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Wow, What a collectible we have in store for review today!

‘The Mandalorian’ has taken not only Star Wars fans, but the whole WORLD by STORM lately, and much of this new-found fascination has been for the love of the ‘child’ or the baby Yoda character if you’d prefer!

We have for you today, one of the BEST LIFE SIZE baby Yoda replica figures available, if you are an avid collector or not, you will simply LOVE this life-size figure, stay tuned you wont want to miss this!

For those wanting a little further ‘input’ on the the child and the Mandalorian world respectively, I’d like to also provide with some extra background info for you to dive into at the end of the review also, just for good measure!

Many thanks for joining us today and I hope the information helps with your purchase today.


Baby Yoda Hot Toys LIFE SIZE REPLICA - FeatureClick Here For PriceSideshow10/10


This first thing that you will love about this baby Yoda from (Affiliate link) Sideshow collectibles is the exceptional detail of the ‘head’ that you are getting, this is the real deal and no expense has been spared when it comes to that all important attention to detail aspect of your baby Yoda replica!

You really do get that look from the Mandalorian with this product and they have quite clearly raised the bar with accuracy that the hardcore Star Wars collector is looking for, no less!

The extent of the detail here is nothing short of breathtaking, it is THAT GOOD!

Baby Yoda Hot Toys LIFE SIZE REPLICA - Head

I guess the standout inclusion that struck me is the interchangeable ears!

These are SO COOL and you can alter your buddy baby Yoda to reflect your mood, for every day of the week!

The ‘child’s’ arms and head also move with the greatest of precision and you will get three pairs of hands to alter your pal’s pose and posture.

I would bet good money that much of your child’s time will be spent in the position of ‘using the force’ as this pose is so iconic to both the Mandalorian series and the Star Wars films themselves that you will have so much fun in replicating iconic moments from the on-screen action scenes!

I’d like now to discuss the head of this SUPER accurate piece in a little more detail.

Each is painted individually by hand and it is this time and effort that goes into the detailing of the head sculpt that is going to give you the most detailed and sought after of all the child replicas out there.

Imagine displaying this guy? WOW! This is one statement piece you really need to be a part of!

This will be the envy of your friends, hands down.

The child’s facial expression alone is so precise, you will love everything from the wrinkles, skin texture and those big screen accurate black eyes!

They’ve even gone as far as to include the white hairs from the child’s head to really make this a standout collectible for both young and old Mandalorian lovers alike.

As you gaze at this bad boy from the top of the head down, the features jump out at you and the likeness to the screen child is unquestionable, it’s so accurate you’ll not be able to notice any difference!

From top to bottom this child replica measures in at 36cm to perfectly match the on-screen version and he’ll come complete with his trusty silver knob from the Razor Crest ship that he loves to hold and play with!

Baby Yoda Hot Toys LIFE SIZE REPLICA - Toy

He’ll also have the ‘mythosaur’ emblem necklace with authentic leather strap!

Dressed in his signature beige robe, another of his key features is the body of the statue that has a specialised frame which enables the manipulation and articulate display of the child which you’ll enjoy displaying in various poses.

This really is one AWESOME baby Yoda replica from Sideshow collectibles!

Where Should I display The Child?

Moving on now to the most important part!

For me, this guy needs to be displayed on his own in a dedicated cabinet, solely because being so accurate that it really warrants its own home. I know many collectors like individual cabinets for standout pieces, this is one of them!

Either that or a nice shelving unit in your display room would work well here.

Of course there’s the option of complimenting your existing collection with the life-size child, but this being a statement piece, for me, really needs singled out attention so that yourself and visitors to your collection room or man-cave are dazzled by the child’s beauty and demeanor.

Your specially designed base, with movie logo of course, will keep your baby Yoda from moving from his spot and getting up to mischief, your hyper-drive will be safe when displaying your child for all to see.

Please note, this replica is not a toy, handle with care and keep small parts out of reach from children.

What You Will Get In The Box?

I think the included accessories is another reason this replica is the best out there and being as adjustable to the extent it is, you’ll never get bored!

Here’s what you’ll be shipped!

All in all this is one excellent piece of pleasure for star wars and Mandalorian fans and it is the close attention to every little detail that builds the overall product to something quite special.

If you are purchasing this as a gift for a loved one then the reaction on the unboxing and display of this baby yoda will ensure you are not on washing up duty for years to come!

Baby Yoda Hot Toys LIFE SIZE REPLICA - Head


Hand painted head for the highest quality

Life Size at 36cm tall

Adjustable Display Poses

Interchangeable Ears

Awesome Accessories


Not a toy

Hot Toys Baby Yoda – Verdict

Baby Yoda Hot Toys LIFE SIZE REPLICA - Apple

Yes it is expensive, yes there are cheaper options available, I get that.

But if you are in the market for a high-quality, extremely accurate, hot toys baby Yoda replica, then this must be on your list!

The designers have worked wonders to produce this level of facial expression detail, texture and character to this replica and he will sit happily in any star wars related collection.

When you are ready to make ‘the child’ a permanent addition to your collection click below to price check and purchase.

Grab yours TODAY!

Your read isn’t over today just yet though. As promised I would like to include some information to close this review on the Mandalorian and his child companion, just to add to your star wars excitement and tickle your Mandalorian taste buds!

So without delay, keeping stay tuned collectible lovers!

The Mandalorian and Baby Yoda Info

The race of the Mandalorians are in fact made up from many different species entirely and are greatly feared throughout the galaxy.

Originating from somewhere near the outta rim on a planet called Mandalore, their existence and involvement in galactic events had a big impact

This multi-species ‘clan’ were bound be a universal code which is always expected to be adhered to. The came from the planet ‘Mandalore’ as we also stated, somewhere near the outta rim.

Change emerged for the Mandalorians after a civil war led them to be ruled under a new regime, fronted by Duchess Satine Kryze.

The ‘old’ Mandalorians prior to the civil war ended up as mercenaries who would work independently for any cause worth a high credit remuneration, no matter how demanding or dangerous the job was.

There really is an excellent backstory where the Mandalorian is concerned and it has kept us HOOKED for a second series that is equally as explosive as the first!

Many fans have become obsessed with the lovable baby Yoda child from the series.

Believe it or not, baby Yoda or ‘the child’ is actually ready 50 years old. WOW!

We already know that our old fiend ‘old’ Yoda was around 900 years old when he passed in Star Wars Return of the Jedi, so this gives us a good indication of the aging process for these creatures that are so strong with the force.

But even at 50 years old, baby Yoda is just that, baby-like, taking an interest in playing with the shiny round control knob from the Razor Crest as well as tasting frogs!

Another one of the questions I know I was asking the moment I saw baby Yoda for the first time was, ‘is it a boy or a girl?’ Well, I can confirm baby Yoda is male.

It is worth noting here though, that we have in fact seen a female addition of Yoda’s species in Star Wars The Phantom Menace who actually sat on the Jedi Council, her name was Yaddle!

Another crazy aspect to the arsenal of the child is his ability to heal others. Using the force, which the audience also notices that really tires him out, baby Yoda has an extraordinary capability of returning others to optimum health.

We see evidence of this in episode 7 when Greef Karga is injured by the dragon creature and things are not looking good, baby Yoda steps in and takes action and uses the force to heal the wound, he is so COOL!

So there you have it! Some extra facts just to add the cherry on top of our baby Yoda review!

I hope you have enjoyed your read today and I hope the review has helped you with that all-important purchasing decision!

Many thanks for taking the time out today and if you’d like to know more about myself or if you have any further questions then please do feel free to reach out to me directly – here

Alternatively, you can leave a comment below, I really do enjoy all feedback as well as engaing with those with similar interests and passion so again, do please reach out!

Stay tuned,









  • Hand Painted
  • Great Accessories
  • Interchangeable


  • None Worth Noting

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  1. This is a very neat toy i don’t watch Star Wars but my wife is a big fan of the baby yoda. would you by any chance know anywhere to buy a stay puff marshmallow man from ghost busters this size ? I have a nephew that has been wanting one so bad but I’ve yet to find anything. Great product review very helpful information thank you for sharing this information!

    • Thanks Jonathon,

      Many thanks for your kind words!

      It really is a cool collectible.

      I think I have seen a big stay puff, I’ll see if I can dig out a link and post it here!

      Many thanks again, really appreciate it!


  2. Thanks for writing an in-depth review of the Baby Yoda replica. Yes, I agree that The Mandalorian has become a trending series among Star Wars fans (even I who not really akin to the franchise also like it). I’m planning to buy this replica for my cousin as a birthday + Christmas gift. Seeing the price, I’ll ask some of my siblings to contribute to buying it, though. Thanks for the review. 


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