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‘You’re A Wizard, Harry!’ I think we ALL know those famously delivered lines from Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.

From the moment ‘Rebus Hagrid’ arrived on Sirius Black’s flying motorcycle to deliver the recently orphaned baby Potter to his new home in Privet Drive, Surrey, I think we all wished we had a semi-giant to look out for us, just like Harry!

Within this Hagrid character description, I want to not only provide you with the facts about Hagrid, but I also want to discover your feelings about him, how does Rebus relate to you and your family?

That is how my movie character descriptions differ to most, in that my goal is not only to provide you with the information you desire but to trigger your own thoughts on characters and decide how you really feel and or relate to them?

With this in mind, please do leave a comment at the foot of the article as I really do enjoy engaging with readers and understanding their relationships with characters in our favourite big film productions!

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Young Hagrid’s Background

Let’s discover more about the great Rubeus Hagrid.

Born near the ‘forest of Dean’ in the West Country, Rubeus Hagrid was born on the sixth of December 1928. We all recognise Hagrid’s accent instantly and the West Country of England is where the Family would pick up the beautiful tone to their voices!

Mr Hagrid, Rubeus’ Dad was a wizard, and his Mum was a giantess! Hagrid also had a ‘giant half-brother’ called Grawp. Grwap dwarfs Hagrid in that he is 16 FEET TALL!

Hagrid’s mother ventured back the giant colony when Hagrid was aged just three. I often wonder why this happened and what the motive was that would enable her to leave her family behind? It is not a decision that is taken lightly!

Maybe her relationship with Mr Hagrid, just turned sour? Maybe she could no longer cope with looking after a family?

I wonder what really happened…..What do YOU think?

So, Just How Big IS Hagrid?

Hagrid Character Description - Diagon

Rubeus is what is known as a semi giant, so to put his growth rate into perspective, he was taller than his father by the age of six! WOW, that’s big, and Hagrid is only a semi-giant!

Upon fully grown as an adult ‘semi giant’ our loveable friend Rebus Hagrid would reach an incredible 11 feet tall! Which is HUGE but, he would be a very SMALL giant! AMAZING!

Hagrid At Hogwarts!

It would be in 1940 that Hagrid started his education at Hogwarts school for witchcraft and wizardry and was sorted by the sorting hat into Gryffindor house. Hagrid’s dad was over the moon about his pending education and was so proud that he’d been accepted into the great school.

As we know from the movies, Hagrid is an avid ‘animal lover’ although some of his ‘pets’ can, at first sight, appear to be dangerous, some even terrifying!

But it wasn’t until the third year at Hogwarts when Hagrid would have issues with his pets.  Hagrid had in his possession an ‘Acromantuala’. Yes, a GIANT Spider!!

Hagrid decided to call his spider, Aragog. The story for our half-giant becomes complicated when he is accused of something terrible, unleashing a monster upon Hogwarts!


It was at this time that, ‘Tom Marlovo Riddle’ who would of course later become Lord Voldemort, opened the ‘Chamber of Secrets’. Tom let a monster out of the chamber which came in form of a basilisk (a giant snake). Tom used the basilisk to petrify muggle-born students throughout Hogwarts, he even got Myrtle Warren killed with these awful attacks!

When Tom found out that Hogwarts would be closed down due to the monster (which wasn’t part of his plan, he needed the school to stay open) he then framed Rubeus Hagrid for opening the chamber of secrets and the monster was linked to poor Hagrid’s friend Aragog!

Riddle had seen Hagrid previously in the dungeons at Hogwarts with his secret ‘friend’ and this would act as the perfect cover to ensure a culprit was found and keep the school for witchcraft and wizardry open as there would no longer be any cause for concern!

Hagrid was quick to help the innocent Aragog escape to the forbidden forest. Riddle and his story were believed because he was at that time seen as a ‘perfect’ student at Hogwarts (find out more – here) and as Hagrid was regularly in trouble for many other animals crimes’ it didn’t help his defence!

Rubeus Hagrid was expelled from Hogwarts!

Dumbledore’s Trust In Hagrid!

Rubeus was such a warm-hearted soul that he took pride in knowing his father would never find out about his expulsion from school as he passed away during Hagrid’s second year of school.

The Ministry of Magic, however, took Hagrid’s punishment very severely and his exclusion from Hogwarts was also complemented with the destruction of his wand and he was not allowed, going forward, to use magic EVER again!

Albus Dumbledore, being the good-natured man he was, was certain that Hagrid was not responsible for the crime he’d been accused of and managed to persuade the headmaster of Hogwarts, who was then ‘Armando Dippet’, to allow Rubeus to be upskilled to fill the Gamekeeper job at the school.

Hagrid was now an orphan, and this was a good gesture on the part of both Dumbledore and Dippet and made the best out of a bad situation!

Hagrid would continue to use magic, but not with his broken wand, he would use his pink umbrella. It is rumoured that the umbrella may have housed fragments of the broken wand in order for it to function, or the other myth surrounding Rubeus’ use of the umbrella is that Dumbledore fixed it when he acquired the ‘elder wand’ and hid the entire wand inside Hagrid’s umbrella, how cool is that!

I prefer the second theory to Hagrid’s brolly! Do you?

Big Hagrid, Big Personality!

Hagrid Character Description - Hagrid 1

Rubeus Hagrid indeed had a big personality to match his incredibly big and warm heart.

For me, when I think about Hagrid, who is one of those incredibly brave characters found in the Harry Potter films, I find that he shares many of the qualities that Harry himself possesses. Yes, Hagrid is HUGE, but like Harry, he is extremely loyal and trustworthy and not afraid to defend those close to him as he sees fit.

Along with Harry, Hagrid shows the utmost loyalty and respect for Dumbledore and would be furious at anyone who insults the great wizard, which included Vernon Dursley when he called Albus a ‘crackpot old fool’. How dare he!

As we have just discovered, it was Dumbledore who trusted him when many didn’t, and I suspect this is where Hagrid’s massive respect for Albus Dumbledore came from and only grew stronger over time.

You could say one of his biggest flaws was Hagrid’s inability to keep a secret! Throughout the films we see numerous times Hagrid’s ‘slip-ups’ my favourite being when he inadvertently told Harry and Co. how to get past ‘fluffy’ the huge three-headed dog, that was keeping the philosopher’s stone at bay.

Despite this, Hagrid remains one of our much-loved characters in Harry Potter and we wouldn’t have it any other way. In some respects, Hagrid depicts the classic ‘gentle giant’ in that is sometimes he’s reduced to tears and can become quite an emotional chap, he wears his heart on his sleeve!

Hagrid’s overly active emotions are evident from the very start of the saga and in his very first scene in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone when leaving Harry on the doorstep of number four, Privet Drive! Hagrid’s emotions get the better of him and we see him shed a tear as realises he’ll not be around to care for Harry, for a very long time!

Hagrid And The Natural World

I think Hagrid’s love for animals and the environment is something us muggles would do well to foster and I love how the author J.K. Rowling herself describes Hagrid as a ‘semi-wild person who lives on the edge of the forest’.

We’ll discuss Hagrid’s pet spider in a little more detail further on in the article.

All in all, Hagrid has an incredible personality that finds a perfect fit (pardon the pun) in the Harry Potter universe!

What are YOUR opinions of Hagrid and his personality? Please do leave a comment below!

Hagrid’s Magical Skills!

Hagrid Character Description - Hagrid's Magic

Considering Rubeus was expelled and banned from using magic in only his third year at Hogwarts school for witchcraft and wizardry, he was a particularly good wizard, it was just a shame he rarely got to use his skills!

He was also gifted in the respect that being a half-giant, Hagrid was blessed with what muggles could only describe as ‘superhuman’ strength! We first see this in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s stone when Hagrid bends the barrel of Vernon’s gun with ease!

You have to give Hagrid much credit in fairness as his skill was at a level where he could use advanced magic non-verbally and he could do this with virtually no training at all.

This is not to say that Hagrid’s accuracy was perfect of course, take his attempt at transfiguring Dudley into a pig!

Well, at least he managed to get the tail going!

Hagrid, bless him, was also the only member of, the order of the phoenix, who was unable to cast a Patronus charm, but again, in fairness to Hagrid, the Patronus charm is extremely difficult to master.

In other charms, however, Hagrid was highly skilled, he was able to cast a spell that would make the boat travel on its own when he was escorting Harry back to the mainland after ‘rescuing’ him from the Dursley’s prison island!

This was in fact the same spell he used when he was responsible for transporting the Hogwarts first-year students across the black lake to the castle.

Hagrid’s Favourite Pet Friend – GIANT SPIDER!

Hagrid Character Description - Aragog1

I’d like to turn our attention to one of Hagrid’s favourite pet, we briefly mentioned ‘Aragog’ earlier but I think it is important to dive-deeper, as his love for the natural world and animals is so abundant and Hagrid receives much pleasure from his ‘cute’ companions.

These magnificent, magical creatures in Hagrid’s world are equally as fascinating as the characters in the Harry Potter world themselves!

Aragog was a giant spider who was owned by Hagrid. A giant spider that could talk is frightening enough, as I HATE spiders, but one that grew into an eighteen-foot leg span and would equate to the size of a small elephant is on another level! Aragog was very intimidating, to say the least as Ron Weasley experienced firsthand!

We are told that Aragog’s arrival was via a ‘distant traveller’. Rubeus took possession of Aragog’s egg and after he hatched, he was hidden away in a cupboard in a dungeon within Hogwarts and was given scraps to live on. What an interesting start to a giant spider’s life!

Aragog, would only get BIGGER!

Harry and Ron had a very close encounter with Aragog that Ron would rather forget when the basilisk had been let loose in Hogwarts for a second time.

With Hagrid under suspicion yet again for causing terror at Hogwarts and thought to be the heir of Slytherin he was ordered to leave the grounds by Minister of Magic, Cornelius Fudge, Hagrid covertly instructed Harry and Ron, who were hiding under Harry’s invisibility cloak to ‘follow the spiders’

You can imagine Ron’s pure delight at this!

But the need to find the underlying cause of the attacks at Hogwarts remained a priority, Hermione at this point had been Petrified, so the boys really had no choice but follow the trail of spooky spiders which led them to the forbidden forest, trust their luck!

It wasn’t until the Harry and Ron were deep into Aragog’s lair that they encountered the huge spider in the ‘flesh’.

Ron was at this point, literally dripping with fear understandably let Harry talk to giant Aragog!

They then discovered that, Aragog isn’t the monster attacking students at school and that Hagrid is completely innocent and also that Aragog and his family do not even mention the monster as it is the basis of their one and only fear!

Surrounded now by HUGE spiders, Harry and Ron then discover that although Aragog was Hagrid’s friend, he wasn’t theirs and he wouldn’t deny his children ‘fresh meat’! I think it’s time to RUN!

You can imagine now how Ron was feeling, stating ‘can we panic now’ I think his words were!

Fleeing in absolute fear of the hundreds of oversized spiders chasing them, Harry and Ron were only saved from certain doom by the flying car!

It was after this that the boys discovered Aragog was correct, it was in fact the basilisk that was the monster at Hogwarts and that Tom Riddle was the heir of Slytherin, who would, of course, turn about to be lord Voldemort’

Aragog’s Passing

Hagrid Character Description - Aragog

Hagrid was deeply upset when Aragog became ill. He tried his best to heal the pet spider to no avail and sadly, Aragog passed away in April 1997.

Being Hagrid’s friend, Aragog was able to contain his family’s desire to eat Hagrid, but with Aragog gone, it would no longer be safe for Hagrid to enter the colony so it was lucky that Hagrid managed to salvage Arago’s body before his (Aragog’s) children were able to feed on him, this allowed Hagrid to conduct a small but proper funeral for his beloved friend.

Again we are able to see just how in touch Hagrid is when it comes to the animals in the magical world.

Living so close to the forest as he did, I guess he felt he had some kind of responsibility to do as much as he could to feed and protect animals, especially those living close by, Hagrid is such a wonderful person!

Harry and Hagrid – Good Friends!

I think the bond that Hagrid has with Harry is of the strongest friendships we see over the course of the entire Harry Potter saga! It is also true that Hagrid holds a special place in Harry’s heart, he was, after all, the one that rescued him from Potter Cottage on the dreadful Halloween night when Voldemort murdered his parents, Lily and James Potter!

Hagrid was the first person (that Harry can remember) that ever showed genuine kindness and caring nature towards him so Harry had every right to cling onto this feeling and it is this love from an older person that would have made Harry feel like a ‘normal’ young wizard boy! (Even if he was very different from the rest!)

They also shared the similarity of both being orphans and became friends very quickly and it was good to witness their friendship blossom onscreen during Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

As Hagrid had known James and Lily Potter well, he would often remind Harry how proud they would’ve been of him, and this gave Harry a sense of pride towards his parents now he knew exactly what happened and the who they really were!

His questions about them had always been strictly forbidden by the Durley’s so it’s like Harry found a new purpose for life and to honour the memory of his late parents. For more on Harry’s Life story, click – here.

For me personally, I think Hagrid was a big influence on Harry and Hagrid’s kind, caring and humble nature was what helped Harry to develop his love and loyalty to people that he was close to during his growing up at Hogwarts!

No bigger display of Hagrid’s love for Harry was when Harry arrived at the forbidden forest to ‘sacrifice’ himself to the dark lord and when Harry was struck with the killing curse Hagrid, like everyone else, thought Harry was dead, he was in utter grief and this was a really moving moment which captured his emotions perfectly.

Hagrid and Grawp – BIG BROTHERS!

A little explored area of Hagrid’s life that we don’t see a great deal of, is Hagrid’s relationship with his giant half-brother, Grawp.

At a mere 4.9 meters tall (16 Feet!) which is supposedly ‘small’ for a giant, Grawp and Hagrid had the same mother, who left her children when Hagrid was just three.

Grawp was suffering at the hands of bullies about his ‘small’ size (if you can comprehend that!) and this was what made Hagrid decide to hide him away in the forbidden forest.

He is not the cleverest person in the world, and I don’t think he can even speak much of the English language. His was violent and had a fierce temper but in fairness to Grawp, this was a trait that most of the giant population shared, so it was no worry to Hagrid and he had in some ways learned to help Grawp calm down in stressful situations.

Hagrid would on reveal to Harry and Hermione that Grawp was hiding in the forbidden forest as he feared he would be kicked out of Hogwarts by the evil Dolores Umbridge, like some of the professors were at the time the Ministry of Magic was interfering at Hogwarts!

I don’t think they were happy about having the responsibility of looking after Grawp but it was Hagrid, how could they say no?

After an awkward meeting, Grawp ended up chasing centaurs away from Harry and Hermione in the forbidden forest, so at least they weren’t attacked, but after Hagrid leaving Hogwarts Grawp’s frustration at him not being around got worse, poor thing!

There was a happy ending to this affair though, with the help of Dumbledore, Grawp was relocated to Hogsmeade and this became a much happier place for him to live rather than being hidden in the forbidden forest.

Again, we are shown the caring nature of Hagrid, always doing his best to look out for those close to him. (Just like Harry!)

Concluding This Hagrid Character Description

I don’t think the magical world of Harry Potter would be quite the same without the addition of our semi giant, Hagrid.

I would LOVE to hear your thoughts on Hagrid, his relationship with Harry and the ‘issue’ around him keeping dangerous pets around?

Please be sure to leave me a comment below and I’ll reply as soon as I possibly can! I love chatting about Hagrid!

We have seen how he was the first person in Harry’s life to show a truly caring nature towards him, this is something I believe Harry will never take for granted.

As we have discussed I also think Hagrid deserves much credit for Harry developing into such a genuine and loyal young wizard. So much of Harry’s personality can be attributed to Hagrid’s lifelong dedication for compassion and friendship.

We notice Hagrid’s excellent temperament again in the fact that when Hagrid was still working at Hogwarts in 2017 and discovered that Harry and Ginny’s eldest son ‘Albus’ would be joining Hogwarts, Hagrid was quick to invite Albus for tea at his house, just as Harry had done all those years ago!

I’d like to thank you for taking the time out to read this Hagrid character description today, as always I would love to hear your feedback so if you do have time, please leave a comment below and I’ll do my best to reply as soon as I possibly can.

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