What Is The Best Broomstick In Harry Potter – NIMBUS 2000?

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‘Give it back Malfoy or I’ll knock you off your broom!’ Remember Harry saying that one?

Thank you for joining me throughout this article today as we discover, what I think is the BEST BROOMSTICK in Harry Potter! The NIMBUS 2000!

In fact, we will look at the majority of broom releases from the famous company who produced them, the ‘Nimbus Racing Company’ and YOU can decide which broom is YOUR favourite!

For me, you can never beat an original though and there was something very heartwarming when Harry when he received his ‘anonymous’ Nimbus 2000. Click – here for a further read on the Hogwarts Professor he treated Harry to his first broomstick!

Can you imagine how fun it must be to whiz around on what was, at the time, the fastest broom out there! I myself would LOVE to be the proud owner of a Nimbus and be part of the Gryffindor quidditch team!

My children are forever making their own brooms and running around the house pretending they have just caught the golden snitch or just blocked Draco Malfoy from winning points in a game!

What are YOUR thought’s about wizards from Harry Potter and their broomsticks, would love to hear them, please be sure to leave a comment with your stories at the bottom of the article!

If you are MAD about Nimbus, keep reading for an excellent read about the industry standard in flying brooms!

The Nimbus Racing Company

The brainchild behind the company that made the infamous nimbus 2000 was Devlin Whitehorn who was an English wizard who was born in 1945.

Devlin was the most prolific in the field of broomstick production and with the birth of the Nimbus Racing Company, he would make his mark on the industry.

The Nimbus 1000 took the wizarding world by storm with its revolutionary design. Many in the professional quidditch realm adopted the brooms use with excellent endorsement and sales soared across the UK and Europe for that matter!

The Nimbus1000 could reach speeds of up to 100 miles an hour but it wasn’t just its speed that made it the perfect choice for quidditch enthusiast.

The ability to rotate 360 degrees on a fixed spot was another massive selling point for the broom. This agility was something not seen with any broom prior to the Nimbus 1000, It really was next level innovation!

As you can imagine, as the years went on Devlin was lining his pockets with some serious cash after the incredible success his company was experiencing!

After the domination of the Nimbus 1000, there was a succession of further brooms that would, yet again monopolise the market and keep quidditch players and general broom users alike, very happy indeed!

But then, a broomstick came along that would take the world by storm once more, and that broom happened to be one that would be Harry Potter’s first broomstick, the Nimbus 2000!

The Nimbus 2000 Broomstick

What is the best broomstick in harry potter - Nimbus 2000

It wouldn’t be until 1991 when the nimbus 2000 was released, and this gives you an idea of both the success of its predecessors and the time and effort that the Nimbus Racing Company had put into their latest big product launch. This broom was different in that it was elegant, efficient and expensive!

Its mahogany handle and impressive gold engraving added to the beauty of the broom but it was the addition of the charm which protected it against ‘tampering’ that was a huge selling point for many, this broom couldn’t be messed about with unless some seriously dark magic was being against it.

Harry Potter’s Nimbus 2000 Broomstick

It was Professor McGonagall who spotted Harry’s potential as a seeker in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.

It would also be McGonagall who would purchase the legendary Nimbus 2000 for him to use and I suspect McGonagall’s knowledge of the Dursley’s and how they mistreated Harry was also part of her decision in supplying Harry with the broom.

Harry would use his beloved broom being a seeker for the Gryffindor team until he was later attacked by a dementor in a game against Hufflepuff!

The broom would crash straight into the whomping willow and smashed to bits, a complete write off! Harry would keep the remains as a keepsake reminder of his classic Nimbus 2000!

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The Nimbus 20001 Broomstick

What is the best broomstick in harry potter - Nimbus 2001

The Nimbus Racing Company didn’t stop at the 2000 though! Next on the list was, yep, you guessed it, the Nimbus 2001!

The Nimbus 2001 was a step up in looks and technology. It features slender black and silver colours and was said to be somewhat faster than the 2000!

Although this broomstick is slightly shorter than the 2000, it’s bristles are longer, and I wonder if it is this addition to the Nimbus 2001 that makes it a faster broom? What are your thoughts on this?

It was released a year after the Nimbus 2000 in 1992 and was the quickest broom in production.

However, the 2001 didn’t have the widespread appeal with its launch and many top quidditch players opted to remain loyal to their precious Nimbus 2000’s!

This could be although the 2001 was quicker, the former broomstick still had much agility and many had become so accustomed to its performance they just didn’t feel the need to purchase an upgrade!

One person of course, who only has the most expensive things in life, and had ‘bought’ his way into the Slytherin house’s quidditch team by his fathering gifting the whole team with Nimbus 2001’s, was Draco Malfoy!

The Firebolt Broomstick

What is the best broomstick in harry potter - Firebolt

A new player entered the game in 1993 that was developed by Randolph Spudmore. They entered the market you could say when the Nimbus Racing Broom company was at its peak production and the height of its reputation.

It would only take a year and the firebolt would replace both of the top-selling brooms from Nimbus as the most sought-after broom ever!

Harry Potter himself had seen an early version of the firebolt and desperately wanted it, but he already had his 2000 and couldn’t really see the benefit of replacing his 2000 yet.

But after his 2000 was crashed into the whomping willow, Harry would receive yet another anonymous Christmas present at the end of 1993, this time it was from Sirius Black, and yep, it was a FIREBOLT!

He was the only student at Hogwarts to even own a firebolt and he’d continue to be the proud owner right up until he lost it during the escape bid when members of the Order of the Phoenix used polyjuice to all appear like Harry Potter to escape to a safe retreat.

Best Broomstick In Harry Potter? – THE NIMBUS 2000!

So even after all the new brooms, features and colours, I still LOVE the original Nimbus 2000 broomstick! The better looks, faster speeds, it just doesn’t take me away from the fact that the Nimbus 2000 broom was Harry’s first broomstick and I believe if was Harry’s favourite also!

I would LOVE to know what broom is the best for YOU?

Did I manage to convince you to stay with the 2000? Or did all the info around other brooms change your mind?

Whatever your thoughts, please leave a comment as I do really like to engage with the readers and chat about anything related to Harry Potter!

Many thanks for your time in reading this article and I hope you have discovered what is the best broomstick in Harry Potter, that is right FOR YOU!

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Thanks once again for reading and stay tuned for more Harry Potter information, very soon!


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