Mandalorian Black Series Helmet – Read Our REVIEW!

The Mandalorian Black Series Helmet - Review

Mandalorian black series helmet   They came from the planet ‘MANDALORE’ which is located way out in the ‘outta rim’ of the galaxy and were made up of several different species altogether creating an army of warriors that considered ‘war’ part of their beloved religion. Who am I talking about you ask? The MANDALORIANS of course! … Read more

Harry Potter Hagrid Figure – Read Our Review!

Harry Potter Hagrid Figure - Feature

Harry Potter Hagrid Figure – GRAB YOURS TODAY! He is what’s known as a ‘half-giant’ and at 11 feet tall, he is considered small? His half-brother is still considered small, and he’s SIXTEEN feet tall…. Who could we be talking about within the Wizarding World of Harry Potter? That’s correct, I am referring to EVRERYONE’s favourite … Read more

Newt Scamander Action Figure – BUY HERE!

Newt Scamander Action Figure - Blog Image

Newt Scamander Action Figure – OVERLOAD! How cool is Newt Scamander! How COOL is this NEW ACTION FIGURE? I am SO excited today to bring you a simply AMAZING Newt Scamander 1:8 scale collectible action figure for review! Summary Price Supplier Rating Click For Price Earth Entertainment 10/10 It is so rare that I give a … Read more

Best Severus Snape Statue – REVIEW!

Best Severus Snape Statue - Feature

Summary Price Check Here Supplier Entertainment Earth Rating 8/10 Professor Snape is CREEPY! I personally feel we didn’t get to see the real Severus Snape though as there was another side to this incredible character! To be fair Severus Snape was an expert at keeping his true feelings hidden, as we explore in an article … Read more