured into this model and although its small in size, the idea of Hagrid being so huge jumps out at you! 

This could be from the oversize shoes or big fingers, or it could be these features along with the heavily detailed overcoat that they have managed to incorporate so well into the statue.

The statue has a very solid base and is wobble free if displayed on a flat surface.

Overall they have done a good job with this and this is a good solid purchase for anyone looking for a Harry Potter related gift for a friend or loved one!

That said, if you still need some further pointers, let’s look and some pros and cons to help you along with your decision making process.

Harry Potter Hagrid Figure - Back


This statue is excellent quality for what you are paying

Attention to detailing on the statue is of a high standard

The inclusion of Norberta


Very detailed but simple desgin

With a variety of Hagrid statues out there you could be wanting a more expensive and higher quality product for your display

Harry Potter Hagrid Figure – Verdict

If you are buying this for a young Harry Potter/Hagrid fan I can see this piece taking pride of place on a bedside table, what could be more comforting than having Hagrid keeping you safe while you sleep!

Equally is you have some other statues from the wizarding world of harry potter then this would fit in quite nicely as part of wider display

Regardless of the recipient or where this statue is displayed, it will give any room that feel that only Hagrid can provide!

If you have a bigger budget then there are other options available, but this is still a good product that you’ll not regret buying.

To get yours click below!

Further Hagrid Info!

I wanted to include some extra Hagrid information within the content of this review, purely for the fact that Hagrid is such an interesting and ‘different’ character and Harry Potter fans globally can’t seem to get enough Hargrid gossip, so stay tuned for some further Rubeus Hagrid facts!

Hagrid And Cats

One very surprising fact about Hagrid that’s so ironic, given his love for the animal world is that he is actually allergic to cats!

I think his disklike for cats (or the reaction they give him) is probably why Hargid decided to buy Harry an Owl (Hedwig) in Harry Potter and the Philiosipher’s Stone from Diagon Alley!

Hagrid and ‘Stunning’ Spells

Did you know that Hagrid can’t be effected by a stunning spell? 

So COOL right?

But how, why!? 

Apparently, (as Hermione points out in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix) giants are actually very resistant to stunning spells, which could be due to their obvious size and strength!

So think again before trying to stun Hagrid!

Hagrid’s Support For Harry

Hagrid is one of the most loyal, trustworthy and loving characters throughout the entire Harry Potter world. He really does care about those closest to him, Harry included.

The above being said, Hagrid took it upon himself in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows to show support for Harry, even with he was branded as an ‘undesirable’ by the infiltrated Ministry of Magic.

He did this by by hosting ‘Support Harry Parties’ from his hut to try in vain to raise support and awareness of Harry’s cause and to recitfy the mis-information that was cirulating about him.

This just shows the lengths Hagrid will go to in standing up for his loved ones, even in times of terrible danger, GO HAGRID!

I hope these extra facts have gone someway in developing your intesrest in the character of Hagrid. He’s had a pretty tough life and I think he deserves much credit for his attitude and his care for Hogwarts and its students!

I’d like to thank you for taking the time out to read this Harry Potter Hagrid figure review today, as always I would love to hear your feedback so if you do have time, please leave a comment below and I’ll do my best to reply as soon as I possibly can.

For further reading on the background and life of Hagrid please click – here

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To find out more about me or to contact me directly, please use the ‘about’ page and again, I’ll get back to you as soon as.

Thank you once again for your time today and please stay tuned for further Harry Potter reviews to come in the near future!

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