Draco Malfoy Character Traits

Draco Mallfoy Character Traits - Featured Image

My FATHER will hear about this! Draco’s famous words that I am sure you’re familiar with! Please stay tuned for one of the BEST INFO articles you’ll find online in your search for Draco Malfoy gossip and character information! I’ve pieced together what I believe to be some of the most fascinating, surprising and unfamiliar facts … Read more

Best Hagrid Character Description – EXPLORE!

Hagrid Character Description - Feature

‘You’re A Wizard, Harry!’ I think we ALL know those famously delivered lines from Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. From the moment ‘Rebus Hagrid’ arrived on Sirius Black’s flying motorcycle to deliver the recently orphaned baby Potter to his new home in Privet Drive, Surrey, I think we all wished we had a semi-giant … Read more

Ron Weasley Character Traits!


BLOODY HELL! You may have just stumbled across the most down to earth, ‘bloody brilliant’ Ron Weasley Character traits information found in the muggle world! Thank you for taking the time today to read my latest article all about the legend that is Ronald Weasley! What I’d like to do is provide you with what … Read more